Sunday, December 02, 2007


02-2001 ~ 12-2007~Marbeline~

Momma's rotten girl

Spoon-moon blues
She knows when she wants out...

Just a few weeks old she came charging out from behind the counter. I dropped to my knees.
About three feet in front of me, she formed herself into a bowling ball, rolling her brindle & white-self all the way up my knees and chest until she was nestled into the nape of my neck, wet nose snorting like a pig in her sty.
'Oh my goodness...who's puppy is this?! She's like a little shooter marble!'
'She's boarding here from pitbull rescue...wontcha take her home?'
'Ha! She's so cute, little miss marbeline, but I don't think so. My house is an over-grown dog-house already. I am sorry'
'Oh, no problem. We just placed an internet ad last night & have already had 16 responses. She's so cute, we won't have a hard time placing her. We gotta get spaded first & we can't do that until she's 10 weeks, so we'll get to enjoy her for a while yet.'
Six weeks later...
'Paige, she's still here. Everyone wants her, but no one qualifies. You coined her name. She's meant to be with you.'
And...that's the story of how Marbeline came to be with me.


Anonymous said...

She was such a good dog..very well trained although sometimes you wouldn't know it....spoiled rotten ... She would stand up on the highest point of the yard and regally sophisticate herslf to the queen....even if she was one of six dogs.. she was Mis Priss... She will be missed.

singleton said...

Oh sweet sister .....I so wish I could be there with you.....
I love you girl, and your little Marbeline is playing bowling ball with some of my heroes right about now.....on the wings of peace

No said...

Rest in peace, Marbeline.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Such a lovely and poignant story. Such a beautiful animal. I understand your grief at her passing.

kj said...

her eyes tell everything you'd want to know.

i hope your marbeline is greeted by my rosie, at the foot of that splendored hill with soft grass and all the room in the world to romp and run.

it's all about love, skinny. be on the lookout for her sign to you.


Scott from Oregon said...

Oh sweetie... Always hard to lose the love balls.

And she looked like a true love ball.

Maithri said...

A new star twinkles
in heaven tonight

Through your words,
your love,

She shines on us all.

May the eyes of love
rest on you at this time
and remind you
of those things
which can never die

Love and blessings, Maithri

Anonymous said...

Whew...All Of You Are So Beautiful!

Thank You All for your kind, tender & compassionate words.

Mel said...

Oh, I bet she brags about how well loved she was by her human.


karma lennon said...

So sorry to hear about your loss, Skinny. Hugs and love.

mindy said...

i'm so sorry.

Anonymous said...

I like the name. Kind of like a smoke and a chic- a good mix.

Sorry about your loss :(

JustRun said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. The only thing that comes close to consolation is to know how good they made life with just being themselves.
A big hug to you. :)

i beati said...

Quality of life is the key - who loved them the most

david mcmahon said...

Great choice of name! And I second ibeati's comment, too.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Thank you for all of your words everyone. She really blessed have all of you.
Thank you

ps-i, too, loved her name.

Shimmerrings said...

awwwh... I feel yer sadness... I am an animal lover, too... a real sucker for 'em. Back when I had my own place, and my kids were small, I was known, in the neighborhood, for taking in strays... and I had some great ones (animal ones and human ones, too)... notably, Brutus Maximus, who was a bull type dog, of sorts... and he would follow the kids to the bus stop and try and get on the bus with them... they were embarrassed because he was so ugly, but he was a real sweetheart. He was hit by a car... he started out by hiding under our mobile home... and after about a week I lured him out, fed him, bathed him up, and he was in love... and so were we. May Marbeline run in doggy heaven forever... and what a really cool name.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Thank you ....all of you.
She truly is missed. Tonight I came home to a sympathy card from the vets office...signed by ten people up there. Reading their words, I knew that some of them really did come to know, admire and even adore her and I just started shaking. Words can never express ... but I know that the angels sent her to me. I always said that my grandmother, Harley & Candy got together in Heaven and sent her to me. I believe that. And although the timing really sucks for me...because I love her so much, I know that my home was just a home away from home for her. She was always an angel. I was just blessed with her.

Shimmerrings said...

Skinny, I once had a dog that I felt was sent by someone. She had something about her spirit that reminded me of the housekeeper we used to have when I was growing up, Ella, my second mama...that I wrote about on my blog, once. That dog, Jigsy, was always a wonderful comfort to us... as sweet and tender as they come. Sometimes I think all our pets are angels, they are so innocent and full of trust and love.

Angela Marie said...

Paige ~ I am so sorry.

Orhan Kahn said...

I know it sounds strange but she has a beautiful chest. You can always tell how well a dog has been treated and how proud it is by its stance.

skinnylittleblonde said...

shimmerings...sounds like you too have been blessed with a four-legged angel. If people were more like our pets, the world would be a better place.

Angela~thank too.

Orhan_lol, yes her chest was wide & strong...had to be to hold that big ole heart of her. Actually her muzzle was the worlds most unbelievably softest thing ever. She was half Sharpei & half Pitbull. Her chest was that of a pit ... much loved. (yes, she was good with babies, toddlers & other small, even wounded, animals as well)

skinnylittleblonde said...'s been a month & 10 days... I still miss my little Marbeline. I still love that girl & sometimes, I'll came around the corner & think that I see her lifting her head to look at me & then I realize she's not there at all.