Thursday, August 17, 2006

Can you Feel the Magic?

Vilano Beach Dragonfly Sometimes
, I feel the magic when I'm camping & everyone is asleep, including the dogs, and the fire is snapping and spitting, throwing images and shadows my way, and the wind is blowing whispers and wings all through the night. All I can do is just think, watch and listen to feel that feeling.

Sometimes, I fee
l it when I am in My Own World, doing My Own Thing, and I get interrupted by the hardy, heartfelt laughter of a child or a stranger. It echoes down the hallway, down the street, through the trees, across the yards to me. It doesn't bounce off of me, I absorb it & it fills me with that special magical feeling.

I have had that feeling walking along, as a butterfly landed on my shoulder then fluttered to my chest, and finally proceeded to dance with me and around me all the way to my destination.

I have that magical feeling when I find old, mishaped, well-loved & forgotten mar
bles in the yard or in the walls of this 103 year old house ... feeling the stories, tales & times of days gone by.

Today, I had that
magical feeling when I rolled down my car window, as I pulled up to the red light, only to look to my left and see a dragonfly hovering there, eight inches from my nose, looking at me. The light turned green, as he sailed to the front center of my windsheild. As if held by the circumvent of wind created by my right-hand turn and acceleration. The dragonfly road outside my front windsheild, facing me the whole time, fluttering slightly towards the center of the windsheild then back again, facing me. One more light & two more left turns saw me to work. Upon arrival, my co-worker was waiting for me outside & I quickly popped out of the car, with this one crazy dragon fly zooming around my car & now my head. My co-worker said'I think theyr'e supposed to mean good luck.' I said "Oh, I hope so" and smiled.

I don't know if any
of these things bring 'Good Luck,' but they all give me that magical feeling... That Feeling that I Belong Here, on earth.

So, What Is It that Gives You that Magical Feeling, that feeling that You Belong Here?


frank sinatra eyes said...

how did I end up here? God, you all are awesome

New Momma said...

I feel that when I lay on my back with my baby girl asleep on my chest. It is soooo magical.

Also, I love your story about string bikini's and your grandma.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Thank you New Momma & Congrats to you...Your precious Baby Girl is evidence that Love Grows!

Frank Sinatra Eyes, do I know you? ;) If so, email me, I miss you. Regardless...please do tell us What It Is, That Gives You That Magical Feeling? That Feeling That You are Meant-to-be Here?

psycho-therapist said...

what a great question! my answer would be moments like today when i had a mom open her heart to me for 2 hours then make a point afterwards of telling me that her heart felt lighter and she didn't feel so all alone... or that kid who refused to talk to a "stupid counselor" then after i asked him to give me just 15 minutes and he'd never have to see me again- ended up having to be shooed out of the office, with a promise that i'd return next week.

also, hearing my daughter say "i love you mom" again and knowing that she means it.

swimming by the light of a full moon and having all of my problems magically disappear if only for awhile....

i think of you and your family often and how you support and enjoy each other. you inspire me with your stories, grace and courage.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Wow! You are not just meant to be here, but so needed and in ways you'll never be able to fully realize.
In my opinion, daughters have a tendency to mean it, even when that don't say it! ;) and that's magical too!
Sweet Psycho-Therapist, you are a very important part of family, your support is appreciated and you inspire us with yur stories, grace & courage! We, so, enjoy you!
May we all be bless with that magical feeling!