Friday, August 10, 2007

Thanks for Keeping Me Grounded

Timmy Toes is camping out this week...not a bad deal.
He's loving it, as it's just about 10 minutes from his work and no rain is in the forecast.

He invited me to the campsite yesterday, my day off. So after running errands & tending to some house work & yard work, I stole some time and ran to the lake.

A lonesome cove found me floating out from the rocks and out from under the trees on a water-hammock. It was so very peaceful, quiet & relaxing.

I had one crazy critter that followed me through the water, but never really did anything threatening...even though I thought he looked like a yellow jacket.

Laying there with my eyes closed, I felt something ever so gently land on my brow just above the bridge of my nose. Not moving, I opened my eyes & looked up. A yellowish-blur was all I could see. I took my left hand and slowly went to scoop whatever it was up and off when it flew to my knee. It was the worlds largest dragonfly...yellow & brown. I have no pictures of it to share, as I had left my camera back on the rocks, but when I did return to the rocks, this baby was just waiting there.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of my blogging friends for all of your words of wisdom, encouragement & support. I know that me getting a divorce is not the end of the world and I know that I have not been the best at bouncing around this community like I would like for several months now... and for that, I apologize. Each & everyone has had a wonderful impact on me in one way or another and I just want you to know that I appreciate it very much. You guys have been my support network...thank you!

xoxox~ in the end, peace always wins and ends are really just new beginnings.


Anonymous said...

You guys have all been very instrumental in helping me & Timmy Toes to learn about peace & love... thanks again.


vicci said...

I LOVE you Paiger.......I'm glad you had a nice day at the lake...just floating....and seeing a dragonfly is GOOD LUCK...did you know that???!!!!!! XXXOOOOOO to you! HUGS...and XXXXOOOOOOOOO....
Remember Sweets...DIVORCE can be a GOOD thing......really!

eric313 said...

You know it, Skinny. I'm glad to meet you. Very much. You're the natural beauty, you know. Got a surprise at the tree house... You should remember it well.

Any words I give to you are yours. Well, we can share them. That's what a circle is, after all.

Forever--in a beautiful poetic package.

Roll on, and meet everyone there.

JustRun said...

My lake friends have always told me dragon flies are good luck.
You, however, seem to know this. :)

singleton said...

So in a sea of sweat and grim, swatting at flies and dodging wasps, distrubed from their native habitat, I look up through blind-as-a-bat eyes, and there above my head circling, in a transluscent turqoise halo, are three giant dragonflies......
I'm dancin' tonight sweet sib, listen carefully, when Stones come on, I'm stompin' and we're rockin'.....and I'm tinkin' you with love!

Mel said...

Awwwwww...... A 'take me to the river' kinda moment!

And good grief, will ya quit sweating the small stuff, already?
Last I knew folks could just be there for ya if they wanted to.



Never alone, dearheart.
So pfffffffffftttttt! ;-)

Angela Marie said...

Oh Paige, I am just learning about this. I have been out of sorts here lately. I am so sorry. I have read your posts where I left off... geezz where have I been?

I am happy that you got to spend a day that makes you feel good. Dragonflies are good luck! So are double rainbows!


Angela Marie said...

Hey! I thought of you when I seen this. You need to check this out! You will love it!

btw~ great pics. on your recent posts too!


david mcmahon said...

G'day SLB,

I think you;re handling the stress with great aplomb and considerable grace.

We are all here for you - always.

Great pictures with this post, as usual.

Always a pleasure to visit.

Keep smiling


Shimmerrings said...

I love those critters! I love the ones that look like little bi-planes. Once upon a time I lived in a majical little place, in the country. Life went to hell. Right before I left, I saw a couple of those bi-planes. I'd never seen them before. Black bodies, and a portion of the wings white, making them look like airplanes. When I moved to the place I had to go, when hell tore me from the majical spot in the woods, I saw another one. I good sign. That and butterflies are my buddies (with a sprinkling of cameleon lizards). Lately, at my new spot, I even saw a reverse bi-plane. It's body and wings white, with the bi-plane part being black. Hmmmm... perhaps things are coming into balance, with these yin and yangish reversals. Your blog makes my days better, Skinny, when I am down. The thanks should go to you.

aka Little Wing

Bardouble29 said...

Girl, we have all learned so much from each other! My bloggerville has been a great place for me to detox, when life can be little too intense.

Love you bunches!!!

SpongyBones said...

AHHHHh, is it dragon flies that make women all muchy now or what! *smile* hope that hammock gave you some needed peace and keeps on hanging to give you more and more deserved peace ...

Reflections said...

Friends are like don't need to see them to know they are there!

linalani said...

what a beautiful day u had.... i could almost taste it.... gald u enjoyed the day...and be strong with life challenges...muackssss

Dee said...

It sounds like you guys can still be friends after all this...he is lucky to have met someone so cool.

Scott from Oregon said...

I once found an earthworm in my underwear as I was dropping the shorts for a doodie.

I didn't handle it nearly as well as a dragonfly on your forehead...

mindy said...

i just wanted you to know that i saw a falling star (slower than a shooting star) and thought of you!!
hope you are well!! xoxoxo

eric1313 said...

I saw a bit of it, my friend, I saw enough stars to fill an ocean called universe.

I saw enough falling stars to build heaven on earth out of their jeweled bodies

I saw the spirits sreak across the sky in the coming glow of tomorrow becoming today.

eric1313 said...

I saw them fall
eyes locked
on the their brief glow,

the lesson dawning on me
by heartbeat-seconds

instinctively I knew

that all the while
you watched them, too.
wishes spilling silent
splashing from your heart

watching the dragonflie's
fire tails drift and fade
into the morning twilight
who rides them with you.
the time
is right.
* * * * * * * *

singleton said...

the time is right...

Anonymous said...

fickle me
tickle me
dew on the ground
shooting stars
screaching cars
don't make a sound
the time is now

Camplin said...

I love the dragonfly. What a nice bug.

she said...

beautiful day, beautiful pictures, beautiful words, beautiful blogger friends

great aid for challenging times

Mel said...

Clear all day long....*sigh* And wouldn't ya know it--the whole freaking state clouded up this evening.

Ah well--we saw dozens shoot across the heavens last night.
I'm just......greedy! LOL

just me said...

I think we all help each other, babe. And it will get better. It will be marvelous. Just you wait and see.

david mcmahon said...

How's Timmy Toes going?

Katydidnt said...

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." --Semisonic

singleton said...

ILYSVVFM and wish I was there and wish you were here and wish we were parked at the place that we love, all of us, fingers in a V to the salty sky, skinny hips moving to the music drifting over the dunes, time nothing but a lazy breeze, a magic carpet for butterflies.....

skinnylittleblonde said...

Thank you, all of you.... and some, thank you.

Tai said...

Divorce is hard...I went through one in '96. I wish you strength and peace and many more dragonflies. It gets easier, and eventually there are many more sunny days than stormy ones. The rainbows are a sign! xoxoT

skinnylittleblonde said...

TY Tai...I trust your wisdom & know you are right. strength&peace.

Orhan Kahn said...

You are always welcome, dearest American woman of mine!

Love the pictures, truly!