Sunday, August 06, 2006

For Visitors from JustGiveMePeace

Artwork shared on JustGiveMePeace link & Ebay is created by my sister, Singleton (SAS.)
The drawings, primarily with colored pencils & marker, are her doodlings, her key to sanity & her expression to us.
Although she's never been trained, she's always had art in her life. By day she is & has been for 30 yrs, an office manager. In her spare time in the 70's she painted murals, including one which was a local landmark for years to come, had a comic strip & piddle-paddled in graphic arts on the side. In the 80's & 90's, she bartered her artwork for everything from braces to ballet lessons.
Now, she's at a point in her life where the kids are moving out & away.
Expressing herself creatively is grounding, while it is also an escape for her. She is a sudden empty nester & she fills her time creating the pieces seen on ebay & justgivemepeace
Artwork has always has been an ally to her... a great escape, a great resource, a great inspiration & a great savior of sorts.
Her first portait, still proudly displayed in her parents' home, was done with oil when she was nine years old. She has always worked wonderfully with acryllic on canvas & wood. Her home is a mosaic of artistic expression of her world.
To me, her work is magical. So often something will happen that coincides with her work, uncannily. Above & beyond that, I can see a story in every piece. It may not be the same story she created, but I can see a story. And, sometimes those stories come true, as evidenced by Tuesday's the Day, Keeper of the Twins, Madonna, Paige's Wedding Box and more.

She creates the work, I list it on ebay for her & it is a wonderful adventure for us.
Honestly, she'd be creating these pieces whether I put them on ebay or not. In fact, I started putting them on ebay because they were piling up on her (they are kind of like a daily journal :)
Throwing her work out there for the whole world, if you will, to see has been most rewarding. We've been able to come in contact with some awesome folks from all around. We've learned that we're never really alone & neither are you.
We've learned that although Singleton calls herself a lot of things...sister, mother, manager, daughter, survivor, consumer, etc., she doesn't have to call herself an artist. That's OK, I will. She is all that and more. As are each and everyone of us!
We're still learning from all of this & it's great. . .Very inspirational
Created with Love & Appreciated with Love.

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