Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Round2: Smart Cars Inc of Acworth Georgia Ain't So Smart

"The Truth is like the Sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away"Elvis Presley

"I never did give anyone hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell." Harry Truman

"Peace if possible, truth at all costs." Martin Luther

The original post has been moved to archives & comments on this post have been stopped.

I have pulled down blog posts, comments & words....in good faith.

I have edited online reviews, where allowable, so that my words don't seem so 'mean & malicious.'

I have done this, NOT because I have been provided with any evidence of possible errs, but because I am trying to balance my values of peace, freedom of speech & integrity.

I have offered repeatedly, in writing and verbally, to retract any legitimate requests to remove any factual errors, as it has never been my intention, nor my understanding, that I have made any errors... and I do value the truth.

Since I was advised that this would not happen...that instead that evidence is being 'saved for the courtroom'...what's Skinny to do?


I guess I'll just wait on the papers....

Smart Cars Inc. has never provided me with any evidence of what they accuse me of... publishing false information, nor have I been served with papers, which I was advised would be forthcoming.
I stand by my word as being nothing but the truth.

I regret that any of this has happened. I never wanted to be jerked around for a month and shafted for some serious cash, much less bullied and threatened for months and months after the fact... nor do I like to say things that are not positive but the truth isn't always nice.

It seems that the so called owner of Smart Cars Inc of Acworth GA is writing reviews for herself, giving her business 5 stars of excellence.
She can write all the positive reviews about herself she wants. She can do so under other names if she wants. I don't care.
I just don't like being lied about, especially for self-serving and manipulative purposes.

That being said, ALL negative reviews have NOT been written by me.
I taken full ownership and responsibility for any reviews I have written. I always have. If they have other dis-satisfied customers, and it seems they do, then that is their business. I do not appreciate being played as a scape-goat for the negative who-haa that, I believe, they have brought upon themselves. I am sure the other reviewers would not like to have their words dismissed and pawned off upon me, as much and if not more, than I dislike being used and lied about.
I have NEVER been fined by the State.The Secretary of State Used Motor Vehicles Division does not fine citizens. They fine Used Motor Vehicle Dealers when they have done something wrong. It is not my fault nor problem that Smart Cars Inc has been fined.
Failure to do title work was NOT my fault, but merely a problem I had to find a resolution to. I NEVER refused to provide them with a copy of my D.L. I gave them copies...more than once. Two in person and third in a traceable means...over the course of three different months. The err was theirs.

I truly do believe that life is for living, learning and loving...
and that if we aren't doing all three of these things, then we aren't doing a single one of them efficiently.

"When one is truthful with oneself, it is inherent that they are true to all around them."