Friday, February 01, 2008

These boots were made for spinning

I got my old boots out. I didn't shine them. I didn't even dust them off. I thought about putting them on, but I didn't.
I thought I needed to get ready & to be ready. I just wasn't sure about what I was to get ready for, but I knew it would involve wallowing through some shit or maybe even kicking some butt. Not in a physical sense, but maybe a spiritual sense or a verbal sense or a moral sense or some medley of them all.
Instead, I slipped on my Reeboks, my Levi's & my long-sleeve tee. And I ran. Ninety miles to nothing. I ran in circles & I ran away, until she called me back...'Do you have your boots?'
'Yeah, I got 'em, but I didn't put them on.'
'Well, you may need to ... or maybe you won't need them at all. There's only one way to find out.'
'Yeah, I guess you're right.'
'Just do it.'
And I did.

Good thing I wore my Reeboks.

I need new boots anyway...
Ones that don't need polishing but a good kick in the dust.
Ones with pointy toes.
Ones with heels that make me the same height as the average American male.
Ones that will never squeak, even on the shiniest floors.
Ones that allow me to spin & spin & spin...from just one kick of the heel.

Sometimes just one kick is all it takes


JustRun said...

Woo hoo, new boots! Looking forward to seeing those. (I have a boot sickness.) :)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol...I bet right about now, you would be hard pressed to wear any boots...or any shoes at all for that matter! Just a sprinkling of sand and sunshine between the toes will do! :)

piktor said...

Hot from the oven::Hillary Miranda

Lizzie said...

My vote is on top right. Flaming tips!

she said...

i vote once for the ones with pointiest toe and highest heel..

twice for the most comfortable to dance in.

much love! ~s.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Piktor...hmmm, sometimes you really confuse me. Ah, the life of a skinny little blonde ;)

lizzie! You vote just might have tipped the scales! TY!

She~ Ooooooh, I like you vote the most! Went to the Western store yesterday & spun around a bit. Lol, don't want heels too high or I might dwarf one too many a man ;) But the pointy toes & the spinning....I am there!

Mel said...

Ah. Well, one can kick butt in Nikes as well?

But boot scootin' is bestest with the boots on.

Shimmerrings said...

As they say, "Whatever blows yer skirt up!" :O

skinnylittleblonde said...

Mel...You tickle me! Yes, one can! In fact, one can do just about anything in a pair of Nikes...ya' Just Do It.

shimmerings...You must be an intuitive, like Mel! I believe it was a 'soft-tail' that was blowing the skirt up & yeah, I think the Nike's were left at home ;) hahahahaha...

Shimmerrings said...

... a soft-tail, now... lol...

lizzie said...

you need some boots for all the crap you have to deal with