Thursday, August 09, 2007

Full Color Muted by Shades of Gray

Last week I saw two rainbows, one which was a double rainbow. was raining neither time & both were seen right before sunset...

This is a picture of one taken while the color is diffused from the windsheild.

Being privileged enough to catch a glimpse of a rainbow, or a shooting star, always makes me feel like Mother Nature is bestowing a gift upon me or maybe like she is giving me a sign.

In hindsight, I take these rainbow sightings as a sign... the deep, dark, murky shades of gray out there... there is beautiful color on the horizon

The paperwork is done ...divorce has really just begun when the papers are signed. It's hard folks, under the best of terms, it's hard.


Dee said...

You are the original rainbow chaser {as opposed to a tornado chaser :)}
I think it means you are going to have a great day today.
Thinking of ya..

Orhan Kahn said...

It may be hard but you're never alone, just remember that :)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Dee~ TY...fumbling my way around in circles with the day off finally... fixing doorknobs, taking trash out, setting out mouse traps, organizing bills & IOU's... but planning on taking a cooler to the lake for the latter part of the day. Wish you could come with.

Orhan~ TY Sweetums. Being alone sometimes is actually what we need, but lucky for me, I have the likes of you guys & don't feel lonely at all. Oh yeah & having 5 dogs insures me that I am never really alone ;)

eric313 said...

Let it begin. Your rainbow is telling you that everything is cool. Listen to it and let it fill your heart with reasurance. and magic

and peace that you so deserve, SLB.

Blogger is pizzing me the heck right off. Now the Hippie Parade is loading super slow. What the heck is going on?

By the way, I told Crashy you said hello. Her page loads, but it takes a few minutes for it to pop up. Thanks for the kind shout that way. She's cool. It's midnight over there, so maybe you'll see her today or tomorrow or whenever this crap clears up.

I'm trying to find a way to complain to blogger. They need to hear about this.

But anyway, Peace and Love to you and your sisters. Take care

eric313 said...

Found the problem.

When a page is not loading, in the bottom left it say looking up "". I googled that and found out that it's a MySpace Virus causing this shit to happen. Crashy, Sing and Me have it now, glad you were able to comment. ANd it seems that they are fixing it, but it still takes forever to load (four to five minutes, even hitting refresh).

p e a c e ~ l o v e

mindy said...

i saw two shooting stars this week. i love that.

JustRun said...

I always think rainbows must be signs. If they weren't, everyone would be able to see them.

kimbies said...

cheers to ypu my dear!!!!

singleton said...

ILYSVVFM and hope you aren't catching my damn virus! Dragonflies landing between the eyes.....

SpongyBones said...

When I read post like this from you I know why my bro dug you. I bet you eat Skittles by the color!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Eric~ Yes, it seems like there is some virus or something quite screwed up. Some blogs are infected & others not? Don't know the rhyme or reason. Still haven't been able to access Crashie...will give it a day or so to work out.

Mindy~ You Lucky Girl! The last time I saw a shooting star was actually in June down in Florida ... it really seizes the moment.

JustRun~ Lol... valid point! Funny because the first one I saw while leaving work & I had to race through the lot to catch up with my co-worker, arms flagging & horn-honking, just to point it out to her. Quite awesome because it was the double rainbow.

Kimbies~ Cheers! Clink! ILYSVM!

Singleton~ So far so good. Lol, dragonflies & one little butterfly!

Spongy~ Lol, you forget I am an old lady...I don't eat skittles @ all, except in the dark ;)

Mel said...

Ah know me. Every time I see a rainbow I'm reminded that promises get kept.


Never alone, dearheart.....never.

skinnylittleblonde said...

(((Mel))) ~ Such a profound thought...and quite true. I apologize to you for not bouncing around like I should. I promise I will be back at'em before you kknow it!

she said...

reading the bible cover to cover for the first time..

pg 6: genesis

9:14 whenever i bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, i will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind

"to the promise of rainbows!"

-God shine

Mel said...



Shimmerrings said...

Rainbows are such awesome things! When I was temporarily living in Germany, I used to see huuuuge double Rainbows all the time, in the same spot. And trust me, I needed to see them. In Panama, I saw what might have been called a Sun Dog, a complete Rainbow circle around the bright Sun. I was in awe, no one else seemed to even notice, while I was walking around with my eyes towards the skies. While flying over to Germany, there was smoke in the cabin (great!)... it was something to do with the air-conditioning system, so the freaking air had to be off. In the meantime, I was looking out my window, which was filled with voluminous rows of cliff-like clouds, the cliffs filled with vertical rows of rainbow colors... and there was a shadow of the plane (neat, eh)... and, around that plane and it's shadow, was a rainbow, entirely circling them both. My second circle rainbow. I knew we would be ok. Here's to Rainbows.

aka Little Wing

eric1313 said...

I love the meaning behind the title. I think you're pretty damn good. Ramble on, my friend.

just me said...

Rainbows are the best of signs, gifts of nature, always to be treasured.