Thursday, June 11, 2009

scribbling the peace and love

Scribbling the LoVe in the natural blond sands
periwinkles wink at me, then fall from my sight
a moment and a lifetime
of meant-to-be's, whoa-be-me's and I-still-believes
tossed together in a catch-me-if-you-can tide

So I sat... damp and sandy bottomed under the blooming sun
and soaked it all in, realizing it's not to be caught but simply taken in

The Heron trailed me, eying my bird legs and calling me Momma
Wiser than me, he knew what I was learning... again

A single handful of sand
a gazillion grains...
a drip sand castle...
a place called home which provides no shelter at all
soaking it all in, wrapping right up into it...

a moment worth a lifetime
and a lifetime worth a moment

Our Time Is What We Make Of It...
500 miles to Peace ...
by the Sea

Hittin' the Road

'Down By The Sea, My Soul Will Be'
~hand-painted sign of John's


Mel said...

It's here!!

Hug the sisters for all of us.....and let 'em hug you back two fold in our names.

((((((((((( SLB ))))))))))))

Lucky youse guys.
Enjoy your visit home. (I know ya will!)

Orhan Kahn said...

Enjoy your lucky ass time away, sisters :)

Mel said...

That heron's a smartie pants.

Thinkin' of you--

I'm glad you get this time to just BE.


Dee said...

Hey P,
Glad you are lovin' life at the beach. Went to NC this weekend but did not make it by your place as it was not on the way.
Catch up with you later,

Mel said...

Thinkin' of bonfires and sister giggles and toes in the sand!

(which means I'm thinking of all of you enjoying.....)

Anne said...

Aw, how nice. :)

skinnylittlesister said...

Hi Guys!
Am Back!!!
Trip was like a story only the most imaginative writer could have scripted...
If you can imagine it, it happened...and some.
Glad to go and glad to be back...
Thanks and scoops of peace & love to you...