Thursday, May 31, 2007


I miss a lot of you very much.... I'm here, just wallowing around in my own world for a bit. I miss the great escape I have found in bouncing into some of your worlds & I just love that I so often learn so much about myself, while reading about you.
Until I get a chance to devote several hours to bouncing around & reading, I thought I'd share some of the prettier & more picturesque stuff from my recent wallowings with you ;)

These are rocks gathered throughout North Georgia by me & my DH. The large white conch shell is said to be about 100 years old. The rocks & shells are all grandfathers.

These guys were happy to join me in the fresh clean water, once everything was all
said & done. Pond has about 13-14 goldfish in it now & one devoted stray cat which lives in the shrubs...of course, the birds and neighborhood dogs love to come visit.

These rocks are so that if a bird should fall in, he might could climb up to a dry spot to take flight from... this heart shaped rock was one of many found so far this year. I knew my collection would come into good use.

The guitar-playing Ski Lodge skillet in the form of a rockin' chicken behind-bars guards the path less taken... the Gerber daisies have made there way, since this pic was taken, into the ground...but my rusty old guitar player still stands at attention.

Finally there's a good old-fashioned night out with the boys playing in the garage. Some of these fellows I have known 25 years & I always amazed at how much we have grown & changed, but I'm more amazed at how much we have remained the same.

The south rocks, the heart rocks and all of you rock... Until Next Time, P&L


singleton said...

Oh baby girl, YOU ROCK! And I cannot wait to wallow in the waves with you, drift in the sand, sit up all fn night long and drink beach beers! ILYSVVM! 12 days!

SpongyBones said...

Damn I'm moving closer to you! Bye Missouri!

kj said...

wow. you are somewhere deep and true.


Scott from Oregon said...

You get a line and I'll get a pole...

My pond has seven newbies in it, after the six inches of ice we had last winter.

My Mum collected so any rocks off of the beach I had to make a walkway out of them. She polished them all in a tumbler, so it is a shiny walkway...

Love to hear that you are a gardener.

Love it!


LADY LUXIE said...

That is exactly what I want to have in my own garden....hhhhmmmm...not in this tiny little patch I have here right now though...Thankfully we're moving and hopefully the next house would present a much bigger opportunity to plant and perhaps put in a wee' koi pond as well..

Thank you for sharing this...

much inspired..:>

Orhan Kahn said...

The picture of the boys is just wonderful. I can't believe they're actually in a garage. They make it looks so fun!

Good to see everything is well with you. Everyone needs time away :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Yeah, I'm moving to your hood if you can handle a Yankee with a thick Chicago accent.

she said...

peace, beauty, love and live music!

looks like you're a collector of great times and great memories

just stopped in my tracks the other day with my camera to capture the heart shaped drip of water that fell from this child's piece of ice

always i-spyin those heart shapes and love that rock you found probably as much as the birds do

"to heart shapes, live music, love, peace and flight!"

Anonymous said...

Nice Pics!!!!! You must have an awesome yard/home! Have a great weekend!

Bardouble29 said...

I say lets all move closer together so that instead of all blogging together, we can warm each other porches each evening!

Beautiful pictures.

vicci said...

You rock on girl! I love the shells...I love the pond...I love you! :-)

psycho-therapist said...

okay, is it just me or do i detect an undercurrent of sadness? you okay, girlfriend? i post pics when i can't talk sometimes..P &L

Anonymous said...

Singleton~ the countdown is on & I can not wait...I just wanna sink into the sands,the suds & the salt w/ you.

Spongy~ Bring it on! 9 out of 10 folks here come from somewhere else, which means that the hospitality of the south is just one of many fine traits you'll find here.

KJ~ Deep, indeed. True, in fact, truer today than it was yesterday.

Scott~ I love your mom's rock walkway notion, especially since just on wednesday I decided to do my front steps in river day I'll post photos.
Also, please translate TSYHWRWAWAAC for me.... all I can come up with is 'This Shows Your House With Rocks, Water And Alotta Crap.'

lady Luxie~ Even the plants grown in containers provide us with much needed oxygen. :) My little patch of land is about 1/4 acre and the bulk of that is devoted to the dogs. A little bit of dirt goes a long ways.

Orhan~ LOL, fun indeed. You know your a redneck when you have a disco ball and stage lights in your garage. Gawd, I love the south!

Enemy~ Lol, I live the farthest North now as I have ever been & folks from around here think I am from NYC. You'll fit in just fine!

She~ We must see what we want to see. I will bounce to your side soon to see if I can catch a glimpse of that heart-shaped drop. Love is everywhere...we just don't always see it.

Wreckless~ TY, I think so! It's after 4am and I just got in from swinging from the old oak tree out front. :)

Bardouble~ Funny that you say that. I just told my sister that next summer we should have a week at the beach with all our soulful bloggers. I've got the perfect place in mind & will probably dedicate an entire post to it in the next month or so.

Vicci~ You are too kind , TY & I love you too. Every day brings change, yet some things remain the same.

psycho-therapists~ Lol, and these are the things that make you a great counselor to others. You're never alone girl ;)


I, like the view said...

thanks for sharing

and for the visit

love, peace


Mel said...


Way cool pond!

All ya need are some yellow duckies!


JustRun said...

Sometimes simple is best. Great pics and even better comments with them. :)

paddy said...

Rock on sister, rock on. Thinking of you. Love the photos.
Y;-) Paddy

mindy said...

i think i'll join enemy when she comes! a texas accent is ok right?

Anne said...

lol at Mel's yellow duckies - how cute! :D
Nice pictures. I love how you put rocks in the pond to help the birds. You're always looking out for the little guy, aren't you? You're awesome.
I miss you too, but do what you gotta do first, I'll still be here. I don't get around too much any more either because I don't get that much time on the computer. *sigh.*

Beerspitnight said...

I think "a good old-fashioned night out with the boys playing in the garage", is a perfect example of growing, maturing, and evolving-while at the same time remembering what is important to a healthy and satisfying life; Rocking Out.

Hope all is well!

kj said...

you know, skinny, i just might show up for those blogging days at the beach. surprise to me, but i just might....


Matt said...

My parents used to have a gold fish pond. So beautiful.

slaghammer said...

Your guitar slinging chicken needs some band mates, at least a drummer and bass player.

skinnylittleblonde said...

ILTV ~ Thank You my dear...I'd love to hear you singing Take Me To the River.

Mel~ Lol, last year I did have a yellow rubber duckie, but a neighborhood dog thaought it was waiting there for him to chew on after his skinny dip trip to the pond!

Anne~ Yes, our days need to be about 3 hours longer...minimum! I think of you daily...along with a few special others.

BeerSpit~ Yes, you are right! Somethings just remain the same, they only seem different.

KJ~ Oh, what a good time to be had!

Matt~ Long time, no see. I'll have to bounce over to your bubble soon. A goldfish pond I have discovered also serves as a doggie pool, bird bath, frog hallow & stray cat sanctuary.

Slag~ I couldn't agree with you more! Maybe we could get a harmonica player in there too!

I, like the view said...

still enjoying this one!