Saturday, May 12, 2007

Anyday & Everyday is Thanksgiving & Mothers' Day

Mother's Day is coming upon us.
I hope that it is not considered slack of me to link back to this wonderful picture of my own mother.
My love & admiration of her is as timeless & priceless as the photgraph.

Peace & Love to All of You Out There
May You All be Blessed with Unconditional Love.

Soulful Sister Singleton is at the beach this week-end with her middle daughter, preparing the sands for things to come.
Sweet Sister Kimbies is back on the chemo, but holding her own, surrounded by the good love of her daughters and grand-daughters,until we can all runaway together to the beach next month.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Bless you all on this mother's day, friend.

Hammer said...

Great mom pic. She looks like she could have been painted on the side of a B17

Have a good one :)

skinnylittleblonde said...

TY & I hope it holds some wonderful surprises for you as well.

TY...I know I am biased, but I think she's a beauty! Funny thing is that she is 1000x prettier on the inside. really, not a day passes that I don't think of how blessed I am to have her. She is so much more than simply 'mom.' If I can be 10% of what she is, I'll be doing good!

Scott from Oregon said...

Where would we all be without Mommas?

I might be biased 'cause I'm a guy... but

vavava voom!

vicci said...

Your sister...Vicci

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Sheesh, she was one hot looking lady, that mum of yours - legs up to her neck!

All family is special, but close-family is a special gift, to remind us of why we are.

Happy Mother's Day in advance, lil' skinny.

Orhan Kahn said...

Happy Mothers Day, indeed :)

Bardouble29 said...

I love the picture of your mum. Bless you my and your family my dear friend.

Princess Banter said...

Your mother looks truly elegant and beautiful :) Have a good mother's day... and prayers and blessings to your sister :)

skinnylittleblonde said...

princess ~ TY so much for your thoughtfulness, especially with my sister. I'll trapse your way tonight after work!

bardouble~ TY,as always, & Happy Mothers to you beautiful lady.

Orhan~ TY & I hope everyday is beautiful for you sweetheart.

Shrink~ Lol, Shrink...we may not be blessed with good money or good health, but we are so very blessed with good love.

Vicci~Happy Mothers Day to you! I know yours will be a beautiful one, full of loving surprises! xox

Scott~ lol, vavavoom indeed! She once was The Tabacco Queen ;)

Mel said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours, SLB.

And lots of prayers and positive healing thoughts to Kimbies.
Beachtime, here you come!

paddy said...

Sounds great can I come to the beach with you: I'm a skinny little old man. I could carry your bags. Thanks for dropping in. Very nice of please do again.
Y;-) Paddy

Andrew The Asshole said...

You gotta love moms they make the world go around

`NEFTY said...

Happy Mother's Day to all:]

singleton said...

happy Mothers Day sweet the wildchild who grew up to Mom a reach out and grab little hands and big alike, and give them soulful strength, boost them high up into the trees, take them wading in rivers, reach out and yank them back to reality with peace and love and exactly the right words, the right stories, at the right time. Thank you sweet little one for helping me to raise a tribe, and for the other Mom's, the ones that might not yet know they owe you one, I thank you too. You've been a Godsend.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Mel~ TY...You know...I think you are a fairy, an angel...yes, indeed!

Paddy ~ i don't even know how I found you this morning before going into work, but I'm glad I did. Come along to the beach... no need to carry any bags, but you can grab one handle on the cooler!

Andrew ~ Yes! They are special women! They even bring us the ever-valuable assholes! ;)

'nefty~ TY Girl!

Singleton~ beautiful of you! I'm still the wildchild, just more conservative in the who, how, when & where I show my wild-child side ;) R U ready?! ILYMTACEK

SpongyBones said...

Happy Mothers day to you.

Angela Marie said...

Happy Mother's Day to all!!

Paige! Do you know for a while, I thought that Vicci was your sister too! LOL!!

I hope you had a great day!


Angela Marie said...

I do know that she is your "SISTER," I have people in my life that feel like they are my sis too. Vicci has called you and Singleton her sisters also in some of her posts. Trying to figure out all of the dynamics sometimes got a little confusing. When you posted the picture of your family, I was looking for Vicci! You girls keep me on my toes! LOL!!

I think that you all are just sweet! I love all of you!

Justgivemepeace said...

Spongy ~ Ty & back at you!

Angela Marie ~ Lol, How Funny! You are definitely not alone, which is why I have posted that pic ... more than once!
In a bigger picture, we are all sisters! XoxoxoX & Happy Mothers Day to you!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Oops! I posted under JGMP! :) Me and my dirty little fingers!

Sharad Mathur said...

Anyday & Everyday is Thanksgiving & Mothers' Day

true true.. why do we wait for that particular day. we cud thank them whenever we feel...

lovely post

wreckless said...

Nice post! I thought the same thing as Hammer. I think old photos are so cool. I could yammer on and on about your post, but I am bogged with work and gotta go. Have a nice day!

she said...

if i never saw a picture of your mom, i'd still know she was beautiful and strong just by reading her daughter's blogs...

...may we pass it on... strength and beauty

and unconditional love

"to awesome moms!"

mindy said...

how pretty you mom is!! i love that picture.
you should take one similiar to it. :)

skinnylittleblonde said...

sharad~ Sentiments so very true. I realize not all folks are as blessed as me to have such a wonderful mother & I try to never let her forget how much I appreciate it.

Thanks, vavavavoom indeed! It;s not just a guy thing ;) I think she's gorgeous & could have made a wonderful bomber girl!

She~ I love your words. Thank you so much. She's got that unconditional love thing nailed & we have learned sooooo much from her.

Mindy~ Lol, she's a beauty no doubt and I am her daughter, but really I'm a SLB...afraid a pic of me like this would look like a praying mantis caught playing dress-up! ;)

mindy said...

lol!! you are too funny girl!