Monday, December 11, 2006

To Kim With Love

Anne, Dear Anne, brought tears to my eyes just moments ago with her beautiful words & well wishes for my beautiful & courageous sister Kim (aka Kimbies)

This is Anne's artwork: a prescription for healing.

Thank You Very Much Anne....You, too, are an Angel just caught for a spell here on earth.

(please check out link to Anne & Kim, above or to right...Imitates Life, KimsHandMedownLevis & the Serious Post) peace &love


Anne said...

You're very welcome. :)

Orhan Kahn said...

The eyes look so very convincing.

Enemy of the Republic said...

There are two bloggers who are amazing artists that come to my blog. Anne is one of them. I should send her the link of the other. I feel honored that she visits me.

I'd love to talk/email/post more with you on teaching.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Oh, you already know Unfit but Print. He rocks!!

Mel said...

*sending positive, peacefilled healing thoughts to you and yours*

And my gratitude to Anne--for her selflessness...we really could use more Anne's in the world.

spadoman said...

Very nice. I went to Anne's site and got her take on Energy. I'm glad to say that I believe in these forces as well. All that happens is part of everything else. Sometimes we're the players, sometimes we're just there and in the way. What happens affects us, but the purpose is not always about us. My prayers and smoke offered to Kim and all concerned and affected.

Mitakwe Oyasin

Baron Ectar said...

Sending my energy her way as well.

vicci said...

Right on! it!

Anonymous said...

I'm sending in lots of prayers and positive thoughts to Kimbies too.That was very thoughtful and wonderful of Anne,she continues to amaze me.In my field I get to deal with life and death at the closest and have come to realise that positive thoughts and energy can perform miracles even when science gives up.Kimbies and lot other brave and wonderful people out there who fight and win against the odds and continue to spread so much love around them are truly inspirational!

Anne said...

The real magic here is not in my drawing. It is in the big outpouring of love from everyone toward Kim. The love expressed here has been really amazing and touching. Thank you, everyone.

Pixie said...

Great job Anne !

skinnylittleblonde said...

Anne ~ Thank You Again Sweetie!
Orhan Kahn Yes, The eyes look at peace & the smile hints at true happiness
Enemy of the Republic ~ Yes, this blogging community is full of wonderful artist, craftsmen & creators. And it is even more full of thoughtful, caring, giving & inspirational folks. The outpouring of love, from Anne, from Vicci(who undeniably I will post on later), from Mel & from EVERYONE here has been amazing, most welcome & truly inspirational.
MEL ~ Your positive thought & words are so appreciated. Your strength & sense of survival, like many others, is the ultimate inspiration. Love is the greatest motivational factor. Thank you very much!
spadoman ~ I, too, believe in the words you wrote. Dear Kimbies, obviously does too, as she has had the healthiest of perspectives… never allowing the cancer to beat her down mentally or emotionally for more than a moment. She pulls from the positive & holds all things good close to her heart…she acknowledges the bad & deals with it as she must. Your prayers & smoke are most appreciated. P&L
Baron Ectar ~ thank You…it is greatly appreciated!
Vicci ~ Thank You Vicci…;) We have a wonderful secret surprise For Kim up under our belt, as well, don’t we? After Anne did this post, I thought naturally of you & wanted to bounce a picture of a certain anonymous from California package…but I must keep the secret for at least one more week! I called Kim & Pam yesterday afternoon on my way into work to tell them to jump on-line & found out that not only is Pam’s computer out of commission, but also that Dear Kimbies’ computer is down for the count. So I thought I’d come home last night & post a pic…but when I got in from work my computers’ security system had completely shut my system down…I had to run all security measures before finally being allowed to run it this morning. Call me crazy but I took it as a hint to just keep ‘Mum as the word ‘ for the time being. LOL…Thank you Vicci for all of your love & support. Your Strength & support is Inspirational!
fuzzylogic Fuzzy Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts sent to Kimbies. Before I head to Fla. Next week I will be printing all of this to take to her since her computer is down. I know what you say is true & your words of wisdom are appreciated.
ANNE ~ The magic of love is always amazing & this outpouring of affections is yet another reminder of the overall good, kind, sharing nature of the human spirit. Thank you!
Pixie ~ No doubt! BTW, I love your Pixie pic in the green circle of life!

singleton said...

I love love love you guys! Vicci, can't wait for Kimbies to "Feel your love".....coming soon, December 22nd, are wonderful! Anne....God, I felt it the moment I saw this beautiful pic....the healing, the spirit, the drive, the vision, the prayers... Miss you all terribly...and we all, SLB, Kimbies, Me, and the circle that has embraced us.... appreciate so much your thoughts and prayers! Peace, love, and tis the season for healing to all!
PS...One of these days, I'll pay Southern Bell and they'll plug me back on line for keeps!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Pam! Who's computer are you on! Sneaky girl! please come back!