Friday, September 12, 2008

A skinny little blonde from the south & an irish-italian redhead from Brooklyn.
A quaint, elite little bistro with white linens & cummerbunds.
We crossed our legs and sat up straight...
This was an indulgence, a treat, a break from 'Tony's Famous One Dollar Slice'
Armed with twenty-two dollars and a good attitude, we aimed to live least for the night.
Opening the menu and seeing twenty-seven dollar plates and fourteen dollar appetizers...
We lost our appetites for dinner.
Reality check & giggles.
Two espressos.
One slice of fresh new york cheesecake.
We savored it.....
We made each moment, each sip of thick, rich, chalky coffee & each dip of the fork last as long as we possibly could.
We giggled & chatted.
The cheesecake was so rich & the espresso so delectable that we found ourselves sitting with an inch or two of cheesecake left & two mini, empty coffee cups.
No one noticed.
We chatted & giggled some more.
We wanted more espresso.
Finally, we flipped our cups.
A cummerbund passed and took a step back, aiming to fetch our cups & saucers.
'That's can leave them.'
More giggles, more chatter, another sliver of cheesecake down.

Our cummerbund came by 'Are you ladies alright?'
'Yes...may we have two more espressos please?'
He went for our upturned cups & red quickening snapped her hand down upon his.
'Thank you. They can stay.'
He walked away and we giggled some more.
Sliding our cups & saucers from to another, we flipped our cups back over.
'Oh my Skinny! I see a group of are going to go to a concert or a party!'
'Oh Yeah! Look! You have waves on your will be grounded at the ocean.'
'Hell yes! I'm gonna move right to the beach...look someone in the group is holding a are going to meet a musician!'
'Wonderful! We will come see you at the beach...'
We went on & on & on ... loving every minute of it.
The cummerbunds stood by the espresso machine...grinding, whirling and watching.
Finally, our cummerbunds arrived with two more espressos
'Ladies, do you mind if I ask what you are doing?'
'Well, we are reading our espresso spots.'
'Can you really do that?'
'We really fact, we just did.'
More giggles.
About ten minutes later, we asked for our tab and our cummerbund hesitated.
'If you can read my spots, I will comp your last round.'
So we did.
Whatever we saw in those coffee spots we shared.
Imagination ... a beautiful thing.
Dribbles became leashes.
Splatters became feuds.
We saw broken down cars and immaculate spaces,
suffocating situations,burdens lifted, long walks, short trips...
lots of people doing lots of things.

Our cummerbund saw his life spill onto a mini saucer and from our lips.
We giggled. He comped.
We tipped him big & he sent us to the jazz bar around the corner for another round on the house.

If you can imagine it...
if you can believe it...
it can be real.

Oh yeah, I will meet you at the beach anytime...


Anonymous said...

Persichetti says...
My dear friend...I remember that night well and many just like that:)We did have great times, and it is no wonder we could fill the hearts of others with such hope and such happiness because you and I always seemed to have that wherever we went. Our giddiness was certainly contagious and we were alway willing to share!

singleton said...

Clink! And here's to Badri and The tea leaves, too! Much love to both of you!

KarmaLennon said...

This post makes me incredibly happy. I don't know why exactly, it just does. I love your imagination. :)

Shimmerrings said...

I imagine every thing that you saw was and came to pass... because you vocalized it and they believed it... spread the love!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Persichetti....hahaha, we have had soooo much fun! Sister Sing's post reminded me of that night, our limited budget, our abuse of caffeine and our ability to entertain ourselves (and some others) on a wing and a prayer.... even when we weren't busy being groupies ;) ILYSVMG!

Sister Sing...yes, this little story could be as thick as the bible had I told it from beginning to end....from Badri's grinds to the 'eternal now' ;) Clink!

Karma....maybe because you imagine & believe? Imagination, they say, is our only limitation... peace & love girl.

Shimmerings...Lol, you are right! Of course, when the cummerbund sent us to the jazz club around the corner (with enough cash to cover Round 1 there) we already had an ace in the hole ;) His room-mate never saw it coming... Lol, we were spreading the laughter that night. Oh my, I might have to write about that little trip... ;)

Mel said...

Oh......and I just had a cuppa French Pressed coffee that ya coulda read, dangit!

Personally, I prefer to draw pictures in the foamy stuff that comes with himself's coffee.
He's thrilled that I do that...LOL

Shimmerrings said...

Nothing like laughter to make the love go round... it's so contagious!

skinnylittlesister said...

Mel...hahahaha, I am afraid I just woulda drank that cup of french-pressed! Yum!Yum! Drawing pics in the foam is is what we make it!!!

Shimmerings...As always, you are so right. There is not a more beautiful sound than laughter and smiles, they make everyone attractive.

mindy said...

ooohhh.. i have to try this out!

Dee said...

awesome..sounds like my kinda evening :)