Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio

A book and a movie... The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio.

I don't do TV...can't stand it, in fact. But since I got married and DH brought a static filled black box into this home, I have found myself subjected to it...if even only in the background.
Hannity is not Baby Jesus & Paris Hilton is not beautiful... despite what I hear creeping out from that manipulative plastic & glass box.

Since I have only been to a movie theatre maybe 3 times in my adult life, I don't know how I end up renting such great movies from Netflix, but I do... The Magdellan Sisters, Secondhand Lions, The Motorcycle Diaries, Real Women Have Curves (even though I don't) Standing in the Shadows of Motown, Children of Heaven, Matchstick Men, Lackawanna Blues & The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio are all movies I can appreciatively recommend to any of you.

I watched The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio & immediately purchased it. I have seen it 3x now in about as many months. I made my husband watch it with me, then my boss, my girlfriend and now, my parents. My boss, my friend, my own mother... they are all prize winners in one way or another. One day soon, I will have my sisters watch it too...for they also are Prize Winners.

Based upon a true story, I found myself cussing, crying and giggling through the various scenes within this movie. The characters, escapades & experiences of this film were far more real to me than any Family Jewels or Real World could ever be.

'If the car didn't break down baby, I wouldn't be sitting here, enjoying THIS moment with my beautiful, defiant, young, daughter. I beleive things happen for a reason & this is where I am meant to be at this moment. I intend on enjoying this moment and might I suggest you do the same.'

'You still have 8 more years of school to attend before you graduate, but right now Paige all we have to do is attend each other. So there. I signed you out of school so we could spend the day together & I have five dollars, now where do you want to go eat?'

'There's bugs in my soup.'
'Those aren't bugs, they are spices.'
'They have legs though.'
'Don't be silly, spices don't have legs.'

Richness of spirit, feeds the heart and soul and, yes, even the rumbling belly when sprinkled with a little bit of defiance & determination.

God Bless all the Beautiful, Courageous & Defiant Women in my life.
I believe.


Orhan Kahn said...

Matchstick Men was a good film, a little sad. Thats about the only film we've both seen. I'm a sucker for TV. Considering I want to turn A Matter of Opinion into a TV show I can't reject the form of media just yet, but I do know what you mean about it being a manipulative box.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol, Orhan...I don't mean to sound so closed minded. I once had what I thought was ingenious idea about combining TV w/ the internet, perhaps I should email it to you!
This post was just a blurb of my ramblings and I guess my bottom line is reality makes one cuss, giggle & cry. AND that I know some women that are true Prize winner, although one may not be able to look at them and see any jeweled crown.

singleton said...

Now where do you want to go to eat?
ILYSVVM and CWTSY so very very soon!
I've got five bucks, we can work for beer...There's a rumor going around that we might hit the town :)

Mel said...

That trip has to be creeping up. *sending lots of positive, happy thoughts for that reunion on the beach*

And while I'm just NOT one to sit still for hours on end for a movie---I can try? LOL

Gimme popcorn and I'll try just about anything!

Scott from Oregon said...

How come us bumbly boys can't be super duper prize winners too?

Is it 'cause we already got our own little prize to hold on to while we thank everybody for votin' for us?

It's too early for beer, but I got 5 dollars...

wreckless said...

I will be checking it out most definitely. Thanks for all the comments and catching up you did on my blog. Tims must be made to be in your life eh? And Skinny little blondes haunt mine as well. I am with you on the hating t.v. People would be a whole lot wiser and fulfilled if they weren't so filled up with that crud. Great post!

vicci said...

Paiger...I gotta see the movie...I'll rent it later...I watched Secondhand Lions today with Ty....I love that's been cool the past few days...feels nice...although its warming up today...I usually have the tube on in the background...that's about it...

skinnylittleblonde said...

Singleton ~ I wanna go eat in the sand & ICWTSY there! ILYSVM.

Mel~ I am like you as far as sitting still for a couple hours at a time, hence why I have only gone to the theatre about 3x in my adult life. Tis a good movie, IMHO, but then again I'm no expertise on such things. Girls head out tomm and I'll be there Wednesday. Can't wait!

Scott~ I think you are, but just in a different movie... maybe Rocky or something? Oh by the way, the time is beer:thirty here ;)

Wreckless~ yea, I'm not so good at bouncing around in the virtual world right now...but in the real world, I am a bouncy ball! ;) Love your blog & had to play catch up... I've been doing one or two a day. I'm having issues w/ my time management skills right now.

Vicci~ I love, love, love Secondhand Lions & I hope Ty enjoyed it. I know it has some mature things in it, but it is a wonderful 'coming of age' movie. So is Little Manhatten. If Ty hasn't seen that one, I must recommend! Today was hot as hell, mid-nineties & I had the wonderful job of offloading nearly 400 cases of inventory from the back of a sweltering semi-truck! I am She-Rah the Skinny Little Blonde. Love You Girl...

Tai said...

Thanks for the great recommendation, Skinny. Hey, you might like Little Miss Sunshine--it's wonderful.

Angela Marie said...

You have me hook, line and sinker.
This sounds like my kinda movie!

I have not seen "Secondhand lions," either. You have me there too. I see Vicci liked it.

she said...

indeed! thumbs up on this one. -my mom is not a reader; but read this book cover to cover
then terry ryan came to speak and sign books at our local "towne center books" on main st. downtown

first time my mom ever went to a book signing. had her picture taken with terry

bought autographed additions for all 5 of her siblings and all 3 of her children

i rented the movie sometime last year -feel the same way you do.

Anonymous said...

I love this movie...and I actually live in Defiance, Ohio. I frequently walk down Washington St. past the house that Terry Ryan grew up in and I also walk at the cemetary quite often and pass her grave. Even if I didn't live here, I would still love this movie. It's so real and you don't get that kind of truth in a movie very often!

skinnylittlesister said..., how cool! I agree with your final comment completely. If I taught Contemporary American History...I would require this film to be watched as it does reflect the are quite accurately.
On a personal note, the mother so reminds me of my own. Just watched this flick again just a couple weeks ago.