Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bumper Stickers: A Love/Hate Relationship

I have never been a bumper-sticker girl. In fact, I have a file from my college days that is chunked full of bumper stickers that never got stuck. My favorite of these would be 'f**k censorship,' but alas, I, in the end, censored myself.
When we were kids and wanted to plaster the family car with bumper stickers, our father would say 'No, they are trashy looking.' LOL, not that the coathangers holding the tailpipe up, the bungee cord holding the trunck shut and the Glad trash bag windows would have implied anything....
When I got married, I drove a little four-wheel drive pick-up truck with a camper shell & rack for camping & canoeing. Other then mud & beachsand, she was kept clean. No temporary tattoos of the bumper sticker kind.
I also had a little hatchback which was great on gas mileage. Even though that little baby came to me when she was ten years old for about a grand, I kept her clean... well, like my truck, clean of bumper stickers. ( A quick glance inside either of the vehicles would prove that they were like a freshly bathed drunk ...clean on external appearances, but littered inside)
Needless to say my husband took over my truck. It became his vehicle of choice and before I knew it, he had the back window covered in bumper stickers, a few on the sides and even one or two stategically placed on the front window.
I let it go. Afterall, I love to be entertained at the redlight with the verbage of the vehicle in front of me.
Most are political or pertain to someone's scholor acheivements(yawn), but every now and then we get the funny one... 'your village called, they want you to come back,' 'Jesus loves you, the rest of us think you are an ass,' 'This is not an abandoned vehicle' and the list goes on.
Still, with the knowledge that some of are slightly funny, I opt to be entertained...not to be the entertainer. So, armed with a razor, last summer I spent an afternoon carefully removing the bumper stickers from my truck. My husband was blatantly disappointed when he realized what I had done. A few weeks later another sticker popped up on the said 'Dog on a leash' and that was it.
LOL, I left it.

Well, I can't wait for him to see what this skinny little blonde did. I put a bumper sticker on my new car (Ok, 7 years old, but new to me...compared to the stolen hatchback & now tattered pick-up truck)
Just Give Me Peace :)
But I bet he'll see it as "Just Give Me Grief'


Baron Ectar said...

LOL - and you call me bad!

My sister put one on my truck one time that said I love George Bush - I drove around for a week before I saw it - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

skinnylittleblonde said... your sister IS bad! LOL. When in HS, we(not me actually I just witnessed) put one that said 'Honk if you think I suck' on the bosses car. took him a couple of days too & there was hell to be paid. LOL, he said everyone was honking at him & he thought his car must have been on fire.

Hammer said...

I had stuff like: "keep honking I'm reloading" and "Better dead than red"

I'm not a bumper sticker person much anymore.

bardouble29 said...

I am SO not a bumper sticker person, but like you I always get entertained by what others come up with. Also entertaining is the personalized liscense plate frames.

piktor said...

Skinny, I've posted a plate of mine today to keep you impressed!

Mel said...

Silly me noticed the peace symbol in the window before the bumper sticker.


No stickers on my car--but I do have one inside my car.
"Friend of Bill's"

It's not mine, mind you.....someone left it IN my car's back window.
I'm now conducting an experiment to see how long until they actually MISS it.

slaghammer said...

During the last two presidential elections, a person, or more likely a group of people, were putting rainbow and ecology bumper stickers on top of Bush/Cheney stickers in store parking lots. It caused quite a ruckus.

singleton said...

awwwww.....just give me peace! I can't wait to cover the "impounded" sticker on my backside!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Hammer ~ LOL, I have seen both of those stickers here in Georgia on vehicles. The red one cracks me up, because in my fathers' book, merely having a sticker would make 'em red...

Bardouble29~ Yes! And the personalized tags themselves... RLE ST8 on the real estate agents car. LOL, I saw one in Atlanta a good 12 years ago that said 4NICK8. brother had to point it out & explain!

Piktor~ I'll definitely have to bounce over there...I love to be entertained!

Mel~That makes silly you very perceptive! I actually talked about that car charm in the comments of my last post. It's made by a crafty peace-lover named Lee.
'Friend of Bill's' ? Bill who? :)
Silly me.

Slag~ LoL, I seem to remember that was going around here too. Maybe it happened all across America. I wouldn't be surprised.

sammyray said...

Never liked bumper stickers much ... why ruin a car with that when it's more fun to run it into things??

Orhan Kahn said...

.. coathangers holding the tailpipe up, the bungee cord holding the trunck shut and the Glad trash bag windows..

Absolute style!

LOL @ Just Give Me Grief

skinnylittleblonde said...

How did I miss you?! They're on there way to you...hopefully you'll still have a car to stick them one.XOXOX

LOL, I think I have outfrown the wrecking them & now I am just reverting back toi something I never got to do before.

Some styles are classic. Just yetserday DH said he had to coat hanger the muffler up on the truck! ;) I read him this post after he told me that & he didn't even give me grief.(Missed you...but I have to get out more)

Matt said...

Bumper sticker on truck: "I've been seeing someone."

Slick said...

Well, at least you put it on the window. I ain't a bumper sticker person myself...

mindy said...

i have one that says "alien is beautiful"...

Dan said...

My favorite of these would be 'f**k censorship,' but alas, I, in the end, censored myself.

And you just did once again -- right in that sentence! :) And I'm doing the same right now in my current post. F***ing peer pressure! :)

JustRun said...

There's a guy at work that will randomly stick bumper "stickers" (they are actually just magnets, lucky for him) on other people's cars. Though I don't do bumper stickers, I never realized what a personal thing it really is until he did it to me. I'm not saying either way, but physical threats may have been involved upon the discovery of the sticker. ;)
Glad you found one you liked!

Orhan Kahn said...

(Missed you...but I have to get out more)

Don't ever feel obliged to me or DoRP. No love lost, ever :)

skinnylittleblonde said...

That one is definietly open for interpretation!
LOL, yes and if your could see my bumper you would know why!
That reminds me of one that say 'waiting on our mothership'
I censor myself already...but let somebody else try & the profanities come flying! LOL.
Funny in hindsight, I hope. I have covered many cars in post it notes...but only those that I am close to, much closer than a mere co-worker. Each posty-note would have a special message. :)
I will make no secret that your blog is, in my personal opinion, the best blog ever. A perfect balance between news, personal experience, tidbits and facts to ponder. If I miss a few days, then that just means a few days later, I have to catch's a selfish thing ;) As Always, P&L

kj said...

what a sweet post. i had a peace sticker on my car while i was a counselor in an army education center in germany and that caused abit of a commotion...

i love your sticker. i want one.
and by the way, i like what i sense of your relationship with your husband too!

Angela Marie said...

I LOVE your sticker!! I also noticed the peace sign hanging from your mirror!

I do not have any stickers on my car... BUT, I love reading them on others! Our trailor has a few...

And I have to say, what you said about censorship.. really made me think!!

Angela Marie said...

I have to tell you.... when I went to Monterey, there is this dune next to the highway that people will put messages out of numerous things such as seaweed, shells, iceplant. I always will look to see what the days message was. It was a peace sign just like yours!! Well, you could tell it was. The sand had blown over it. But, I did think of you!

skinnylittleblonde said...

KJ ~
Thanks for the visit! Send me your mailing address & I will get you a bumper sticker! Go to & click on contact us. LOL, at comment about my & my DH... sometimes we make no sense what-so-ever...and that, at least makes for laughter.

Angela Marie~
Thannks for bouncing in...I have to get out to play myself! I had a metal peace sign that hung from my rearview, car after car. A few years ago someone busted into my vehicle & stole all contents (baaaadddd karma for them)I had had that metal peace sign for over 15 years, maybe 20. Anyway, I found this guy named Lee, that makes these out of wood & would represents 'regeneration & growth,' so I had to get one & string it up with some beads from my wedding to make this vehicle complete.
Ohhhh....I'd love to those messages of the day. Mother nature really is the best artist of all, even when we get our dirty little fingers involved ;)