Sunday, April 16, 2006

Kim's Hand-Me-Down Levi's

Kim's Hand-Me-Down Levi's

A poem written by me in 1993 based upon a true story ~peace & love, please~

Kim's hand-me-down Levi's
Worn by all of us
Handed down three times
white, worn and tattered
three generations old
but thats never mattered

Kim's Hand-me-down Levi's
handed on down in the order we were born
they are a little bit older
and a little more worn
always easily found
but not easily torn

Kim's hand-me-down Levis'
worn by Kim, Curt & me
And sometimes I can see
Kims' hand-me-down Levis
Kind of in me.

*2006, may the spirit of these Levi's live within all of us. My Dear Sweet Kim has joined the battle of a lifetime, one against cancer. May she be as strong, as durable, as consistant & resistant, as the fibers of those famous hand-me-down Levi's. White, worn & tattered...none of that matters.


psycho-therapist said...

thanks for your kind words of wisdom. i've thought of you and your sisters often and pray for kim's victory, as i pray for your strength. one day, we will definitely all meet up and play on lake alatoona together!
peace and love,

singleton said...

God give us strength, peace, plenty of beer, and the yellow butterfly of san marina...And we will build castles in the sand and make periwinkle soup again...
We have Nana's balls....the fire in Mick Jagger's eyes...May the Circle be unbroken. Peace and everlasting love....and hope...and hugs...and each other...all of and old...

a different kind of sister said...

nothing out there like a well-worn pair of Levi's and a well-loved sister. Yawl Keep the Peace!

SAS said...

OMG, There are not enough places on this page to say how much I love you! Love you! love you!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Ive beenentertaining the notion of posting a picture of these infamous 30+ year old levis on here. I've been wearing them all week, as we are having record highs & they are now cut-offs.They are still marked with an ink stain from Kim in the 70's and an acid stain from Curt in the 80's, patched with guitar strapping by me in the 90's. Mmmmm...the sweet feel of peace & love!

SAS said...

r u kidding? If there are enough threads left to spark a polaroid, then do our memories a picture! We love ya baby, and God knows, we loved those blue jeans....every move they danced, every barefooted step they took, every barstool they sat on, every pick-up they cruised in, every song they rocked to.....Bell bottome blues, rock on....and I know they WERE bell bottoms!