Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crawling or Falling into Meant-to-Be Crevices

My house has opened up it's crevices to a number of beings over the years.
The laundry has had mice.
The attic has had squirrels.
The basement has concealed stray dogs...and cats.

A few years ago, blackbirds had nested in the eaves.
A baby black bird fell from the nest & became trapped within the lathing and support beams of my walls.
It was late, I was home alone & over the hum of my sewing machine, I could hear the sound of despair.
Doing what all sane & rational women do after midnight when confronted with an unending sound of wild infancy, I started cutting holes in the wall.
By the time my husband came home, he found me armed with a flashlight and saw... still no closer to finding this baby.
He discovered that not only had the baby fallen in between the walls, but down & in between the joist of my first and second floor.
Eventually, we did get the baby bird out & before you know it, I was feeding this little ole black bird with a syringe. She/he/it lived with me for almost 3 months.
The next spring I was sleeping and awoke to a strange sound. I opened my eyes & looked up.
Perched atop of my headboard was a blackbird looking back down at me.
I sat up...'Hey, how'd you get in here?'
It flew to my mirror and let out a little whistle, reminiscent of the one I had sing-sang the year before.
I laughed out loud and got out of bed...'Its you, isn't it?'
It flew back to my headboard.
I went to my window, removed the old metal screen screen & cranked it fully open...
'It's good to see you silly bird, but you gotta go.'
And a whistle or two later...swoosh!
Out the window he went.
Later, I told my husband & he laughed 'You're making that up!'
Laughter, 'No, I am not.'
'How did he get said you had to remove the screen.'
'I don't know. I did remove the screen, maybe he squeezed in.'
More laughter...'You were dreaming or something!'
A couple months later, he was up in the attic...moving furniture and called for me.
'Show me, where all did that bird fly?'
I showed him...from here on the headboard to there & then back to here, then out through here.
Laughter, 'I'm sorry I didn't believe you ... I really thought you were just dreaming or something.'
More laughter, 'It's okay. Why do you believe me now?'
'It left a gift on the back of the mirror.'

Yep, this house, has opened its crevices to a number of beings over the years.

So, as I sat in the den & heard a falling, scratching metallic sound...I knew.

I turned the dogs out and walked each room, turning off all of the ceiling fans.
I opened the front door...just in case.
I grabbed a towel & went to the sooty door of my wood burning stove.

I held the towel just so & turned the lever.
I re-situated the towel & pulled the door open.
He flapped his wings frantically right out at me & I quickly wrapped the towel loosely around him.
He fought me, then he froze.

I went out the front door and sat on my porch swing, towel cradled close to my chest.
I bent over, lowering towel to the wicker table and began to slowly peel the corners back.
In the blink of an eye...swoosh!
He was outta here.

Some folks may perceive birds in the house as an omen of death or some other old wives tale of ill fortune.
To me, it's just a reminder that this old house opens its' crevices to all kinds of beings...
and that spring is all around us.


Oceanshaman said...

All I can do is smile . . . what a skinny moment . . . what a skinny story . . . :)

The CEO said...

How beautiful and caring, and typical of you. All life has some value, and you paint a picture showing the value so well. Thank you for this.
peace and love,

Mel said...


Why did I know he'd come back to let his thanks be known?

Critters know a gentle soul when they stumble upon one......

((((( SLB ))))))

skinnylittlesister said...

Morning folks...
suddenly running late :0 but Mel, I don't know if it was the same bird this year as in years gone by (which I do believe was the same bird;) Lol, since the one tree came down, we have a lot of birds that found themselves homeless in a heartbeat...
Much P&L to all...

KarmaLennon said...

Aw, I love this story. I also love you and the way you see things. It's amazing. :)

kj said...

i love this story. it confirms all the mysteries i've ever been witness to...

hope you are well, skinny


Anne said...

I love it! It seems like a special gift to have animal visitors in the house. This reminds me of how Disney princesses always have little animal friends. You sound like a princess. :)

skinnylittlesister said... are too dang sweet & obviously see me through rose-colored glasses! LoL...found myself googling old wives tales in the wee hours last nite. Blackbirds aren't bad at all to have in the house!

KJ...Long Time, my dear. I must get out to play more often! All is well here & I hope it is even better there, for you! ironic the words of your comment are. Yesterday I was talking about being part of the Indian Guides down in Florida under the Seminoles as a name was Indian Princess. Lol, that truly is the closest I have ever been to being a princess of any sorts...

Dee said...

That is sew sweet ;) When you connect with animals it is pure majick.

Shimmerrings said...

Beautiful... just beautiful!

skinnylittlesister said...

Dee...Lol...I caught your pun. Silly Girl! Yes, today my temporary room-mates & I were listing off all of the dogs and cats that have run away here. Lol, some of them breaking and entering & some returning even after they had been delivered back to their proper homes. Rumor has it that back in the day, this was the healing house (and the fire house) as it was the only one on the block with water... sometimes is simply beautiful. Spring has a tendency to gift us with sweet little reminders of the beauty all around us...just waiting to be seen & enjoyed. Much Love Sweet Shimmerings.

Dee said...

Very interesting indeed!