Sunday, March 16, 2008

Smart Ideas ...

'Special plans for your birthday?'
'Oh yeah, I forgot...I get older in a day.'
'Hahahaha, nah...we do that everyday, but we're only supposed to celebrate it only one day a year.'
'Yeah, I guess that's true.'

I think we're getting ripped.
We should be able to celebrate it everyday.

Hats off & a my beautiful Sister Sing & my most endeared, Butch.

Happy Birthday!

I Love You Both So Very, Very Much!
Another year around... May the circle go we grow older, our Love grows too...

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Mel said...

Happyhappyhappyhappyhappy birfday!


Everyday's a reason to celebrate!

(go for 'birthmonth'.....and we'll eek our way into a full year later......LOL)

Orhan Kahn said...

And a very happy birthday, indeed!

she said...

yes! everyday.. a celebration

i'm all for it..

just need to adjust the lyrics a little, ready? here we go

"happy monday to you
happy tuesday to you
happy wednesday,
thurs-day, fri-day
happy weekend to you!"

everyday a new birth day; a rebirth day!

light the candles, make a wish

much love, ~s.

The CEO said...

You are indeed, wealthy, with all of your love. A very happy birthday, today, tomorrow, and forever more!


Here's to CAKE!

And to another year of love in the peace quest.
Happy Birthday, Sing!

singleton said...

Clink! We old bats have got it going on! ILYSVVM sister child!

Maithri said...

Let the good times roll...

Love and clinks all round,


mindy said...

happy birthday!! my jaron turned 4 yesterday. march babies rule! :)

John-Michael said...

Each intersection of your Spirit with mine I celebrate as a fresh "Happy! Happy!" moment. Who needs a date for that!?

John-Michael said...

I have linked you on my blog as :

"Big Fat Fun / Skinny Little Messenger"

('cause I love to share the good stuff)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Everyone....I feel so very fortunate to have all of you & most especially blessed to have such an awesome sister & fantabulous brother-in-law, ironically enough...born on the same day.
Good, strong love ... everyday, baby!