Monday, March 03, 2008

Smart Cars Inc of Acworth Georgia Ain't Too Smart

'Smart Cars Inc of Acworth Georgia Ain't So Smart' ...Those were the words that spilled out of my lips as I walked up on the backside of my car this evening. 'Neither am I, I guess, because I have had some undertakings with them...but even I know leap year or not, there are never thirty days in February.'
Before getting into my car, I snapped this picture and my dinner companion & I laughed, poked and made light of how Smart Cars Inc screwed me over for essentially two months worth of my hard labor.
I commented about how they may be trying to continue to screw me. My dinner date chuckled 'Yeah, right.'
"I'm serious. It's been over thirty days. I still don't have my title. Watch, I'll get pulled over...probably tonight."

As evidenced my the eerie blue shade of my wooden peace sign hanging from the rear view mirror, there should be no doubt.

The officer didn't really accept 'Well, February 30th hasn't come up yet, has it?'

It took about 25 minutes, a confirmation of insurance, one drivers license, two squad cars and not one, but two, bills of sale and a fair sense of humor along with a bit of patience for the officer to just let me go...shaking her head.

SmartCarsInc Ain't Too Smart... There is Never Thirty days in February.