Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flowers, Books and Covers

Judging books by the cover.

Long, skinny hair & a waif-like body
A reserved demeanor with liberal smiles
make-up? probably not.
hand-me-down levis' and a faded peasant top
home-made hippie beads & a long leather chain
wooden beads and open toes
slowly sipping on an ice cold beer.

Clink! Tink! Clash!

Lips painted the same color as her nails.
face freshly powdered
hair short & well groomed
eyes bright with a reserved smile
gold on gold & definitely no leather
pressed shorts & closed toes
fingers from both hands wrapped around a wine glass


'So, what do you want to do when you grow up?'
A quick flip of the hair and a pixies wink over her shoulder
'Sellllllll flowers?' Sarcasm, the nectar of her words

The corners of my lips curled up into a smile.
I was an adult, at the time in my thirties.
And, I'd been down this road before.

'No, but funny you should say that....'

Silly woman...
I guess she didn't know not to ask questions that you don't want answers to & that a true hippie would simply give you a flower...

(Hippie art, of course, by Sister Singleton;)


Mel said...


Bless those who don't know where they tread.

And love and light to you, dearheart.....the giver of flowers and peace and love.

<-- frequently sings the "I don't wanna grow up" song.


karma lennon said...

Ah, flowers & pixies, the essence of our beings. ;)

Dee said...

what's wrong with selling flowers? she should know, those folks are generally called florists. ;)

Shimmerrings said...

Now, you are a true hippie now...


skinnylittlesister said...

((Mel))...Lol, Thank you...I will always graciously accept the gift of love and light! :) Poor girl had to listen to me ramble on and on.

karma...You little pixie spirit! ;)I found some great pics of you! Lol, and in some of them, I could see that spirit shining right through! p&l, my friend! true. Maybe because I work with sooooo many people all the time, I know that you can never, ever tell a person just by the way the look. Best you can hope for is to catch a sense of what they want you to perceive.

Shimmerings...;) Nope. I didn't give her any flowers. LoL, I imagine though that if I had had any, I would have. P&L.

The CEO said...

I like the whole thing, don't you know.

skinnylittlesister said...

CEO...That's because you see the good, accept the bad & love everything in between! Much Love!