Friday, November 21, 2008

And if it is Gonna be this dang cold...

I am in the south and heat with a wood burning stove. Being gone to work for 11-13, sometimes plus, hours a day it can make the heating situation .... ummmm, difficult. Three or four times this week I have awoken or come from work to temperatures inside my house in the low 50's. Brrrr....
Having a day off, I will load my stove up the night before and keep her rolling. Having had yesterday off and a gazillion errands to run, I ran them all around the timing of the wood... so beautifully this morning I awoke to an indoor temperature of 69!
Considering our average lows are running about 20 degrees lower than average so far this year, which is obviously unusual, I thought I would throw up an unusual video from those angelic voices of Celtic Woman. It's a break in their style, but so is this weather. Enjoy the magical air around you and the magical sounds below.
Peace & Love ...


she said...

my "big sky" montana brother knows this better than i..

"to handmade blankets, hot chocolate, wood burning souls!"

love, peace, and a little california sunshine wished for you


Wreggie said...

We're freezing in Charlotte.

I saw the Celtic Women a few years ago. They are wonderful.

Stay warm and pack a few dogs around you at night.

Shimmerrings said...

Bless your heart, I used to heat with a wood burning stove... had to get really good at it to have warmth when I woke up... then... perhaps I shouldn't have, but, we'd throw another on before we left for the day... insuring a warm house upon return. Once, we threw a huge one on and fell asleep on the carpet... only to have the huge one come rolling off the stack, push lose the screen, and roll within inches of my head... well, we were newbies... you can bet that never happened again!

Orhan Kahn said...

We're moving into summer, and you know you're always welcome to swim over and share it with me :)

eric1313 said...

It's snowed 5 times here already! Please be careful what you wish for!!!! If it snows too much for you, then my house will be plowed over by a glacier!!!!



PS. If you swim to Australia, bring some of the warmth back to us, please...

Maithri said...

I love snow

but the cold..not so much ;)

We hardly get any snow down here in Australia except in the mountains...

Its end of spring over here... as much as i love a white christmas... a warm one at the beach is good too ;)

Warm love to you my friend, M

Mel said...


Don't rush it.

*I'm* certainly not!'s been cold enough and flurried a number of times, nothing's stuck.
Gotta admit that I like it that way for the time being.

skinnylittlesister said...

She.....Thank You! It is a chipper 19 degrees right now....brrrr! Just not used to this so early in the year in the south!

Wreggie...Lol, as I am up and about to head out to work, I can't help but notice some of the dogs still curled up, snug as can be, in my bed! I understand Celtic Woman is soon touring the US again...AND I just saw their Christmas DVD at Wally-world. 17 bucks... I will have to be very good the rest of the year so Santa might leave me a surprise ;)

Shimmerings! Oh My! So glad you guys woke up in time! Pretty scary, but when it is cold, you can't help but want to sleep close to the heat. My stove doesn't have a screen. It has a cast iron door with a little glass window, the heat blows out of a vent on the top front. Old as the hills, but still kicking!

Orhan....Oh man, if I could you know I would! And six months from now, I'd have you swim back with me...perpetual summer!

Eric....5 times! Whoa! Hey, if global warming is warming our planet and melting our ice caps, why such frigid temps?

Maithri....MmmmHmmm. Growing up in sunny Florida, I am much more acclimated to Christmas in shorts than I am to this blistery coldness! I have a feeling we are gonna get some white stuff this year... and maybe even a white Christmas.

Melsdream...I understand your position considering where you are, however down here I'll stick to my original statement....if it's gonna be this dang cold, let it snow! ;)We haven't had snow in many, many years and I have to admit, it would be pretty. From what I understand snow in the south is different than areas where it piles up... primarily because it goes from being pretty to just melting. We're not known for the icky gray slush that comes with snow in so many northern areas. ;)

Time to add more logs, before hitting the road to work....peace, love & lotsa catching up to do!

eric1313 said...

That's what I'm wonderin'!! Global warming sounds like a nice change of pace.

Did you know I grew up in a house that the only heat we had was from a wood burning stove? We had to burn tons and tons of wood every winter to stay warm. I used to go out to chop wood with my dad since I was 5 years old just to keep the place livable. Funny that you mentioned it. I miss the old wood burners. I love fire.

Glad to see you are still hanging in there. The long hours of work have to be tough, but you are equally tough.

It's still freezing up here, but I have a hot bowl of home made chili right here to keep the fire burning...

Peace out!

The CEO said...

It's going to be a cold winter. I was thinking that this would be the perfect time to go in and have back surgery. The hospital is always a warm and toasty 80 degrees, and you can run around in your skivvies, so if you have sweat pants and a sweat shirt, you have it made.

On the other hand, a wood-burning stove sounds swell!

p&l, monty
stay warm

skinnylittlesister said...

eric....I will be honest, I have no idea how people survive in the north. I honestly don't think I would have made it to be this age, if I were subjected to so much freezing weather...but I am sure the home-made chilli helps!

CEO....Oh No! Back Surgery! No time sounds like a good time for that, my dear! All things considered actually, the winter does seem like a better time for it than the summer... I have always heard that the winter is more sterile than the summer. Aw, P&L to you...I will have to come see you.