Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Secret Messages

He FEELS THE MAGIC & he runs RINGS around the ROADTRIP, but he didn't follow the YELLOW BUTTERFLY.
It's him, not Paul Newman, but it's him.He's been here & he is often Parading around.
He comes in peace & he comes with fear & he should, for he is no fool, nor is he a saint....yet, he's both.
He better tread lightly & cover his trail.
He better guard this like a young lady guards her virginity.
LEFT-OVERS are only good if they haven't be spoiled, please don't let the flies in...
Peace & Love...life is for Living, Loving & Learning.
My apologies to any random passers-by, curiosity seekers, SAS enthusiasts, strangers and/or people who beleive they know me well for this apparently insane, whacked out, encrypted psycho-babble. It only makes sense to say what you mean and mean what you say. The three of us, and we know who we are, mean no harm...please don't let the flies, brandishing their misconceptions & profaninities, in. PLEASE.