Friday, February 16, 2007

Pray if you Want to Pray, Wish if You Will...

Pray, protest, think, wonder, dream, hope, wish, want, beleive...
Life has always been about quality, not quantity.
For some of us, knowingly, others not...


Matt said...

I don't pray. I wish.

Spadoman said...

I pray. I haven't stopped praying for Kimbies and all who are concerned, for peace in their hearts, for courage, for the strength to deal with whatever the Creator sends any of us.

Now, we need prayers, and wishes, for my son-in-law. He is facing a medical dilemma. Right after we were blessed with a fourth Grand child, we find out about his malady. So, we pray, for the same things for ourselves that we ask for the others.


singleton said...

And we pray too. For the circle. For the healing. God bless you spadoman, I love you Skinny, and pray, people, pray.

Mel said...

I pray.
I wish.
I dream....

*sending prayers and healing thoughts*

(((((((((and hugs))))))))))

Anne said...

I pray all the time, not usually with words, but from my heart in a way that cannot be spoken. Cute dog. :)

Angela Marie said...

I pray.. knowingly.
I protest.. knowingly.
I think.. knowingly.
I wonder.. knowingly.
I dream.. knowingly.
I hope.. knowingly.
I wish.. knowingly.
I want.. knowingly.
I believe.. knowingly.

It IS quality.. not quanity.

What a beautiful, simple, deep post. I love it!

Thank You.
hug and a kiss. you are a sweetie.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

If this post is about what I think it is, then I am so sorry.

mindy said...

i pray, wish, dream that everything is ok.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Like a very wise man recently told me,Mitakwe Oyasin. This
means, "we are all related", and it is so. What happens to one
happens to us all.

And as a sage woman said,peace always wins in the end
And the words by which we have taken solemn vows,'love grows.'
All of you really add to the quality of life...thank you.

Baron Ectar said...

I dont pray but I wish real hard for all ove this and more!

Cute pup is that yours?

Fuzzylogic said...

I wish hard for the best and pray even more harder.I hope things are going to get better very soon.I wish and pray for strength,courage and hope and lots of love to Kimbies.Indeed Mitakwe Oyasin!

vicci said...

I pray all the time...all the time! Love you!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Hi Baron~
She is cute, isn't she! She's Kimbies pup. Much too small to survive in my house with all mu biguns :)

TY Fuzzy...I learn so much here in blogland. TY

Vicci~You are an angel, here on earth. Kimbies has made a little something for you & will be sending it to me sometime here in the near future. I will then, usher it on its' way to you my dear. TY. P&L