Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Dogs of My World

The Dogs of My World
Let me introduce you to Smokie, Ander, Brodie, Marbeline & Vilulah (in proper order:)

Smokie, the Loverboy, is now almost 2 years old & when he was born with mange, the original owners had hoped it would go away. Six months later they had a bloody mess of a puppy on their hands. He would not walk, barely ate & spent his days confined to a front porch with flies swarming around him. The original owners were going to drop him off at Animal Control. Six months of weekly treatments & lots of good old fashioned love has brought this dog to nearly 100 lbs of pure love. His spirit is such that it is like he remembers the pain he felt & he is filled with affectionate gratitude. He is my ticklish loverboy. Just a run of my fingers across his back sends his entire body into a near orgasmic body spasm.
Ander, the Giant, is pictured next. She is, presumably, a little younger than Smokie. She was found, skin & bone, and reaking of swamp in the middle of the road. Problem being the road was a highway & not in a populated area. I'd like to think that she was not dumped, but perhaps jumped out of the back of someone's truck during their travels. We tried to find original owners & we tried to find her a home. But she ran away from them & showed back up here. So, after three baths, she no longer reaked of rancid, soured waste water and after about 8 weeks, she began to really fill out. We just wonder, when will she quit growing? She is the softest, sweetest thing and when she looks you in the eyes, you get the sense that she is an 'old soul.'
Brodie, The Talker, is all dog. He comes from Gordon Setter Rescue because original owners supposedly said he kept running away. I don't beleive it. I think that he was not running 'away,' but running after it a squirrel, bird, or even thunder. He cannot clear our fence, so we don't have that problem. When we had the doghouse closer to the fence, I saw him jump up on it, then jump over the fence so that he could chase the thunder. He's crazy like that. he is the oldest of our dogs, about 8 years old, we think, and is the least domesticated. he likes to point, gets excited when he hears a gun fire & is very vocal in telling us all about the goings on in the yard.
Marbeline, also known as ass-biter, came from pitbull rescue. She was pulled from a breeding house for fighters. Many of the dogs there had to be euthanised. She was barely a month old & thought to be a future bait dog, since she is mixed with Sharpai. the first time I saw her, she was at the vets office & she literally ran up to me, then as I squated down, she ran up me and curled into a little ball in the small of my neck. I said 'oh my, this little thing is like a marble!' the girls at the office told me her story & said she was posted on-line for rescue-adoption. 4 weeks later, they called me. They had interviewed 13 of the 15 prospective adopters to no avail & wanted to know if I would take her...she was answering to the name I inadvertantly had given her on our first meeting...Marbeline. We call her ass-biter because everyone things she is a ferocious dog, lol, and we just prefer that they continue to think that. truth be known, she & Smokie are the two most tender & affectionate of all of ours dogs. They both have an innate sensitivity towards children & babies.
Finally, there is Vilulah the Crazy Girl, named after a small community & church in South Georgia. She actually came from the garden center of the local KMart. She is the most spirited of all of the dogs. She is 11" tall and 33" long & we beleive her to be part Corgie & part border Collie. She loves to go camping, she loves to swing and will go under water, nose & all, to get what she wants. She'll hang out all day long in the hammock if you let her & she's up for any thing. When strangers are coming up the street, she's the first to let me know. She is a total Momma's girl, as crazy as she is.
I KNOW THIS DOES NOT INTEREST MOST OF YOU, BUT THESE WILD BEASTS ARE A SIGNIFIGANT PART OF MY WORLD, consuming a signifigant amount of my affections, time, energy & yes, money. I adore them being in My World & am driven to share them here. Should any of you be considering getting a dog, please make sure that you have plenty of all of those things, plus some patience and a fenced in backyard :) peace/love


LukisWeb said...

Just wanted to thank you for reading my thoughts! And I think its amazing what you do for these animals! That is truly amazing! If I could have a dog I would consider one of yours, but I cant because landlord wont allow it and I dont feel I would give it the proper attention! But keep up the good work! Way to help out!

Orhan Kahn said...

Your dogs are beautiful. How could they not be an integral part of your life. Just as long as you don't become what the local kids call "dog lady".

Living in an apartment which strictly forbids dogs I feel so empty most days without a dog around, I grew up with one, always, so I can understand how you feel.


skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL Orhan, Uhummm...I am known as the 'dog lady.' Anytime, anyone has found a dog or has a dog which can no longer be tended to somehow they make it to my doorstep. This happens at least once a month.
People even show up with cats & birds too! No offense to those purring little beasts, but how do they think my 5 dogs would react to a cat?
Sillier yet, is that people show up with their sick or injured dog, asking medical advise! I am not a vet...I just have amazingly high vet bills!

Maryellen said...

I'm thinking Brodie is a true ham. Actually looks like he's smiling at the camera. Cute dogs!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol MaryEllen, he was talking to the camera! Anytime I pull it out, he just starts rambling on...perhaps telling me to ' go ahead and take your picture!' or maybe to warn me 'Hey, you've got something foreign flashing in your face!'

Maryellen said...

I'm betting he senses your love when you aim the camera at him. He knows you love him, so he smiles. You saved his life, gave him a home with other poochies, and you feed him, love him and on top of it all love him directly when you aim that "thing" (doggy word for camera) at him. Woof!

vicci said...

I love the doggies of this world! I had a cat named Smokie! I LOVE your doggums!
PS....Thanks for visiting my blog! Come by anytime!