Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smart Girls Raised in the South Must Have Boots

I have an idea.

Actually I have 3 ideas.
But first I have to decide on what boots to get.
Any opinions?

Left Top?(great worn color)
Right top?(fancy toe)

Left bottom?(nice leg & heel)

Right bottom?(what is it about these?)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Kiss & Tell ...twenty years later

Buzz-eyed & still going strong, she banters through the crowd of shiny, tanned, rosy-cheeked pretty people with a frothy pitcher in her right hand. Slamming the frothy suds to the table, she calls out over her left shoulder
'Get A Room!'
A smirk appears on her lips, eyes roll back in her head...'Sheesh, what a whore!'
'That woman over there ... sucking face with that guy!' 'Yeah? You know her?'
'No! And neither does he! That is why she is a w-h-o-r-e.'
'Well, if you don't know them, then how do you know they're not boyfriend and girlfriend.'
'Trust me, I know. I've been watching them. They just met tonight & now, ugh, just look at them.'
'Hmmm...I don't see what the problem is.'
'You're kidding?! That doesn't make you sick?!'

'No, actually I think it's great.'
'Oh My Gawd! You have got to be kidding me?! What, pray-tell, are you talking about?'
'I think that more people should behave just like them.' 'Oh My Gawd! They don't even know each other! They might as well...' looking over her shoulder once more, voice rising more than our ciggie-smoke, 'Go Get A Room!'
The brunette chic broke from her lip-lock to look our way only to be confronted with the double-sided conscious of a stranger to her and a dear friend to me..
'Yeah! I was talking to you! I'm serious, you need to Get a Room.'

I shuddered in fear of an altercation for a moment, sipped my salty margarita through the straw and giggled when I realized the brunette wasn't the fighting type, 'She coulda been the type to want to brawl over that, thank goodness she's just into sucking face.'

'Smartass. '

'Seriously, why does that bother you?'
'It bothers me because I am a single woman too & how am I, how are you, ever supposed to meet someone worthwhile if we have whores like this setting these men up to think that anytime they go to a bar that's it's all about getting some?'

'Hahaha...I'm with ya, but most folks don't come to places like this looking for soul-mates or life partners, they come looking for fun. That's why we're here, right?'
'True. But our definition of fun is obviously different than hers! It just makes it harder for the rest of us to have fun...the way we define it. It makes for pressure on us to give in to that type of behavior.'
'Hmmm...I dunno. But I do know that if you or I were to meet a guy while drunken at the bar , I would much rather that we suck face in the corner...all night long even, as opposed to going off and getting a room.'

'Oh great everyone would be looking at us off in the corner sucking face, calling us whores....great.'

'Whatever. I'd rather kiss someone in public & be called a whore, than do lord knows what in private & feel like one in the morning.'
Smarts Cars Inc in Acworth GA Georgia was dishonest to me & it cost me thousands of dollars...
This experience comes from my early, early twenties & although I haven't kissed anyone in many, many moons (outside of my diggity-dawgs, that is) nor have I been to a bar, I look back and I have to say ... my perspective is the same. I'd rather kiss 100 frogs in public than slink around with a single snake in private.