Sunday, April 05, 2009

Accidental Peace

Running errands the other day, I dashed into the bank and weaved myself through a brass and leather-corded alleyway, getting in line behind a shiny haired man.
He turned and looked at me. I smiled and he opened his mouth as if to say something, then turned away.
Moments later, the teller called for the next in line and before going any further, he took one step back and whispered over his shoulder to me.
'You smell soooo good.'
I don't wear perfume, but lotions or potions made of jojoba, olive & essential oils. They feel good & any aromas that kick are just a bonus. The scents seem to change with my mood.
Silly me. I basked in this strangers comment & its' method of delivery, for days...
discovering that sometimes what feels good for our skin...
feels good to the spirit...

(Outsider Hippie Art, Accidental Peace, by Sister Sing)


Orhan Kahn said...

Holy crap, that paint is awesome! Sister Sing hasn't been blogging, I've noticed. Hope all is well!

Everytime I read one of your posts that has colourful letters and words I always hope to find a hidden post within it. No luck this time around :)

KarmaLennon said...

Mmmm, I love stuff like this. Little comments and compliments thrown your way for things you hadn't realized. Makes one really feel good! :)

Mel said...

*laughing* I'm just as guilty as he is with the 'following the coloured words' deal.

*shaking head*
Silly us!

I do one perfume--and have for years. It's that, or smell like a variety of bug sprays. Apparently I have some strange kinda chemistry going on (go figure!).

But I do the lotions--rather fond of the one I found that works without rubbing (cuz rubbing isn't always fun or comfy). And I'm told it smells good...but not by strangers in the bank line....yet.....
It could happen! :-)

The CEO said...

I just thought you were building a little rainbow of joy in the post. I'm not as creative as the others.

skinnylittlesister said...

Orhan...all is well with Sister Sing. Busy doing other things. House full of kids & such. Hahaha, just a bunch of verbs colored in. 'Just Do It' ;)

Karma...Lol, silly but true. Love the words of strangers. They aren't always so nice, but they always entertain.

Mel...In the future I will have to throw one out there just for you two! It is weird how something can smell one way on one person and another way on someone else. Chemistry? Lol, I don't think I had an over-powering scent but I was flying in there, ninety miles to nothing, and I got right up behind him...hahaha, trying to get money into account moments before shut off, so I probably created a breeze. Hahahaha.Perfumes are often alcohol based and alcohol is drying and evaporates so lotions make better sense to me anyway. Tell me what this lotion is you speak of...never heard of such.

The CeO...Lol, I was building a little rainbow. A little rainbow of verbs. hahahaha. Self-eneteratinment. So boring to look at without color, IMO. ;)

Spadoman said...

I sometimes say things to people, things like you describe. "You smell good." Simple, yet I have been the recipient of a return look that could kill. Their eyes accusing me of rape for a comment made to a woman. I sometimes think before I shoot off my mouth, believe that or not.

I can't help it. I observe. I see things, I am a witness, and I live in the now and say stuff about it. I especially like creative earrings!

Yesterday, I was at the coffee shop. A friend showed up and his Mother was visiting him. He brought Mom to the shop. I had met her once before. We said hello and as the light conversation went through the weather to what's on tap for today, I answered that I was thinking of getting a haircut. I gestured that I would get a crew cut and mentioned that the motorcycle riding season is upon us and that hair care is such a pain as I don't wear a helmet.

She looked at me and said, "My God, people would die for a head of hair like that. You look like you have it styled that way. It's the "in" thing. You've got "The Look"

I heard that and felt great. As we age, we lose an edge or two. I'm not as strong, not as quick, not as muscular etc. But I do have a full head of hair. I wondered how she could tell me how good it looked when in my mind, it was whisping all over the place, wind blown, unkempt and desheveled, not to mention that 90% of it is gray and silver.

Anyway, my point is in reference to making comments to strangers. I do it. And when someone does it to me, I like it. I might not like it if they told me I have bad breath, but I'd be glad they told me!

Peace to you and all you hold dear.

Mel said...

Hmmmm....aloe and linden flower....

Darn if I know where I found it....

linalani said...

hi there! ur skin must be as smooth as a baby's

Spadoman said...

Also, at the risk of being somewhat of a blog whore, forgive me for the following recommendation:

Estella, the owner and maker of the Growing Blue Flowers line of soap, lotion, shampoo and rubs, is a great friend of mine. I use her soap. She makes it with pure buffalo tallow.

Even us crusty old men like to have something that feels nice and smells good on ourselves. I use patchouli, (of course), but sometimes the sage, cedar or sweetgrass is okay too.

Once again, I wish you Peace.

skinnylittlesister said...

So Good To See You! Funny how quick some people are to be skeptical. Not sure if it's based on fear, from experience or lack thereof? Perhaps both. As far as your hair goes, slat n pepper, gray or lacking...wouldn't matter.:) I have learned good books are good books, regardless of their cover and in fact, the best of books sometimes even lack a cover as it has been tattered away through the passing of many hands. I will check out your connection & lol, don't consider it spam coming from you. Although I have to confess, I am pretty much addicted & devoted to my own little connection in the field :)

Mel...sounds wonderful. Since you don't know where you got it, thought I might spam you ;) Hahaha.
I know where you can get hand & body lotion made of olive oil, honey and aloe then scented lightly with green tea, linden blossom & citrus. She can make you soaps in the same scent as well :)

linalani...LoL, it is soooo dry! Lol, if I was a better hippie and didn't shower daily, it would surely be softer! Hard to replicate the natural oils provided by mother nature.

Much Peace People & If You Got Something Positive To say About Someone, Say it To Them :)
Might make their day!

kj said...

i can smell it from here...