Friday, December 15, 2006

Love Grows...This Much I Know

My Dear Sweet Sister Kimbies was distraught when her teen-aged daughter found out she was pregnant. She took a deep breath, gave a hug to her daughter, took one from her husband & they started making plans for baby-to-be.

When Kimbies was first diagnosed with Cancer, she told me that she felt like it was meant to be.... that she had spoiled & protected her children too much...that they needed this to develop more independence & strength of their own. She said that should she not make it, should she not beat this cancer that at least she would make it long enough to see some grand-babies born.

She wrapped up that dialogue by stating 'Paige, I gotta beat this...I've got kids in HS, grandbabies to help know, I just have got too much to do, I really don't have time for this.' She laughed and said 'I will beat this, I know I will...but for a few moments there, you know, I was really scared.' But she just took a deep breath & started making plans.

Kimbies spirit & attitude is ever-amazing to me. I beleive her spirit of love has been passed down to her honestly...traveling the long-line of strong women in our family, complimented by the supportive men in our grows. Generationally. From one passed down to another.
From Granny Lanier to Nana, from Nana to Mom & Kat, from Mom to us, from us to our children & from them to the latest generation...Love Grows!

This pic is a photo of Kimbies grand-daughter & my namesake...I entered her into the AmericanBaby Holiday photo contest. The pic was taken on Kimbies living room floor with some pink decorations from the dollar tree. Too cute, isn't it? (I know I am biased, but it looks professional to me!)

Since Kim(HandMeDownLevis) & Pam(TheHippieParade) are without computers to vote with, I thought I'd throw it up here...for you all to vote upon if you so choose! (She is # 1790800003 @ in the Happy Holiday Baby Photo Contest)



Orhan Kahn said...

Kim sounds like she has a mighty spirit! So beautiful. Such a cute photograph aswell!

Monsoon said...

My best wishes for your sister and all the family! I can imagine how fantastic it must be to know such a fabulous strong woman!!

I love the picture of Kimbie's granddaughter, too cute for words!!

Greetings and hugs from Monsoon :-)

Anne said...

My best wishes for all of you... That baby is too cute! Some day she'll be a strong woman too.

Anonymous said...

Ting!that was my vote going for the little one!She looks so adorable.With a grandmom like Kimbies and aunts like you and Singleton there's no doubt she will grow up to be just as amazing.
Sisters have a way of completing each other.I don't have a sister but I always longed for one.Let this christmas usher in good health and happiness to Kimbies and the rest of your family!

Baron Ectar said...

Woo Hooo - I can vote 5 times a day - I bookmarked it and will!

I dread the day I discover that I am a grandpa.

Anonymous said...

Another typo!I'm impossible!Sorry Skinny that was not aunts it's actually grand moms right!:)I think I'm becoming dyslexic,my mind thinks something and my hands end up typing something else!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Hi Everyone & Thank You!
Little Alana is ranked on page 8 ...out of over 1000 pages! Unbeleivable considering I am the only family member voting...All of you guys are like virtual family to me, to Kim & to Singleton!
I am going to try to bop around to all of your blogs tonight, in the wee hours, as I feel like I have been missing you due to all my busy-ness.
BTW Fuzzy...thank you for the votes& you are right...Kimbies, at 42 became a Granny to baby pictured & I, along with Singleton are the baby's great-aunties.
Really folks, I apologize for having so many warm & mushy posts...I don't usually serve such oatmeal up, but I can really feel the positive energy flow...I'm sucking it up & passing it on...Love Grows & I thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ha! The little one looks like a little Buddha. Such a beautiful family.

spadoman said...

I don't know why, but I am drawn here, to this blog. I see this connection, a spiritual mystical connection, between strangers, you, your blog , Kimbie and Anne.

I didn't vote, (yet?) But the child's picture is a great one. I have Grandchildren. It's a second chance to do all we either forgot or couldn't do the first time around.

Anyway, just passin' by, again.

Mel said...

I can vote five times a day!?!
Lemme at that button!!

And just so ya know, I peeked at some of the other photos--I'da voted for this cutie even if you hadn't asked. She's just too precious. It's a great photo.

(Oh...No worries about the mush factor. LOL I've been known to have a mush moment or two.
I help them along, of course... LOL.. can't be getting TOO gakky. I have a reputation to maintain yaknow!) ;-)

Keep loving the way you've always wanted TO love!!
I'm gonna go push buttons. LOL

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL are right...She does look like a little Buddha. Next week I will rub her stuffed little belly & I'm sure I'll be blessed with sound of young, fresh laughter.

Spadoman~ You come around ANYtime. Usually I flutter around to other blogs more often & I imagine once the holiday season passes, I'll get back at it. Time has seemed tight since Thanksgiving. I think the connection you sense reaches far beyond our fingertips and deep into our hearts.

Mel~ Thanks for pushing those buttons! I just wish Kim & Pam could pull her up & vote as well. I'll be printing everything Monday night so that I can show them all the goings on...Tuesday I'll be on the road to the Sunshine State!

skinnylittleblonde said...

BTW~ I just sorted by score & she is on page 3...out of over 1000 pages!
We kick ass! LOL... Thank You & Please Keep Voting!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!great to know the little one's on page 3,she should be on page 1.Good going!I certainly love that we have 5 votes per day:)

Mel said...


No surprise here!! I went back to cast my five votes.......again! LOL

Wooohoooo for US!!
(she is cuter than a bug's ear yaknow!)

I, like the view said...

what an adorable photo!!

if only I'd have visited sooner. . .