Monday, June 30, 2008

Pixies For Peace Down by the Sea

Hippies, Gypsies and Pixies for Peace... Worker Bees, Hummingbirds and Butterflies... Living, Loving & Learning...

We were all about looney. Individual, distinct & separate personal hells. Hell bent and determined. These girls just wanted to have a moment of peace, a moment of fun. We knew we could take that moment & run, run, run.

We tripped over sprinkler heads, lawn chairs, long dresses and our very own feet, but we kept on running.

We crashed. We crashed into each other, the surf, the sand, skinny's 'home-made' game & eventually into bed.

We saw the midnight sky pull the clouded pink sheets back for the moon to rise and we watched the sun lift her covers, then bury her head again before breaking out for the day. Following their cue, we stayed up till 4am, arose at 6am and took naps at 8am.

We danced in the courtyard, down at the Tiki, in the mist machines, in the moonlight and in the rain. We pretended we were the rhythm section of the band and everyone played along. We met no strangers and knew no enemies.

The circle of love, I discovered isn't round. It's like the ocean. It has riptides that suck you in when it's time to get close and pushes you out when it's time to spread your wings. It has tentacles that keep you tethered no matter how far you roam. It leaves little reminders at your feet, in the sky and in the reflections you see. With every crashing wave, the shores change a wee bit, but the ocean remains the same...always there, always welcoming and with a power and force greater than man or any machine he could ever make. 'Home is Where the Waves Crash.'

We stayed the week then we decided to stay one more day. May the circle remain unbroken. Starfish & Sand dollars. Peace & Love.

Friday, June 20, 2008

While Away...Go Out & Play!

While Away ... Escaping to the Beach for a week with my kick-ass sisters, I thought I would leave you with something soulful, inspirational, funky & fun.
And then I thought 'Nah, save the mush for an after midnight drunken chat with your sisters.'

So then I thought I would leave you with some carefully picked out tunes like I did last year, but realized I am too scatter-brained, too excited & too exhausted to narrow my quest for the perfect song down to one.

Finally, I decided I would just leave some sort of rambling from a childhood memory, but really I am too busy dealing with the here and now and too pumped up thinking about the next few days to look back for a New York second.

So, I simply leave you with proof that 'I Am Free,' as evidenced by the fact that I am wearing the shirt that I bought FOR Sister least this way, I know I'll not forget it like I dreamed I did last night. I thought about even tossing my swimsuit on underneath, but stuffed it in the glove compartment along with my flashlight, granola bars & camera instead.

Almost 2 am & I should be there by 11am...when the Tiki Bar opens!

Until Next Time...Peace & Love People!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Small Pond and Little Lake

I used to have a big ole fish pond and about 30 little fish.
Then there was a little incident that caused a big ole mess.
And all my little fish were floating.
Now I have a little lake.
The wild flowers grow in the rocks around it.
Song birds drink from the small water fall.
And the only thing floating there anymore ... is me!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tin Can Love ... Love Me, Love Me Not

I hadn't been sick.
There was no new love trying to swoosh me off my feet.
There had been no deaths in the family.
Nobody had stood me up or stayed out all night when they should have been home.
There was no glass vase, nor any tissue paper or ribbon.
There was no delivery van at the curb and There was no business card sized note.
No written words.

There was a tin can. A big old, rusty, coffee can.
And there was green...lots of it, along with all the yellows & golds, red & oranges, blue, purples & periwinkles.
They were bell-shaped and pointy and round...psychedelic tongues lapping out, neon fingers pointing down and up, over and across.
They made me nose crinkle... into a smile.
They were wildflowers or weeds...roadside dusters ... and they were the best flowers I ever got.
Love Me. Love Me Not.
Doesn't matter... I loved those flowers & the tin can they came in.

Flowers from a florist make me think of beginnings and ends & not all the good stuff in between... like rusty old tin cans & wildflowers, peace, love & goodtimes.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I had forgotten what it was like to live alone.
My mind ticks differently & my feet pad the earth with a different weight.
I re-learning things about myself that I had forgotten.
But, now I remember...
I like to keep my paints in the kitchen cabinets. They are easy to see, easy to reach & easy to put back up.
I can come home to 100's of gallons of water shooting out from pipes beneath my house, I can haul ass to Lowe's before they close & get them fixed by midnight, so that I may shower for work in the morning.
I love to walk topless in the confines of my own home without anyone thinking it means I want to get freaky.
I enjoy the ritual of mowing my yard.
Booming Led Zeppelin and working on drywall at midnight is not a problem.
Hanging clothes on the line to dry is peaceful, as is the sweet smell of sunshine that comes from this.
When the main phone line goes out & leaves me with no internet, I can run new lines from the box.
I enjoy eating meat, potatoes and greens and if that means I eat grits and eggs for four or five nights in a row so that I can afford to enjoy a good steak one night, it's not only's good, damn good.
I can change two sets of deadbolts in less than seven minutes.
It's never too late to wash the dogs...I can do that in the wee of the night if I want & they don't mind a bit.
Cleaning the toilet isn't something I have to do every time I go to the restroom. I never sprinkle when I tinkle.
In the event of a national emergency, I can turn my TV on. Other than that, it's OK if it just collects dust.
Eleven o'clock is not too late to exercise, midnight is not too late to eat & it's never too late for Love.