Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tommy-Knockers & the Bare Moon Rising

'Whatchoo doin?'
'Lookin' at the bare moon & thinkin' bout you...'
'yeah, you know no matter where I am and no matter where you are, the moon still shines on both of us, so I look at the moon & I think of you. I wanna come see you.'

Three weeks later...

'I'd love to see you this week-end.'

'Yeah...take you somewhere special.'
'Under the bare moon?'
'Ok, I'll pick you up Friday at seven.'

At a quarter before six, I pelt through the door. Feed the dogs & kick off the heels. Crank up some Stevie Ray Vaughn & hop in the shower. The work week is over & the bare moon is rising.
'Hey, I'm running a little late. I'll be there at 7:30'
I swapped out the Stevie Ray Vaughn for some Jimi Hendrix & got lost in time, daydreaming about a joker & a thief.
'Hey I'm running later than expected...I should be there by 8.'
'What time is it?'
'Quarter til.'
'Oh, you are on your way?'
'Ok, just remember the moon won't wait on us...'
I popped open a bottled beer & padded around the house.
I looked at my watch, 7:55...

At the door were a couple of guy friends with a twelve pack...just bopping in.

I told them about my date, the bare moon & the 'I'm running a little late' phone calls & was met with friendly eyes of skepticism.

15 minutes later, at ten past eight...
Bam! Bam! Bam!

It went unanswered. There was the click and the clump of heavy shoes pacing on the porch & again a knock at the door. There was talking to ones self.
'Her car is here.'
'The lights are on.'
'Why isn't she answering the door?'
Bam! Bam! Bam!
I heard the turn of the unlocked knob & could faintly hear the boots on the hardwood floor. Echoing through the house, out the doors & windows ' Hello? Hello? Are you here?' Hello?'

Back on the front porch, closing the door...more talking to ones self 'I'll go to the damn pay phone & call her.'
Inside the phone rings & rings & rings.
I jump down and run in, not to answer the incessant ringing, but to scribble a note, grab three more beers & crank the stereo.
I leave the note on the bench right outside the front door, scurry around back & climb back up on the roof...three beers, two friends & a giggle under the bare moon...


singleton said...

There will be another moon risin' and we're gonna rooftop into the mornin'.....Clink! Take me to the water!

piktor said...

Skinny, I have a question to posit you.

What if your gentleman caller had the brain to write this:

"She crouches



Somehow looks as if

touched she would


I see the fear in

her eyes.

Violet eyes? or a

reflection of the flowers

in the pot beside her?

I can't quite capture

their shade.

I try to observe her



to her.

I sense her


almost before it appears

on her person.

She wears it

like a shroud.

What can have occurred to

blur her so?

She seems supernatural only


Moving closer to her, she

senses my presence but

cannot quite

locate me.

Her eyes (violet? I still can't tell)

dart from side to side.

I retreat into shadow and move

stealthily closer until I can



yes, can actually

touch her


A small faint squeak

as she feels

my hand

pass through her.

The roaring of time

engulfs my senses.

I fight against the current

swept back

back and




I walk on tiptoe,

musn't disturb


a blade of grass."

Sorta would make Smart Cars dissapear from your pointy head for a while, wouldn't it.

karma lennon said...

Guys suck. :( But I like roofs! I am SO there March 14th!!!!! So excited!!!!!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Going backwards here...

Karma...Lol, things work out the way they were meant to be, as I wouldn't trade that night of drinking brewskies on the rooftop for any Tommy-knocker knockin' at my door! ;) Oh! We will have a goooooood time!I am sooo excited!

Piktor...Lol, good try. You should know by now that I believe peace & love requires a little bit of spit & fire. When I was a kid, I would watch Muhammad Ali ... float like a butterfly and sting like a bee ;) Someone, somewhere said 'if you can't get your brakes fixed, then you better make your horn louder' & that's what I plan on doing...perched from my little rooftop & your artwork, your poetry will not swoon me.

Singleton...Oh yes, bare moons, full moons & martini moons...the waters, they surround us. ilysvms&fyat...xoxox

kj said...

note to piktor: make your move lickity-split, if that is who you are, because this skinny little blonde is a gem who knows to wait but not too long.

beer on the roof: $ 6

bare moons: a million or so

a woman who can stand on her own
AND can love and give freely: priceless


skinnylittleblonde said...

kj...Lol, I love... I should amend your last sentence to a woman who can climb up on the roof, drink beer & then get back down...priceless ;)


Shows to go ya,,,,time waits for no man,,,,nor Tommy-knocker.
(goes for you too, Stephen King)

piktor said...

I put forward for your consideration a direct question that was not answered and in its stead a charming laugh off and a restated declaration of commited, addled love for the bottle and a roof and a bare moon. Just desserts to a roaming if loquacious nincompoopery industrialist.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Wilsonart....Babs, that's right! Our date was with the moon & the moon would not wait a moment for us! Lol, poor Tommy did come back, roam through the house & talk to himself on the porch some more...he looked up & down the road & into the trees, but never thought to look up at the roof...hahaha and we even flicked a beer cap or two his way! We ended up dating for over a year & he was never one for calling in late after this night., really I answered your direct, but loquacious, question in quite the same manner you asked it ;)
To snap it all up...If he had brains to write such words, would it divert my pointy little head? The answer would be no. If I have made a commitment to others or myself, I take them seriously & should others choose to not do so themselves, then that is their option... bur we all have opportunity costs for the choices we make.

kj said...

slb: yes! yes! opportunity costs for the choices we make.

second note to pictor and first note to myself: learn this lesson well. it will change everything...


skinnylittleblonde said... undeniable fact of life! Welp, my choice of employment dictates much loved time away from my dogs, my home, my friends, neighbors and ... my computer. Hitting the back at weeks' end. Peace & Love All!

singleton said...

Travel safe little one! I love you!

Scott from Oregon said...

You're mischief...

Mel said...


You're as free spiritied as I am....maybe PLUS.

Fly free and travel safe, dearheart.
And words don't mean sick'em if the feet don't follow 'em.

piktor said...

Skinny, in conclusion:

From a strict industrialist to a retail specialist, this question - Do you also trade in moonbeam thoughts wholesale?

Anne said...

Sounds like smart cars are no match for smart little blondes. ;)

Shimmerrings said...

You and your sis are both sticklers for being on time :O ... and that's hilarious! Sounds like you gave him another chance... or quite a few, lol.

Shimmerrings said...

And are those your brown eyes, peering though the blog? I see your boots, too! Ha!

JustRun said...

Ha! The moon and Skinny wait for no one!

skinnylittleblonde said...

SisterSingleton....Ty...Gawd, am I glad to be home, no vacation there!

Scott~ In more ways than you know! ;)

Mel...That's right! Barks don't matter to the boogeyman, it's the bite that counts! ;)

Piktor... I offer my thoughts freely & the only cost one would incur would depend upon how they took 'em.

Shimmerings...Lol, good call! Really only in affairs of the heart. She & I both have had our fair share of arriving late ourselves... Yes! Got them boots! And I took 'em out for a spin...they're waiting for round 2!Those eye pics are weird because they are in unaltered color, but really show no color over here...just kinda matching my hair. Sister says they look green. you say brown. They are hazel, mainly green with a little blue on the outside & orangey brown on the inside. I thought about taking them down. lol, need to get out more & take more pics.

JusrRun....well hell, the Moon waits on no-one, so I figured I best keep my date with him!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Anne....didn't mean to skip you! Oh, Smart Cars Inc beat me & beat me down. They have a car in their possession, completely paid for & enough money in the account to replace the engine. Still, I am lucky to have gotten my old car back...

Anonymous said...

Hey Skinny,
Give me a call plz when you can ~ about Saturday. Sent you an email and tried to call but lost your new cell #