Friday, January 16, 2009

Peace Signs

I should have known...
I should have known last night when I walked in the front door and a crystal cognac fell from it's perch
or last night when I was lugging firewood in and a two and a half inch flying roach tried to escape the mound of wood in my grasp by seeking shelter on me.
I should have known when Smokie was overly demanding of attention & Vilulah was overly withdrawn.
I should have known when I dreamed of showering and having the water back up to my ankles with black dog hair floating on the surface, with which I felt all I could do was scoop it up and throw it onto an old newspaper spread out on the floor.
I should have known when my car broke down and I had to get her to the shop and call a friend to come fetch me this morning.
And I should have known when I got back and heard an abrupt slam, only to find that a storm window had collapsed.
And I damn sure should have known when I heard a hissing sound, just to discover that despite the fact that I left all my spigots and faucetts dripping, my pipes had burst.
My house, my dogs, my pipes, my windows, my crystal, my dreams, even the bugs in my yard were telling me, warning me, prepping me...
so when I popped open my mail... I knew.
But it's all good.
I had scooped up the palmetto bug and threw him outback to the wood pile & I had swept up the shards of crystal.
I left the window at 3/4's respecting my houses wishes for fresh air.
I had the car repaired and have done my best to fix the busted pipe...we'll see how she does in the AM.
I have loved on Smokie until he was tired & lured Vilulah out of the corner.
Then, I finally dropped the mail in the trash.

Walking past my palm sized heart shaped rock I found on trash day, I thought about how fortunate I truly am.


Orhan Kahn said...

Your strength is always inspiring, P :)

Shimmerrings said...

That was funny, the video... and whoa!... what a day!... and you're bad to the bone!

Wreggie said...

I got far too angry at too many people this week. I think they deserved it in retrospect but it gave me a Headache.

Roll with the punches of life.

Anonymous said...

oh my love, mama said thered be day like this, but when you are in the middle of them it is so hard to see where that peace is, but eventually we all find that little glimmer. and that is how we pull through all these crazy road trips.just wish we were closer, so we could spread warm sunshine,big hugs and helping hands. i love you kimbies

Mel said...

((((((((((( SLB ))))))))))))



Not that it makes it all go away--but somehow, it makes things lighter.


(((((((((((( SLB ))))))))))))))))

Mel said...


Lemme do that one more time....

((((((((((( SLB ))))))))))))))

One foot in front of the other.
And let people love ya.

(I know ya will......just had to say it anyway....)

Mel said...

Oh...and--some broken things can be mended and 'fixed'. Others--the fixing is in the separateness of the brokeness--of what really wasn't broken in the first place, of what really wasn't a meld to begin with.

<-- knows what she means even if you might not

skinnylittlesister said...

Orhan....Awww,Ty, but it's not strength it's desire to survive ;) When I posted video, I thought of you ... thought you might chuckle.

Shimmerings...Yeah, a doozie of a day but I handled it well... no foot stomping, no tears, and only one or two profanities under my breath. That video cracked me up. So bad.

Wreggie...Sometimes peace & love takes a little spit & fire, IMO, even so I remember years and years ago being told that anger, most of the time, can be traced back to oneself. Lol, so I am afraid taht for far too long I have allowed people to do things which they shouldn't have simply because I have owned my own anger & thus, have given them too much slack on their end of accountability. We live and we learn. Balance.

Kimbies...LoL, in this instance I am glad for the 8 hour buffer zone ;) I can handle all of this & am relieved that I don't have Mom & Pop hovering over me and a hacksaw, carrying in jugs of stale water. Lol, that would stress me out! ILYVM & can't wait to see you!

Mel...LoL! Still no water. Too cold to turn it on to test the repair job, so off I go to work with a baby wipe bath but feel confidant tha all your roaring has successfully chased and creepy crawly snafu's away! I know that you know what I know...which is why the storm window still sits 1/4 open ;) Accepting things as they are, fixing what we can and making the most of mere moments. Peace & Love Beautiful Little Spirit!

Anne said...

I remember years and years ago being told that anger, most of the time, can be traced back to oneself. Lol, so I am afraid taht for far too long I have allowed people to do things which they shouldn't have simply because I have owned my own anger & thus, have given them too much slack on their end of accountability. We live and we learn. Balance.

Oh, Skinny. Thank you. I need to be reminded of that every once in a while.

The other day I got really annoyed and yelled at the truck unloaders at work for eating my cookies without asking. But then I felt bad because I made one of them feel guilty. *sigh* I'm such a pushover.

skinnylittlesister said...

Lol Anne... I know you have greater, bigger examples than that my dear, as do I, but the story is the same ... I can see it. You felt bad because you thought had you really not wanted anyone to help themselves to your cookies you would have kept them in a more secure and less inviting place and by the time you realized he was feeling guilty you had already accepted ownership of the anger at yourself for not first, securing them and secondly, for calling him on dippin' into the when you had left them there, thus tempting him. LoL...I could be wrong, but somehow, I doubt it. Been there myself, a thousand times. Balance.
Much Peace & Warm Trusting Love Anne...

Anne said...

Skinny - yeah, I have much bigger examples, this is just the most recent one. I feel bad for making that guy feel guilty, but I probably shouldn't because he had it coming. It's just that I felt taken for granted because those guys didn't ask or even say thank you. They just found some unguarded cookies and ate them. Some damaged part of me has a hard time believing that my feelings are just as important as everyone else's. I would rather suck up my hard feelings than hold someone else accountable for their actions, but that is being unkind to myself.

kj said...

come here skinny. i want to hug you...

The CEO said...

{{{{{ SLB }}}}}
All will be well, regardless. You are Graced.

skinnylittlesister said...

Anne...Maybe it's not a damaged part of you, but a wise part. A part that has already learned in life that sometimes it is just plain to be accountable for oneself than it is to try to make someone else accountable for themselves.

KJ...:) Awww, thank you! I love hugs, but mind you, right now I am dirty girl!

Monty...All will be well, regardless. Lol, so are you saying I could have entertained myself and any possible on-lookers by stomping my feet & hurling my body up in the air, spewing out profanities? LoL, just kidding. It's all good... even though the plumbing bit did take me until today to get fixed & the car repair bill will come out of my food budget, I know it coulda been 1000x worse and that it was just another moment linking me up to more moments. P&L