Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pixies, Post-its & Keeping My Word

I don't know what made me think it was a good idea.
Perhaps it was the mischievous grin the UPS guy & I always shared when he dropped off or picked up packages.
Perhaps it was the reams of paper, stacks of post-its and such that was within those boxes.
What-ever my reasoning, I guess a reasonably intelligent business owner should have known better than have a girl who daydreams about being a Pixie, a Fairy or even BeWitched as his office manager.
'I'm gonna borrow some office supplies, if that's OK. I promise I get 'em back to you in the next week or so.'
Ever-so-trusting...'Sure. Never a problem Skinny.'
Ten packs of post-its turned into fifteen, then maybe even twenty. I lost count, but I kept them all, knowing that I would have to make good on my word to the boss-man.
In fact, I kept them in a cigar box.
Then, I kept them in two.
Finally, I had them in three.
Three. 3. The magic number.
I fiddled and faddled with those plain, mundane little squares of sticky paper night after night.
Alone sometimes, but usually with good company and sometimes even some not-so-good-company, but company none-the-less.
Armed with permi-markers & cold beer, we would sit around my kitchen table and doodle.
A flower.
A candle.
A sun.
A man.
A peace sign.
A word.
A sentence.
A song.
A thought.
Finally, I gathered the three boxes & took them with me.
First, I covered the white mercedes benz convertible, inside & out.
Then I left a trail, like cookie crumbs from the car across the cold concrete to the door.
In the door the trail led though one room, down a hall and ultimately to the downstairs bathroom.
Why the downstairs bathroom?
Because I never used it.
Happy Birthday to the boss-man.


Mel said...


*laughing and trying not to look guilty*

ONLY cuz I saran wrapped a sticky note covered truck once....k....maybe twice....LOL

Couldn't have the notes flyin' off in the breeze, yaknow! LOL

John-Michael said...

You are beyond adorable! I am grateful for every "vibe" of your Spirit that you contribute to making this a better world for us to share

I love You!

singleton said...

Peace you little paper pixie! Muah!

skinnylittleblonde said...

It's late dear-hearts, but it feels even later. Lol. Forty plus hours into my work-week and two days to go! Then, maybe I will have time to flutter around, out & about, this virtual world.

Mel...Lol! I just Knew It! You! Ahahaha...the fun we can have with Saran Wrap! From green beans to automobiles and from early crashers to toilet seats, saran wrap wraps it all! Lol!

John-Michael...Hahaha, I love you simply for considering such behavior a 'vibe.' ;) I love it. Lol, yes, next life I think I'd like to be a pixie

Singleton...Just a moment of peace for you sister love for you are the true little paper-pixie! ILYSVM.

kj said...

skinny, forget pixie: you are a first class imp.

btw, your skinny award (ok, so what if i covet it?) is the nicest looking award in all of blogland.


Orhan Kahn said...

Aw, that is too cute.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Kj...Lol. I googled 'imp' to find it means 'mischievous child' whereas 'pixie' is a 'mischievous fairylike or elfkin creature' so I guess 'imp' is the real deal. Oh but the fun to be had with our imagination...lol! BTW, my silly little skinny awards are just that...silly. I thought of so many of the wonderful folks out here, like you, and spent an evening creating a stash of them. I hope to post one a week(on Sundays?)and you gotta know there is a special one lurking just for you. I am posting them in the order in which the images are saved on my hard-drive, so I don't skip any. i'm bad about doing the me-me thingys' or following up or through on the blogger awards that have been so thoughtfully passed my way, that I thought I'd make my own w/ no strings attached for some of the special, touching or moving folks out here ;)

Orhan... Luckily for me, he thought it was ok & didn't deduct the cost of the post-its from my paycheck. Poor man, I remember once I hid in the closet when he stepped out momentarily & I guess he assumed I was in the restroom or something. I scratched the door until he finally came to slowly open it and I threw my palm out. I think he about had a heart attack. Nowadays, i just drink coffee to keep alert & entertained at work.

eric1313 said...

A million sticky kites to fly messages on...

Glad to see your colorful writing alive and well. I'll be back again, soon, I swear it.

kj said...



I'd loved to have been a mouse in the corner.
Betting that the doing of it was as much fun, if not more, than his reaction.

she said...

slb: great idea ~ great story.
you are so much fun

"to daydreamers and post it artists!"

life is an empty canvas -and you are a masterpiece love, ~s.

karma lennon said...

I have a mild obsession with post-its so I love this story. :)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Eric...you are a sticky note, a sweet reminder of imagination and belief and dreams and realities. See you on the fly!

kj...lol. It was late, I was tired & rambling...imagine that?

Wilson...You are so right! Lol We had countless night of goodtimes decorating those silly post-its. his birthday came, my friends and neighbors & I were like 'now what can we do?' ;)

She...you always have the kindest things to say. i have a little box here and inside that box is a box... one day it'll make it there to you. In the meantime, please accept my gracious love and adorations.

Karma...I have thought about you much this week. hate my own busy-ness & have been wondering how life was with you. oh, we must run away again!


PS: Is that baby at the top someone
you know?
Adorable,,,I want a hug!

skinnylittleblonde said...

wilsonsart...she's precious, isn't she? Looks like a real live pixie-keeping-a-secret! She compliments of the www though.

vicci...Oh! Will do my dear! I'm gonna also delete your comment just in case spammers come around! xoxox