Saturday, November 03, 2007

Could I get my change, please?

I get called all kinds of things & I answer to just about any & all of them. Outside of the generic pet names dosed out here in the south, such as darlin', babe, dear, sweetie, shoog (as in shew-gah aka sugar) I also get called some pretty specific proper names, which are not mine. Most often these names are Pam, Peg and for some strange reason, Faith. Doesn't matter really.
If you're talking to me, I will pretty much talk back, I was raised that way. Mom usually went through a smorghasborg of names before she got to mine. I think anyone with three or more children in the house is allowed to do this & I think that those children should listen when spoken to, regardless of what they are being called.
Call me what you will.
None-the-less, I do have a name. A legal one. It's attached to my social security number.
I have the name that I was born unto, but it's not my legal name.
I had my legal name changed after I got married.
The social security office told me to write, then sign, what I wanted my legal name to be. I asked if I could change my name to #&?@* and was advised that I had to have a legal reason to change my legal name. I asked about the Artist Formerly Known as Prince & was told he had his legal reasons. They said that my legal reason was my marriage.
But now, I'm divorced & the judge declared that I could go and change my name back.
I decided to get married much for the same reasons that I chose to get divorced ... I was moving forward in life .
But legally, it would look like I am moving in circles... in fact, like I am going back.
I haven't gone down to the Social Security office with my divorce papers yet, but when I do I hope to let you know if they will allow me to simply change my name or if they will tell me if I can only change it back.
I still love him & he loves me but there's no going back.


singleton said...

Ahhh, sweetie, "sometimes there's no going back" which leaves us with only going forward! Charge on, little "whats-your name"! ILYSVVFM!

eric1313 said...

Marveilleux is the French word for magic. That would be a sweet last name.

So would Isis, the Egyptian goddess of rebirth (her name means 'the goddess is rising'), wife of the god of the dead, Osiris. When Osiris was murdered by his brother, Set, who was himself the god of evil and wicked plots, she swallowed her husband's corpse and gave birth to him anew. So not only did the lord of the dead die, but was reborn through the magic of his wife, since she could create, and his only job was seeing souls to their proper place in the afterlife. Now that's magic. Osiris is not to be confused with Anubis, who was the god of death itself as a physical manifestation, the god that you prayed to to stay away, or to come quickly if one is suffering. He's the one with the black jackle head, easily recognized in art.

Of course, I'm just being silly. That would be moving way backwards--about five thousand years and much more, to be exact.

But the Prince thing was also interesting. He changed his name to the symbols just to piss of Warner Brother's records. He changed his name back to Prince a few years ago when he was released from his contract. Isn't that hilarious? He used his name as revenge.

Hammer said...

You are right we should only go forward. Names are very important.

JustRun said...

"Mom usually went through a smorghasborg of names before she got to mine."
I grew up that way, too... being called a list of names, only occasionally the "proper" one. I was annoyed when I was 10, now it's endearing.

Best of luck with the logistics of name changing. I think it goes easy for some and borders nightmarish for others. I've thought about changing mine, for professional reasons. But that has yet to become terribly necessary. I think I'll just start using it and see if it catches on first. :)

she said...

"I decided to get married much for the same reasons that I chose to get divorced ... I was moving forward in life ."

honey, sugar, sweet skinny paige divine

your quote is sublime!

great post! love, ~s.

The Butterfly Bar said...


Shimmerrings said...

I can tell you how this will turn out. Your divorce papers are your leagal documentation to change your name 'back'. To change it to another, other than, takes another court order... and then you have to have a lawyer, and the reason has to be pretty good. On the other hand, I know someone who did once have their name legally changed. It's not impossible. You don't have to change it back, you know. On the other hand, if you did, it would not exactly be like going backwards... because life is circular...and nothing better than a circle to symbolize continuity... a fluid movement forward, that keeps on moving. My mom and dad both did role call, when speaking to us, before they got the name right, and there's only 3 of us. And I do the same to my kids... and there's only 2, lol. Good luck!

karma lennon said...

I wanted to change my name so badly as a child to something I deemed "sophisticated"-Cassandra, Isabella, Victoria....then I realized that my name kicks ass! When I got to college people freaked out over my name in the drama department-"Is that your stage name? It's awesome!" LOL. Names are important and unique. Good luck moving forward. It's all we can do. :)

Orhan Kahn said...

Love is something you can never go back on, no matter how hard you try.

Personally, I love your name, it is unique and easy to remember. I usually tell people to just look my way and try to pronounce my name. They usually fail.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I almost said some stuff, but it was lame. I guess I don't really know how to answer this, except that it just sounds like more legal stupidity.

wreckless said...

Why some people get to do whatever for whatever reason really baffles one eh?

I like your philosophy about just being kind and going along with whatever however. That makes you a nice person.

Mel said...

Forward. Baby steps or leaps and bounds--forward.


It's a lovely name....all and any of them.

The CEO said...

Pick a good one. Make Camus and Sartre proud. Onward and upward.


tine b said...

Good luck. I'm personally living on my third name, threw off my father's and got my middle name to be my last, then got married, and threw that one off again at divorce. That was a great name though, but his, so only for loan. So I went 'back' too, to what I had before. I look forward to my next name, but if I marry someone next time whose name isn't cooler than mine, I'm prepared to just live with this one for the rest of my life. Going back or moving towards yourself - it's also sort of reclaiming who you are, something you were all along, before, during, and now after the marriage.

Would be a great challenge though, the next time you got tired and decided to change to; The Woman Formerly Known As #&?@*. You might end up repeating that name quite a lot, though.

Scott from Oregon said...

backwards is not a bad place to go. If I am not mistaken, there is HUGE love in going backwards back to family.

Anonymous said...

i still like the idea of your first and middle name's pretty.
from, DeeBug

skinnylittleblonde said...

Singleton~ hahaha, litle-miss-little-miss-can't-be-wrong!

Eric!!! Marveillux,lol, sounds like a wonderful name for a vacuum cleaner... but Magic sounds sweet & simple ;) With reference to Isis, I have to say that often times we gotta go backwards to move forward, even if its 5000 years or so... Eric, you are like a walking encyclopedia.

Hammer~ Forward March! :) We should enjoy as much in life as possible & I have never really thought about enjoying my name, but it sounds pretty nice.

skinnylittleblonde said...

JustRun~ lol, if mine got my name right the first time, I usually cringed, knowing I was probably up to something I shouldn't be ;) I think it'll be rather easy to change the name, it's really relative...

She~ You are much to, paige divine would be a good stage name ;)

Butterfly Bar~ Tink you!

Shimmerings~ are absolutely corect! They were very nice at the SS Ofiice & told me to go back up to the courthouse. It'll be about 50 dollars to file. & have the judge sign off on it. And you are absolutely correct about cycles & circles, imho. Lol, it's be nice to have something to look forward to. Some things I can't change, some things I can & this is something that I can do... kinda like a tattoo of a different kind. Role calling definitely comes with family. I've role-called my nieces & nephews & probably my brothers & sisters when I was a kid. It's weird because when I taught the only role-call I did was at the start of class...I rarely, if ever slipped up on a students' name. I think maybe there's gotta be a 'closeness' in role-calling.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Karma~ Lol, when I was a little girl, my best friend had her name changed. She hated the way it was & when she was like 4, before schooling began, her parents let her change her name to what she wanted. We had a baby-sitter once, years later, and i loved her last name. I asked her 'how did you get that name?' because I wanted it! Lol. Then I decided for years & years & years that it would be cool to maybe marry someone whose last name began with the same letter as my first name. But, I figure if now that if I am to go through getting my name changed legally again, I'm gonna change it to something I like. You are so right about 'moving forward. It's all we can do' And, sometimes we have to push forward where we can & that's not always a predictable place ;)

Orhan~ Love is something you can never go back on, no matter how hard you try. Definitely some words to chew on there...Hmmm,I would pronounce your name like Oar-Hen ... is that close to correct? LOL.

enemy~ lol, time, effort & money!

wreckless~ I have known people who are very particular about their names and some of them have really baffled the folks who correct the pronunciation when it's being said properly but by someone with an accent. It's weird.

(((Mel)))~ Lol, I should just change my last name to Forward! Or Leaps or Bounds! Lol, that would be appropriate! ;)

The Ceo~ I've got one that was picked out many moons ago, just waiting for the right time :)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Tine b~ Lol, I love your attitude! I'm thinking that my third name will be my I might as well make it what I want it. I doubt I'll ever marry anyone with a more desirable last name for me. Lol, I was joking when I asked that SS lady about the #&*@?! name & she broke very serious . She was not entertained like me. :)

Scott~ There are some areas in life when you feel like you just have to take two steps back to clear way to really be able to move forward. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful band of strong & good-hearted, loving & supportive folks in my family.

DeeBug~ Hey! I'm liking your new name! Have you been to the SS office yet to make the change?

Spadoman said...

When my middle daughter was 15, she noticed she didn't have a legal middle name. Mrs. Spadoman and I thought that we'd get her a leagl middle name for her 16th B-day.

We'd ask her, "If you had a middle name, what would it be?" She'd always answer, "Bubba"

No, we never did it, but we call her Bubba still to this day. By the way, I don't have a legal middle name either.

I have worked on a set with Prince. He would fire anyone that made eye contact with him, unless you had a set of 38 double D's. A friend was the light guy for the Purple Rain tour. He was from St. Paul, so, when Prince played Minneapolis, (next to St. Paul, called Twin Cities), my friend stayed with his girlfriend. Me and Barb got the fancy Hotel room and thought we'd have a great relaxing night staying downtown.

Not to be. The phone and door had much business looking for weed, whites or wine. Those damn roadies!

Peace to All.

SpongyBones said...

Don't you just love the politics attached to something that is meaningless to anyone but yourself ...

mindy said...

a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet!!!
when i lived in austin, a client of ours had legally changed his name to wylie e. coyote. (seriously.) so, you should be able to have what ever you want. :)

M@ said...

Nice post, Shoog.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Maybe you could call yourself Paige Skinnylittleblonde.

kj said...

about time i pulled my head up from too many (temporary)calamities to say hello. i assume you will be paige former-last-name or first-last-name, or last-last name. but i guess if you want to change it to something totally new, why not?


Orhan Kahn said...

Not even close, but cute enough for me to respond to.

Much <3!

Mel said...

*thinkin' of ya*

Sure hope all's well......

piktor said...

Skinny, Oar-hen sounds a lot like "Jorge" (Hoar-hay) in Spanish. Maybe you should just call Orhan "George".

BTW, I used the "funny" photo from your blog in my latest blog post. Is it OK or should I change it?

skinnylittleblonde said...

Spadoman~ You truly have lead one adventuresome life! I think it is hysterical that you all still call your daughter Bubba...I'm sure she doesn't mind one bit, as long as you keep on callin' her! My one brother is called Bubba by Singleton, lol, and I call him Brother Love...he calls me Sib. Funny the names we tag upon one the way, Sing & I both call you Spado.

Spongy~ Lol...much ado about nothing really. I figure in about 6 wks., I'll have a lovely new last name. Why not?

Mindy~ Lol, I met a woman through my mother whose last name was Duck when I lived in Orlando...she named her daughter Bambi & her son Donald...seriously. I went to the SS office & filled out my papers, just have to run an ad & get the judge to sign :)

M@~ Thanks Dawlin'!

BBE~ Lol, I have been called that for a lifetime. At this point it may very well be one of my seventeen aliases.

skinnylittleblonde said...

(((kj)))~ Oh, I haven't even pulled my head out of the weeds in my life to even see that you were wrapped up in calamities. I am sooo sorry! I hope everything is tapering down & out for you! First name first, first middle name middle & last name... a flashback from third grade. :)

Orhan~ Lol, I am hooked on phonics...can you spell it phonetically for me?

mel~ All is good. Haven't been floating around the web, or blogger, like I used to & I apologize. Got a job promotion & relocation 2 months ago and it has really proven to be the time hog. I hate it, but we do what we gotta do. I imagine more change is on my horizon.

Piktor~ Lol, I really am hooked on phonics...on top of cigarettes & caffeine! Go for it, just be nice ;) ... Lol, I checked it out...pretty wild to see my face on a different body.

piktor said...

Skinny, thanks. The body is Evelyn Nesbit's, the original Gibson Girl.

Mel said...

Oh, no need for apologies.
And congratulations on the promotion!

We end up being exactly where we're suppose to be, dearheart.
I'm just checking to make sure you're 'okay' while you're doing the journey.
Cuz.....I'm nosy like that. ;-)

((((((((((((( SLB )))))))))))))))))

The Butterfly Bar said...

Wishing you the best, SLB. You are on everyone's mind.

The walking encyclopedia...


Mel said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

kj said...

ok, skinny, this is just a little too long. a brief couple of well-written lines will do.

on the other hand, if you can't very well do that, at least feel this vibration sending everything good.


just me said...

I'm a Barbara, Brenda, or a Wanda, of all things, usually after they hear me talk. Lovely post, as all of them are. Always. Coming from a lovely person.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Complicatedly complex, ain’t it.

she said...

thinking of you. -miss your posts

much love, ~s.

she said...

thinking of you. -miss your posts

much love, ~s.

karma lennon said...

Hope you're well, SLB! Miss you! Hugs, PLSF.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Piktor~ No Prob! Interesting stuff!

Mel~ TY, as always. I really do appreciate it.

the butterfly bar~ I would like to order a round of wings, please... not chicken wings either! ;)

kj~ TY very much. My apologies for my absentee-ism & temporary escape from words. xoxox appreciatively received & returned!

JustMe~ Lol, it's funny the names we get called & I know it could be worse!

Sometimes Saintly~ complex only in the black & white world. quite simple in the full color one ;)

she~ my mind wandered over to thoughts of you many times today. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving & are doing better than well.

karma~ lol, lots of s&f lately... p&l to you sweetheart!

eric1313 said...

You got those wings, no problem.

And anything you order is free, you know that. Miss you at the porch parties.

And everywhere else.

And change is beautiful, no matter what name it takes, no?

Oceanshaman said...

Skinny . . . Where yat?????