Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gifts from God, Mother Nature & Father Time

We never expected it. Never imagined it. We didn't plan for it, didn't prepare for it.
Life isn't always fun, but when it can be ... it should be.
So, when we realized that the constellations would be throwing eye candy our way, we went with the moment.
Gifts from God, Mother Nature & Father Time.
Outside of the moon & the stars, sea turtle nesting found us in complete darkness come nightfall.
A desolate beach. Paradise.
No high rises. No condos. No surf shops. No liquor stores. One gas station/bait and tackle/grocery that closed at seven.
We stayed up all night, night after night.
We took catnaps by day...
Although we may have slept, here and there, by was at night when we got our rest.
We laid sometimes side by side, sometimes head to head & sometimes toe to toe. Sometimes we even flopped ourselves into the ten o'clock/two o'clock position, draping our knees and feet over one another.
It didn't matter that we had no blankets, nor any pillows.
In fact, nothing mattered.
Utter Peace.
Magnificent Beauty.
Pure Awe.
One shooting star after another.
Purple, pink, blue, white, yellow, red & all shades in between.

Parts of Africa, Eastern Europe, India & the Middle East will get to witness a partial lunar eclipse tomorrow. In the Western Hemisphere, we won't get to see it, but everyday brings something special...if we just open up to it.

May the Beauty of Peace, Love, Mother Nature & Father Time bless us all.

If interested, check out this constellation's beautiful! The software is available for free download. Although my computer too old and stuffed or something to download, they say that you can enter your coordinates and enjoy the nights sky in 3D from your home computer.

(photo:compliments of NASA)


she said...

magnificent! and i love to be reminded..

love to be reminded when i'm looking back, down, forward

to look up for true beauty and perspective

thanks skinny! peace & love, ~s.

Lynette said...

You have a beautiful way with words Skinny, so descriptive I could almost see that gorgeous sky as your were describing it. One night years ago, my daughter and I stayed up till dawn watching a huge meteor shower. We actually counted every falling star we saw that night and got up to over 500 of them! Fantastic memory and thank you for making me remember that night with your post!

Shimmerrings said...

beautiful... thanks for the visual...

Mel said...

<--was up bright and early for the Perseid meteor shower Tuesay a.m.

And I've been happily draggin' my rear around ever since. LOL

Yup, it was worth it.
Not exactly toe to toe, legs over legs....or on the beach. *happy sigh* What an awesome way to get your fill (if there is such a thing with meteor showers).

<--settled for a lawn chair, a blankie and the company of chirping crickets. Worked!

skinnylittleblonde said...

She! I'm past due on a come good to see you! I had to save, at least the top link, to always remind me... it's a beautiful thing.

lynette....Love it! Well worth it, I know! Something about witnessing it made you feel blessed, didn't it? It's a magical sensation!

shimmerings...TY. The best artwork, the best sounds, the best visuals always seem to come from the same producer. ;)

Mel...Lol...pulling all-nighters at our age & stage in life! 'I stayed up all night for the meteor shower' needs to be added to the top 10 unusual reason for running late to work ;)
The lawn chair, blankie thing is quite awesome. Kimbies & I did that a number of years back. Lol, when her hubby awoke & couldn't find her, he didn't know what to think until he happened to glance out the kitchen window...

peace, love & magical skies...

Orhan Kahn said...

NASA has provided us all with remarkable beauty. Oh, yes :)

Oceanshaman said...

Nice description of your natural beach experience . . . like I was right there with you . . .

A great blue heron has been greeting us every morning, perched atop the gazebo on this little outcropping in the middle of the lake/pond at the middle of our townhouse/apt complex . . . you'd like . . .

Oceanshaman said...
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The CEO said...

Skinny, you are the best. You have brought poetry to astronomy and colored your outrageous beauty all over the heavenly stars. Your reach is boundless, and I thank you for that.

Peace and Love,


skinnylittleblonde said...

Orhan...;) NASA has provided us with remarkable evidence of beauty.

Oceans...nothing like the skies and the seas to make one's spirit feel kissed.
My heron was watching yesterday, ever-so-still. I passed him, no more than 15 feet away and he just watched. Once I was about 30' down river from him, he flew over and landed about 20' down from me... repeat. I did me research,as you advised & I believe. ;)

CEO...Awww...peace & love to you! Lol, it's more like the heavenly stars blessed me with their colors. That particular night was amazing in that the meteors were so many different colors...simply magical.


I've never experienced a meteor shower,,,,but feel almost as I have through your written words.

And you are so right,,"Every day brings something special"
(my "expect a miracle" theory in action)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Babs...There is still time yet. Follow the first link, ironically enough... 'everyday bring something special'. Then click on meteor showers on the left hand'll be seeing stars before you know it!
And even when we don't really expect miracles, they still happen. I believe & with good reason!


Oh! Thanks Skinny,,,I'm checkin it out!

singleton said...

River day! Enjoy the ride little one! Wiggle those toes, krinkle that pixie nose, and fly like a dream! PS....might wanna take pics for the duct~tape people! ILYSVVM!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Babs... this is the next one.

Lol....Sister. As Dear Kat learned last night, there is a difference between 'duct' tape & 'duck' tape. Hahahaha...we're so 'quacky'

The CEO said...

I never do this, but for this post, I feel compelled to say something again. I feel such peace and relaxation from this post, such a feeling of being a part of the universe, having a place, belonging, being at peace. Thank you for that.

Exam at 2:30 tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you, and this post.

as you say, p&l