Sunday, March 01, 2009

An old, old house with dim smoky lighting, creaky wooden floors and a sign that hangs on the door 'See Bartender for Service.' Old, overstuffed leather furniture, pool tables, fireplaces, framed pictures in black and white...and a band.This old, old house had been converted to a Blues Club & if you didn't know it before coming, you soon figured it out.

I left my friend inside for just a minute to fetch something from my car. Tossing spare tires and boogie boards from side to side of my trunk I was startled with a 'Whatchoo huntin'?'
I looked up at a big ole smile... gold teeth all across the top & thin, tarnished & blackened roots exposed on the bottom.
I smiled back 'Oh, nothing really, something silly.'
'You leavin?'
'You married? You gotta boyfriend?'
'Yo, you here alone?'
'Nope,' closing my trunk.
'You married?'
'You gotta boyfriend?'
'Which one you here with?'
I smiled, as I headed back towards the door. 'Not saying.'
He broke out into a rich laughter...'Girl, you full of it, aintchya?'
'Don't be callin me sir now. My name is Chris & it's a pleasure to meet ya.'
'Hi Chris. I hope you have fun tonight.'
'Oh, I will. You can count on that girl!'

So, Chris, with his shiny gold-grill, his ill-fated bottom teeth & his big ole smile came back through the doors with me.
Chris danced, I danced...everyone was having fun enjoying the sound of Prince gone Blues...and the night traipsed on in good times.

After midnight, I heard the couple at the table beside us talking to Chris.
'I'm a dentist. What did you do to your teeth.'
'I gotta grill, caintcha see?'
'Well what about your bottom teeth?'
'Aw I gotta get them done.'
'I think you look scary...I'd be afraid of you if I saw you in the parking lot. Is that what you wanted?'
'What? Afraid of me?'
Her husband piped in at this point. 'I'd be afraid of you too.'
'Awman, cmon now'
'Seriously, you look poor and shady.'
The husband continued ...'and desperate'
'I ain't desperate now people. I got me a job at Lockheed. My teeth? My teeth do that to you? I'm getting the bottoms ones done, I said.'
'They make you look poor.'
'Well I am rich in my own rights woman.'
'No, we are rich.'


Before the night was over Chris & the husband got into a ruckus.
Maybe they were trying to figure out who would be next to get some new teeth.
I don't know.
I don't know why Chris had gold teeth, nor do I know what was up with his bottom ones.
I don't know why the dentist lady & her rich husband had to give their opinions.

But I do know that different folks define things differently...


Anne said...

Some people are just unlucky to have bad teeth and little money...
And some other people are so very rude to make an issue of people's shortcomings. I bet that dentist doesn't have too many patients, and I bet she and her husband get their butts kicked a lot.

Oceanshaman said...

Sounds like they all needed a lesson in manners, and were drawn to each other's energy by virtue of their said need . . .

And skinny danced on through it without a problem . . . :)

Mel said...

I much prefer your interaction to Chris than theirs.


Rich in what? Haughtiness?

*shaking head*

Gotta say, if folks met WPIML in a dark alley, they'd go the other way. LOL

Oh, how often we have no clue as to what's good for us to run towards, eh?


skinnylittlesister said...

Lol, actually they were all heavily intoxicated & well, folks sometimes say things or perceive things differently when drunk. Personally, I could give two hoots why someone has gold teeth, purple hair, nose rings but one thing is for sure... I can definitely say that perceptions are as varied as people who carry them.

The band playing that night played KISS and it sounded nothing like either versions here, likewise these versions don't sound a thing alike. Interpretations & variations....gotta love 'em.

skinnylittlesister said...

Funny that you say I danced right thru it. There were actually 3 fights that night. Server said they rarely had fights & I had to believe her as the cook & the dishwasher were the ones playing bouncer. Strangely enough I probably had interactions with maybe 5% of the crowd, found them all(well except one) to be fun-loving & peaceful. Yet, I had interactions with 100% of the people who scrapped. Hahaha, weird!
Needless to say, I wasn't involved in any of the hoopla. We gotta pick our battles well and I had no battles to pick ;) So, yeah, I danced on.

skinnylittlesister said...

One of his buddies told me he wished Chris would stop talking to those 'rich people' and he rolled his eyes. It is kinda sad when you depend upon money, or gold teeth even, to define you. Should be the other way around.
WPIYL sounds, on so many levels, like many of the keepers in mine. Should folks opt to run away, then they are not saving themselves of anything, but depriving themselves.Sigh, yes, dear Mel...may we all continue to learn & love, as we live...for if we don't then we truly aren't living. P&L...

Mel said...



(((((((((((((( SLB )))))))))))))))

Shimmerrings said...

I think that people are friendly, sometimes, not realizing that their friendliness is over the line... and I believe it is the culture from which they come, expecting others to respond well to their own openness. Different cultures require something different from our own, in response. I'm speaking of the guy sorta comin' up behind you, and asking all those questions. I would have handled that the same way... others would just have walked away, saying nothing, or perhaps, spewing insults, either way it would have illicited the same result, which wouldn't have been pleasant. Sometimes it takes a bit of "smarts" to keep oneself out of an unnecessary scrap. Pushing the right/wrong button does all kinds of things. The so-called "rich" folks were way over the line... probably never been exposed to another culture, and not doing too well with it in their face... too ignorant to realize that their words of wisdom were an insult, rather than good/acceptable advice.

Shimmerrings said...

The videos don't work... copyright claim?

The CEO said...

Just another example of you living your life well in the middle of chaos. Well done.

skinnylittlesister said...

(((Mel)))May we always appreciate the beauty within... for without it, there is no real beauty.

Shimmerings! Oh wise one that you are! I think you are right. I don't believe anyone had ill-intent and I definitely agree that they were from two very different sub-cultures.
I took the video's down, as Prince has problems with anyone doing or posting any of his music...

Monty...Lol, twas not chaos in my world and for as rarely as I go out to hear some live blues... I am gonna enjoy it, no matter what! I'm rich , like that ;)