Tuesday, September 11, 2007

09-11... no TV, no newspapers, no radio...natural for me & wisely suggested by the infinitely wise, She.
The telephone rings, but only collectors are calling... no new news there.
It's a day to reflect.
I hung no new flags, tied no more yellow ribbons & won't drive by day with my lights on.
Not because I don't care or am not unawar
I have flags hanging, some dating back 20 y
My yellow ribbons get dirty and frayed from the weather and ultimately they come down...and that alwa
ys makes me sad. So my solution has been to not put them around the big old oak trees anymore.
My headlights won't shut off on their own & I will surely end up with a dead battery, should I turn them on by daylight.
Someone once ribbed me for saying I was proud to be an American, as I became American simply by
being born here. True. I guess I ought not be proud to have my family either, but I am. I am more than proud...I am grateful & relieved.
Welcome to be little corner of the world.

Walking down my street, up my walkway, past my mailbox & onto my porch, sit for a spell & then venture into my living room, my kitchen, my den, my office you will see little reminders of me, my friends, my family & my country.

May we never forget.

May the circle go unbroken.

May we nurture the good & let love grow.

May we remain thankful, grateful, aware & appreciative.

May we continue to live, love & learn.

May open hearts, open minds & open communications clear the way for peace... at home, at work, at school & globally.


she said...

LOVE all the pictures, and LOVE your post slb

you make this world a better place

"to remembering with love" ~s.

skinnylittleblonde said...

She~ You must be an intuitive! I was still editing when somehow or another your comment just popped up! :) Thank you...you are an inspiration, to say the very least! xoxox

karma lennon said...

I love this! :) It's beautiful. Also we should SO meet up sometime. Send me an email, okay? Hugs!

Fuzzylogic said...

((Skinny))Beautiful,reflective,thoughtful and inspiring..as always. Gosh I've missed missing hanging around here. So let me catch up on all that I've been missing:)

singleton said...

I remember those flags....always there, just growing....
we're proud to love
to respect
to be part of an even bigger circle.....
Beautiful Sweet SLB, beautiful!

Orhan Kahn said...

God bless my little American woman :)

Scott from Oregon said...

NAtionalism is just very BWif tribalism...

I find it immature myself.

I mean, WHY am I proud to be part of something other than the human condition?

Am I proud of all the fitfully obese people walking around? Am I proud of Hooters patrons who drool in their extra tall glasses?

Well... uh... not particularly...

Nationalism is a carry over from the days we used to aattack other tribes and steal women for rapage purposes and gather up their children for slave purposes...


Doesn't do much for me...

Now if you want to talk about the San Francisco Giants....

Mel said...


Never forgotten.

I'm proud to have a friend in you.

No said...

I'm proud to be an American too. Gotta be proud of something, right?

skinnylittleblonde said...

Karma~ Ty...yes, we should. I'll email you tonight in the next day or two! ;)

(((Fuzzy)))So good to see you again. You have definitely been in my thoughts & like many of the other bloggers here, someone I am grateful for & proud to know, even if only virtually. P&L sweetheart.

Singleton~ ;) I know you know... no boundaries. Love grows.

Orhan~ ;) I have been blessed in many ways... or maybe I'm just lucky...or maybe I just have a warped sense of perception. lol. xoxx

Scott~ I guess all my flags do represent an extreme devotion to the nation I was born unto...but I do believe that open minds, open hearts & open communications allow me to understand and accept cultures not of my own...even the Hooters mentality & sports fanatics ;)

Mel~ I am convinced that you are an angel playing in the sidewalk chalk ;) TY.

No~ :) Pride can be a dangerous thing I know, but I can't help but be grateful for my many blessings. I know that the men in my own family who served, some losing their lives, & that 09-11 didn't all just happen in vain. Global change, like personal change starts with love, commitment, honor & determination inside each of us.

SpongyBones said...

I can tell you one thing. I'm a proud American just knowing that there are folks like you and your sisters that walk the same American soil as I do.

wreckless said...

Nice to know that others appreciate, remember, and honor our country.

JustRun said...

Thanks for a beautiful post about some of what's truly important in this country, and in this life.

david mcmahon said...

There is so much in this post, SLB

Most of all it is a reminder of why I enjoy visiting your blog. You're so right in your wish for open hearts, open minds and open communication.

May I join in that fervent wish ...

Keep smiling


Max-e said...

I like your tribute and your philosophy. Our family has experienced the effects of terror first hand. It is easier to give in to bitterness and racour than to look forward and "nurture the good and let love grow". Yet I like to think that we have taken the high road. The loss will always be there, but we can hope for a new and better tomorrow.

vicci said...

I loved looking at those photos Sweetie...always love looking at something of "YOU"....Hope all is well.....with you....and those you love! Love you! :-) XXOOOO

eric1313 said...

You should be proud of everything that you are proud of, familly or country. Of course, you are, but it just goes without saying, too, that people shouldn't bother you about you pride in these things. I'm sure whoever said that to you is proud of something in their life, so its a shame that they have to bother you about what you have.

And I thought the pictures were nice, too. Your home is a colorful place that probably makes you feel good to be in. Like you familly. Like you country. Like your life.

Glad I met you that late june day that I was hopelessly wandering the world by inmternet highway, looking for other poets and artists to talk to. Hope everythings OK with you and those you love.

Peace out, friend. clink!

Crashdummie said...

"May we continue to live, love & learn.

Amen to that...

Helena said...

Found my way here from Authorblog.

Yours is a lovely blog!

As for your flags and ribbons- enjoy! I live in a country where if you have a flag people call you eccentric or fascist- and that's just having the flag of my own country!

I wish English people were "allowed" to be more proud to be English. And NO ONE even mentions being British. The Union Flag is quite difficult to draw but they don't teach it in school any more. On the rare occasions I see it, it's usually hanging upsidedown!

So yes, while Nationalism can be a bit of a big pill to swallow if people get carried away, enjoy the fact that you're allowed it!

I'd love them to have St George's day (England's patron saint) as a holiday and to see St George's falg flown. THere is a pub near where I live called The George, and they wanted to celebrate this day. They put up lots of flags and ribbons. The authorities told them to take it all down or be fined!