Monday, August 03, 2009

Little Gifts

Mother Nature.
Father Time.

We never know what little gifts the day may hold for us. I am not sure if this is the hairy slug thing, which I had posted about earlier, that has come to age or what...but it was perched upon my shop entry.

Pink, beige, brown, yellow and an airbrushing of white around the exterior edges, this baby was huge and had a main body which appeared to be covered in a soft fur.

Its head had two appendages which looked like feathers and it's back had two eyes which were so detailed it seemed as if they were looking back at me.

When its wings were open, its span was as big as my hand and it looked like it felt like suede.

I have no idea what it is exactly, but I know its
truly beautiful.

Ever notice how some of the most beautiful people you've ever met become downright ugly over time, and the plain ones start to seem quite lovely after awhile?

I tried to ID it at the Bug Guide , but discovered that there are over 11, ooo species of butterflies and moths in North America only.


Dee said...

I have never seen one like it.

Shimmerrings said...

Beautiful... whatever sort of moth it is... the wingspan is awesome...

skinnylittlesister said... neither! I felt kinda blessed and ended up showing it to all the customers who seemed like they might appreciate such :) BTW, I have a hawk feather in my car ;) was really neat. Pics are taken with cell so they don't rightly show detail of furry body, intricate eyes or feather like handlebar mustache. Completely wild.

Maithri said...

How Beautiful!

I love the way you see the world my sister,

Love, M

singleton said...

Ahhh, some flutterbys never need to be named...they're just the butterfly effect personified....

You're beautiful, little one, and ILYandMYSSVM...

Orhan Kahn said...

I've never heard the expression Father Time before, I think it is as beautiful as that butterfly thing.

Spadoman said...

Ah yes, one of those. Cool! And it came to visit to share itself with you, and you shared with the rest of us.
I always wonder why a creature has come to us. Why did I see the Eagle and there were no other cars on the road in either direction? Why did I see the Hawk crash to the ground to feed on the mole. Why was my attention brought to the spider crawling on the awning when all were watching the game in front of us?
Maybe that creature is someone or something or has a message. I'll continue to ask and sometimes i get an answer, a strong message in my head that will tell me or teach me a thing or two. Maybe your friend has a message, then again, maybe it's not about us at all.


Mel said...

Polyphemus moth--they're HUGE and awesome!

Leave it to me to know moths.

Ohmygosh.... G'head....tell me I need to get more often.....LOL

What a beautiful creature to grace your life.

skinnylittlesister said...

I, unlike you, am not a great traveler, venturing never too far from home. So I feel very blessed that the world, in some aspects, comes to see me :) P&L

Sister Sing~
ILYSVM & believe we all hold, carry and vibrate a beautiful butterfly effect, even those of us that are more like a moth...

:) I think everything means something even though we may not be meant to know everything. At the river, in dragonfly territory, a butterfly landed on my once, twice, three times & then dipped away, flittering down to the water before fluttering up & just beneath the waters surface I saw the heart shaped rock pictured in post below :) A gift, fluttering by.

Hahaha, leave it to you but YAY! Someone knows! Must not be too common here because no-one at the shop had ever seen anything like it, although I googled Polyphemus and I do believe you are right & these babies are native to North America. They said average wingspan is 6" and I now know that I have seen them in caterpillar stage many times. Thanks & yes, I have been graced :)

Orhan Kahn said...


Amélie said...

I was a little hesitant to look at the pictures... I have this weird fear of moth like things... but I'm glad I did.

skinnylittlesister said...

Orhan...I seem to be having a communication fail :( Father time addresses...a term I recall from when I was just a little kid :)

Amelie..glad you were able to sneak a peek! Nothing daunting here! :)