Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rings of Circles & Circles of Rings...


I have only had a couple/few rings in my life made of gold or platinum, with or without precious or semi-precious stones.

My sister gave me a ring some twenty plus years ago made of gold.
Never seen anything like it.
Ornate & old looking, I am sure, from the day it was made.
A tiny little sapphire surrounded by a small square which was cornered in hearts, surrounded by a small rectangle and more hearts....all enclosed by more hearts & boxes.
One sapphire, repeated four corners & thirteen hearts in all.
I wore it daily until I broke it, collapsing one corner of the heart shaped filigree.
Three jewelers have told me that they would not repair it.

So I keep it in a special little cardboard box I got on my eighteenth birthday.

My engagement ring was made of gold & platinum.
It has a small little round diamond with clarity much better than my own and an ornate squared setting. Ironically enough, just before I asked for divorce, the platinum setting popped on one side, separating itself from the band. A circle wide open. It now lays folded in some tissue & stuffed into an envelope in an unfrequented drawer.

My mother gave me an antique platinum band with three small diamonds in a beautiful setting. I have worn it faithfully for years until last week. The jeweler told me 'You can't break platinum.'
I reached in my pocket, pulled out a folded & torn corner of an envelope & passed it to him...'Well, I'll be damned.' In it lay the platinum band from my mother. He referred me to another jeweler...and I dropped it back into the paper pouch.

Before going home, I stopped by a vintage shop. There I saw a little sign.
It read.... 'The things that matter the most in life aren't things at all.'

Profoundly true.
I pulled on the Joe-made peace sign that hangs by leather from my neck.
I looked down at the little leather band that now sat solo around my finger.
I rubbed the jade that the leather held.
I thought of the good health that the jade represents.

I thought of my brothers, my sisters, my life & mortality...
Everything means something...

and I remembered that those rings may be broken,
but the circle is not...

(image is of jade, silver & leather ring made by awesome spirit at earthlypossessions)


KarmaLennon said...

I love how every time I stop by here, I leave a little happier. :) And may the circle always remain unbroken!!! P&L

Oceanshaman said...

Gotta love Joe-made peace signs . . .

skinnylittlesister said...

Karma...sometimes, I think maybe, when it feels like the circle is breaking that maybe it's just making space for a new link...

Oceans...Yup, in so many ways. Sometimes, some 'things' represent things that aren't 'things' at all... like Joe's peace sign.

Dee said...

I am happy I can see well enough to read this today without the magnifier...YAY!! Addendum to your post: 'That' that matters most, always comes through, even if it's in the last minute. Cheers, my friend! :)

she said...

that's perfect.. "rings may be broken but the circle is not"

great post skinny! it's never the ring itself, but the memory/relationship of the giver, wearer and circumstance/memories between

you've got it just write here..

love, peace & memory treasures! ~s.

The CEO said...

I agree with she, the line "rings may be broken but the circle is not" is massively powerful. Thank you for that.

Mel said...

Gosh--I came to check on you and see that the silly Moof Monster ate my comment....


Yaknow, I have the ring that my mother wore way back when she was a teenager--worn so thin the band snapped. Unfixable, still taken out and held and felt and put back with loving care.
And the band that was my grandmothers which I wear still today--thick gold, I've smiled away offers from more than one jeweler for it.

They'll never make a museum--and what they'll hold for the daughter will be entirely different than what they hold for me. But they're circles which won't be altered by time or circumstances.....never broken.


skinnylittlesister said...

Dee, She Ceo & Mel...

Apologies for my neglect & such...but please know the circle remains unbroken and we are all part of it!
Much Peace & Much Love...