Thursday, October 12, 2006

Timmy B & Me, Lakeside & In Love Under the Banana Trees

Timmy B.
Can't recall his last name.
His sister was a couple years older, my brother's age. They were in school.
Her name was Shelly.
She & my brother would play guard ... sometimes.
But most of the time , we didn't need them.
Timmy B was my first love, my first kiss, my first soul mate, if you will.
He lived two doors down & we were seperated only by one house, roses bushes & orange trees.
Together we would play in the mud, swim in the lake, climb trees & chase rainbows.
We thought we could outrun the rain. We thought we could befriend a leprechaun when we found that pot of gold. We beleived in lifelong loves.
We lived in Eden & we never bit that apple.
We would kiss.
We would kiss on his slat-bottom swing & under the dock. We would kiss while tucked away in the azalea bushes & under the canape of leaves laid out by the banana trees.
We would secretly lay naked together on the downward slope of the lake & he would have his left arm cradled around my head, his hand on my elbow. I would be rubbing my big toes together & asking him about marriage & God & such, savoring the feel of the Sun against my skin.
We blew the neighborhood kids away. They'd heard rumours.
My brother & his sister seemed to thrive on our love. It gave them comradery.
They beleived in us, too & they would encourage to tuck our way into those azalea bushes. They would say 'It's OK, we'll guard for will know.'
Sometimes we would...just to entertain them...and maybe, ourselves.
Timmy B, my first love, my first kiss, my first soul-mate, if you will, was there for me & with me for so many things...
My first big wheel, riding a bike the first time, the first trip to school, the first dealings with death, my first experinece of getting puked on, my first mud-fight, first tug-o-war and so much more, remembered & forgotten about.
Timmy B & me
We were meant to be...for at least 3 years or so. Before public education & half way through second grade... until his parents took him away.
Oregon? Washington? I don't recall.
I'll never remember his full name or at this point, even his face, but I'll always remember.
Timmy B & me...
And our little Garden of Eden under the Banana Tree Leaves


Matt said...

I am moved. That's so sad and so beautiful at the same time. The earliest relationships are so weird aren't they? So significant. I'm reminded of thoughts I thunk at the age of four, when my memory begins.

I think I was five when I first really started thinking about my mortality and some other things. I remember walking home from kindergarten and comtemplating what if "God" had never created the universe, what would there be? What if there was no god? How does time work?

And I had a girlfriend named Caroline in kindergarten too. Funny. I remember thinking that first grade girls were tall and really hot. Can you imagine?

glorybe said...


This is how I was.

I only wish I could have had my first love for three years.

I only had him for one.

First grade.


Can't remember his last name.

I so wish we had kissed. We held hands. Only once. With everyone in our first grade class looking at us. It was at lunch on the playground on a sunny, spring day. The other kids couldn't settle down after we were back in our classroom. The teacher wanted to know why everyone was so squirrely. Someone volunteered that it was because of Dean and Cathy getting all lovey-dovey. We both looked embarrassed, but inside, we loved every minute of it. I will never forget how sweet and wonderful his hand felt in mine.

I still think about him. I still miss him.

Matt said...

i wonder what caroline is doing now? probably 8 children.....

Deepak Gopi said...

Very touching.

singleton said...

Here you go again...
Getting everyone nostalgic...
I can still Kimbies standing on the very, very edge of our yard...
Mom: "Do not put one big toe in that street, do you hear me Kimberly"?
Kimberly: Scooching ever so closely to the concrete curb, toes barely kissing the street, long legs leaning, torso leaning, head leaning...up and into the path of passing cars, but big toe firmly planted in the grass.... belting out in her best basset hound croon.... "BOYO, BOYO" until he came running....
Ahhhh, first love......

Orhan Kahn said...

Oh my God, that was too sweet for words. Brought a tear to my eye.

You're such a romantic!

Jez said...

I have only just known my first love in a garden of eden..and it was way too short.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

My first love was named Stevie Bunn and I was so young that I didn't even think that that was funny. Keep your memories. I saw him again once, in a dentists office when I was 11 and he was....well....kinda dorky! I mean he was crawling around on the floor playing with little army figurines and stuff. Oh, don't worry, I did not judge him for this. But I did kill the romantic memories that I had of him. They were replaced by this instead. Sigh! Oh well!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Matt~ It’s always interesting to go back to the pure thoughts we had when we were very little. I’m glad that my writing moved you! Maybe Caroline hooked up with Timmy B
Glorybe~ LOL, most folks think of their teen-age years when they think of first loves! Not us! It really was so pure & innocent, wasn’t it?
Hi Deepak ~ Thanks for dropping in!

Singleton ~ My yesterdays are often my means of escaping today, plus they help to prepare me for tomorrow!
Orhan ~ Funny that you would call me romantic…something no love of mine has ever called me! Sentimental, deep, even soulful…but honestly, never romantic. Thank you!
Jez ~ Ah…there’s nothing like fresh new love.
Behind Blue Eyes ~ LOL at Stevie Bunn & his forever killing any possible romantic ideologies of ‘Whatever happened to Stevie B’ At the age of 11, I believe girls are much more mature than boys…too funny!

Fuzzylogic said...

That was so beautiful!I agree there's nothing like first love.That was a touching post!

skinnylittleblonde said...

TY ... fuzzy!
Welcome to the blogging world.
You write wnderful & now that i have finally learned how to add links to my right, I have added you!

Fuzzylogic said...

Wow thanks!!I love your blog too,lots of good stuff and very interesting posts.Could you let me know too how to add the links to my right.I'm a total newbie!Would really appreciate it:)