Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bad Wiring...

Bad wiring.
That's what they told my Momma caused our house to burn down.

I understand that 'bad wiring' can cause a lot of things to go wrong, even with people, but part of me always felt like it was my fault.

Maybe it was the 'bad wiring' in me that made the fire happen. After all, I am the one who purposefully stepped on every crack I possibly could on my way home that fiery day.

I heard Momma on the phone talking to Aunt Julip one time about Uncle Clyde. I heard her say in a hush, hush voice that he had bad wiring...maybe I had inherited that bad wiring from him. Maybe one day, I too, would go live at a prison like him and all the other folks with bad wiring. Or at least, those that didn't get shipped off to live at a place called The Loonie Bin.

Dennis had a beautiful mother. She looked like Mindy from Mork & Mindy, but with shiny beautiful streaks of silver in her long brown hair. When she ran, those silver streaks looked like shooting stars fallen to the ground, bouncing their way around her face. I couldn't help but gravitate towards her when she came running to fetch Dennis and I. I felt right at home, for the moment, in her arms and then, I felt guilty. She wasn't my mother and I had truly never felt relief in another womans' arms before. But relief is what it was.

The three of us walked slowly back to Dennis' house. Unlike most adults, his Mom walked defiantly down the middle of the road. No cars came down, as if they knew that this was her territory and they dared not cross her path. She had a mission & I guess that was to get Dennis & I back to the safety of her home. Dennis and I walked in silence, each of us attached to either side of her but I couldn't help but look at her through the corner of my eye. Her hair, unlike mine, was thick and full. It bounced & blew free in the wind. Her hair seemed to have a life of it's own, a natural outpouring of her. I thought about my own hair. Thin, limp and lifeless. Just then, I realized that my shoulders were slumped and I wondered if I got better at holding my shoulders up, if i too, one day, would have thick, vibrant hair.

When we got to his house, his father was elbows up & head down in the trunk. He didn't see us coming and didn't really acknowledge us upon our arrival.

Feeling my sweaty fingers getting kinked, knuckle over knuckle, I realized his Mom still had not let go of our hands and in fact, her grip was getting tighter.

'Home early, huh?'
'What's going on?'
'What does it look like? I am busy trying to find some files, okay?!'
'Well, okay. Sorry, I just wasn't expecting you home so early.'
'Well I am. What are you guys doing?'
'I was just going to fix an after-school snack for the kids, then let them play some games or something.'
'Well, I have work to do here today, so that's probably not a good idea. Maybe they can go play games at Paige's house instead.'
'Oh... that's not an option, honey.'
"What?! Not an option?! She can come here, eat our food, play our games?!? But our son can't go there?! Then maybe she should just go the fuck home & play with her damned self!"

I felt the blood rush to my head & I felt my knees begin to shake. Dennis & I never played over at his house! His dad didn't know. He was never home! I felt the blood rush back to my fingers, but just for a moment. The moment between Dennis' Mom letting go of our hands & me clenching my fist.

'Children! Go Inside!'
We budged not an inch.
'Steven... that is not an option because Paige's house burned today. Okay?'

She didn't spit these words out like a woman who walked in the middle of the road. They came out of her like a first grader confessing a potty accident. Suddenly the shiny silver of her hair started to look dull and gray.

'Great! How bad is it?'
'Children... I said go inside....please. It's totaled Steven.'
'Shit! How the fuck did they do that? How long is she here for?'
'I don't know. The fire department just finished putting it out.'
'Sheesh! How long is she here for?'
Until her mother comes to get her.'
'Fuck! When will that be? When she's eighteen?'

I don't know how many times he had said it, but it was the whine in his voice that caught my attention. It was Dennis, he was half way to the door...'Come on Paige.'

I didn't know what to do. I looked at his parents, who were glaring and speechless, staring at one another. My fist were still clenched. I ran to Dennis.
'Man, is your dad drunk?'
'Is he drunk or something?'
'Nah, he just gets like this. Come on in.'
'Ummmm, I don't think so.' I sat down on one of the two steps that led up to his door.
Hand on the doorknob, head cocked to the side...'What? Come on in Paige.'
'Nah, my Momma told your Mom she'd pick me up here. I'll just wait for her here. She won't be too long.'
Dennis plopped down beside me.
Once again, Dennis and I found ourselves sitting on the cool concrete watching the turmoil before us....contemplating what to do and opting to do nothing.

ps...this is fiction folks. To see the parts before this, click FICTION below and read the oldest first. As always..peace & love.


Shimmerrings said...

Ya got me again! Lol, I forgot this was part of a fictional story... great writing! :)


Great continuation of this story!
Love the way you give us the sum total of the personalities in so few words.
So much more to be read between the lines in this work.
You have a gift.

Oceanshaman said...

And I read the whole thing thinking, "Skinny's got an Aunt Julip! Now that is eccentric" . . .

And then I discovered it was fiction . . .

Mel said...

Oh, it's a great beginnings! (leastwise I'll hope it's just the beginnings...cuz it's an awesome read!)
Thank you. You made my night!


Mel said...

btw.....I was unhappily unable to access the weblog here...

BOY am I glad to have it fixed and working fine and dandy today!

Deeis4Dana said...

I hope there is a third installment with a happy maybe Dennis' dad gets hit by a blazing meteor or something and the meteor is followed by an UFO with friendly aliens that take Skinny and her friend to a fantastic postive parallel universe. Haha! ;)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Shimmerings! Sorry, perhaps I should change titles to say fiction instead of putting it in tags., thanks. I guess this is really my first stint at writing fiction. It's fun.

Oceans...Lol, you would be surprised at some of my aunt's names, but nope, no Julip ;) are so sweet! Actually, I think this is the 3rd piece in this tale. If you click 'fiction' in tags, I hope it should pull them up (not that you'd want to read them all, but they do provide the background to this piece)Oh and yeah, this was buggy a day or so ago...shoo, flies, shoo...splat! ;)

Deeis4Dana...Lol, I have no idea where I am going with this...the imaginary world of Skinny as an only child of a single mom...I could go anywhere. BTW, ILY!

singleton said...

ILYSVVFM! And in my world, everything you ever imagined, pretended, made~up.....really happened. Because, we were there.....

eric1313 said...

What the Blue Lady said. All the way.

I feel baddly wired, but at least I'm not burnt up--not yet, anyway.

The world of scribblings beckons me to return. The magic of friends connecting who have never even met in the theater of the real is something that makes me cry--right now, it' raining in my house, but not the roof, not the storm outside of Detroit, no pipes burst, and thank god, no wires sparking a fire.

The only fire is that which is inside me. Tears cannot diminish it, they only feed the glow.

I miss you both.

Yep, already been by to ring on the tin can line at the parade.

Talk to you soon--for real this time.

Orhan Kahn said...

Dammit! Fiction! I'm always suckered in and then slapped in the face at the end.

Absolute gold, my dear. Love it.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Eric...You come and go, like a butterfly at the shore...always glad to see you! We were just talking about you the other day...placing virtual dibs on where you really might be... the world of IF, my dear. There's more in draft & perhaps I should just stick the word "fiction' in the title instead of in the tags. I think I might have a book by the time I am done... although I have no real plot. xoxox