Monday, October 15, 2007

40 Years & Still Learning

A Random List of Things I have Learned in the Past 40 Years

Wrinkles are like Merit Badges & we should wear them proudly.
Laughter is more contagious than the common cold, so we should all giggle when we sneeze.
Smart women know when to play dumb & dumb ones play like they are smart.
The truth often times is what you perceive it to be, but not necessarily what you want it to be.
Making mistakes is what gives us wisdom.
Frying bacon in the buff can be very dangerous.
Once an addict, always an addict... even if you haven't given in to your addiction in years.
Marriage is a legal binding contract, kinda like a lifelong lease & to get out of it, you must go to court.
Things that are painful, often become more painful, before they get better.
Being broke & being poor are two different things.
Pets help keep the heart & mind healthy.
Success is the sweetest revenge.
The seemingly smallest things can mean the most.
Quality over quantity.
Time is a limited resource and should never be taken for granted.
One can never have enough friends.
Family is not defined by bloodlines, but by circles of love.
You cannot help someone who is not willing to help themselves first.
Love Notes need not be long.
Everyone has their own Individual Divine Principles by which they live. Some define it for themselves, some pull from many different resources and still others allow it to be defined and transcribed to them.
The God Lord gave us sleep & dreams because he knew too much of anything, including the waking world, isn't a good thing.
Half of my life is a distraction from the other half.
Life is a mountain of moments, we should make each one count.
Those who fail to prepare are preparing to fail.
Honesty is the foundation of all healthy relationships. Without it, we cannot build a house of love, nor have windows of trust & floors of faith.
We should never assume that someone else would handle a situation the same as we would.
If we never chase our dreams, they will eventually become disappointments.
99% of communication is interpretation.
One mans' trash is another man's treasure.
Words, no matter how simple in form, backed by action are the most profound words of all.
'Endings' are new beginnings.
Love grows, even when we don't see it.
Smile big when getting your pic taken at the DMV...if you get pulled over, the officer should see a happy face.
A smile makes every one look better ... crooked teeth, no teeth, no matter what.
When we are young, we have resources but often lack the balls. When we grow older we have the balls to do just about anything...but don't always have the resources.
Never trust someone that your dog innately dislikes.

Life is for living, learning & loving & if we are not doing all 3 of these things, then we are not doing any one of them effectively.


Orhan Kahn said...

'Endings' are new beginnings.

Some new beginnings come from some other beginnings end.. just a line from one of my favourite songs, Closing Time.

Orhan Kahn said...

Sorry, in other words, I mean I agree whole heartedly.

Mel said...

*wearing my merit badges proudly*

((((((((( SLB )))))))))))))))

It's a priviledge, watching you continue to grow.

And the list?

*nodding and smiling*

Wisdom looks good on ya.

karma lennon said...

Love the list. :) You have tons of wisdom, SLB. Thanks for sharing!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Wow, good to see you've put those forty years to good use.. some real gems in there, thanks for making me smile.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Orhan~ That's right! So the end of my Thirty-somethings is just the beginning of my forty-somethings! :) Gotta love it!

Mel~ Yes! we must wear our merit badges proudly! We have done an awful lot to get them! ;)

Karma~ Hahaha...I reserve the right to edit the list at any time. Life is forever a learning experience!

Shrink~ The real gems here come from wisdoms learned through those that I love & admire...friends & family, alike....especially the women in my life (&a few wise words from my father & brother)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Orhan~ BTW, I heard that forty is the new thirty! Woo-Hoo! ;)

Shimmerrings said...

Wow... makes me wonder what kind of list I could think of at age 53 ... well learned, Skinny.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Excellent insights. I’m half again the age of 40 and haven’t accumulated much more.

singleton said...

Gawd Girl, I am so glad we grew up in the same house and live in the same world! ILYSVVFM!

Deeis4Dana said...

I was scared to turn 30 but I'm not afraid of 40. I see you as 25. You rock!

Angela Marie said...

You are a wise woman...


Orhan Kahn said...

Oh my God!

Happy birthday sweet angel of mine! You're still so beautiful.. truth!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning & Thank you everyone for your comments and time... back to the grind! until next time...peace & love!
~ Skinny

SpongyBones said...

I'm book marking this and learning it early. 40 yrs old heh. Hmmmmm could be mean, but with all that knowledge you would whoop me so I will remain silent in that dept :). Can't wait to see what you learn the next 40 yrs.

Rhea said...

I'm 49 and still learning.

wreckless said...

Did you type this on top of a mountain oh sage one?

great words of wisdom-so very very true

Fuzzylogic said...

Such wonderful words of wisdom!Have a wonderful birthday Skinny. The 40's is indeed the new 30's:)Enjoy your special day and do check this little surprise I have for you.

Scott from Oregon said...


Holy guacamole!

JustRun said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I hope my list can grow as wise as this one.

just me said...

Your just getting started. Beautiful, as always...

Oceanshaman said...

I'm 41, and I so completely relate to all of your thoughts on this post . . .

May we, for a time, have both the resources and the balls . . .

Namaste, my favorite skinny little blonde . . .

PS- Is Singleton the skinny BIG blonde?

skinnylittleblonde said...

Spongy~ Yes, watch out...I am not at the tiptop of that hill & you, young one are still climbing up!

rhea~ Lol, it is an unending evolution of the, that is.

Fuzzy~ The link doesn't work, but I am going to bounce into your world & see what goodstuff lays there...plenty I know.

Scott~ Hahaha...ssssshhhhh! don't let me hear you say that! Part of me still thinks I am 29.

justrun~ IMHO, you are very, very wise & imagine if you made a list today, I could learn greatly from it.

justme~ On so many different levels, you are correct about the just getting started thing... new home life, new career, new found trust in myself again...

Oceans~ Luckily, I always have valued Nana's words about balls & resources. it was those words that inspired me to do so many things in life, that I otherwise would have contemplated into non-existence.
ps~lol, nope...she's shorter than that would never work. Out together, we have been called 'little blonde hippies,' so maybe that's what she is ... just a little blonde hippie ;)

The Butterfly Bar said...

That's one beautiful way od seeing the world, SLB.

Yeah, it's me! Shhhh....

The butterfly is neutral. Somewhere between Singer and I...

Peace out...