Sunday, April 19, 2009

Around the World & the Bizarre Boys

They had first names that I once knew, but I couldn't tell you now what they were for the life of me.
They had last names too, but I always knew them as the 'Bizarre Boys.'

For five years, from the time I was three until about eight, they lived across the bumpity-bumpity brick road from us.

We lived on the lake and had a dock. They liked to fish & used our dock.

In their back yard, between the hammock and the shed, they had a rich black worm mound.

I liked to grab an old tin coffee can and dig my dirty little fingers into the cool, dark dirt & pull out worms for them to fish with.

Older than me, they weren't as fascinated by the idea of a worm hill as I was.

I never really liked these boys, and I certainly didn't like a lot of things they thought was funny or some of the things they did...
but I did like that worm hill...
and I loved their hammock.

I knew that if I dug for their worms and gathered enough up in the coffee can for them, that I would get my reward.
I'd climb up on that hammock & sit with my feet dangling....
I would watch and wait.

Before too long, one of the Bizarre brothers would push me before taking off to go fish.
I loved it and almost always squealed for them to push me harder, faster.
And they would.

One day while I was digging in worm mound, they asked me if I wanted to go around the world later on.
I thought of digging a hole right through that worm mound, straight down to China and all the Kimono's and Koi Fish that could come back with me, so I promptly told them 'Yeah...I wanna go around the world!'

Sitting on the hammock a wee bit later, one of the brother's told me lay square in the center & hold on tight.
I smiled and laced my fingers into the side of the hammock, spreading my feet and locking my toes into ropey slots.

His brother joined him and the two of them paced slowly backwards, pulling the hammock with me inside, back and up with them...
so began the first push.

My laughter was matched with theirs as they pushed me faster & harder.
I pulled the sides of the hammock over my face and torso.
I pulled my feet together and dug in deeper with my heels and toes.
I centered my gravity where the earth seemed to want it.

And so I began my trip around the world...
around and around I went...

(Artwork, "Sisters" by Sister Singleton... Counting down the weeks until my sisters and I begin and end our trip around the world with one the beach...may the circle remain unbroken)


Anonymous said...

that would be ben and youger brother john there older sister was pam and i cant remen
mber the other sisiters name. wow those where the days! love kimbies

Mel said...

Oh, we're on a sister's countdown!! YEAH!!!!!
I get so excited for you..and for them.
There's nothing like sister time--absolutely nothin' like it!

And I remember that bumpity-bumpity brick paved road well.....I used to squeal when I rode my bicycle on it, just to hear the bounciness scream. LOL Come to think of it, I still do that in the Jeep. :-D

Dee said...

Nice memory...what fun that must have been.

skinnylittlesister said...

LoL Kimbies...That was some time ago, never forget some of the stuff those boys did! I ordered a hammock last week and worked in yard, lots of worms uncovered, and thought twice of this I had to post :)

MEL!!! Yay!51 days from right now, I will be about 2 hours from the sand and about 6 hours from seeing my beautiful Kimbies & Sister Sing!
Hey, you know...we are lucky to have experienced brick roads growing up. I have a little brick park pad and walkway now & the little neighborhood boys find it to be their favorite place to ride their bikes. They love the feel and sound of the bricks rippling under their tires. When I told them I grew up on a brick road, their little eyes lit up like saucers.

Dee...hahaha, I think I could write an entire blog on nothing but my memories from that era. So many different characters in our lives at the time...and, those were some crazy times! Sorry I missed your call last night, btw...xoxox

Mel said...

51 days!! :-)

I should find me some old, toss away bricks. *nodding*
I'm sure my back would LOVE brick laying. *laughing*
Oh, but it would do my heart good....

The CEO said...

I'm glad you had such a great experience on the hammock as a kid, and it worked out well!

Have a fabulous time at the beach with your sisters!

skinnylittlesister said...

((Mel))...Fifty Days! Yes! Start gathering bricks :) Hahaha, I gathered them for 7 years I do believe. Once there was one laying in the middle of the road. I pulled over & got out of my car, waiting for the traffic to ease so I could dart out and get it. Before it eased an officer came and asked if there was a problem. I told him no...that I just wanted to fetch that brick. He asked if I dropped it & I said no, but I need it to build a walkway. He said 'One brick?' hahaha...

Monty...50 days to the beach & you can bet, we will have a good time. I miss having a hammock here. Had one for several years & enjoyed the mess out of it. It's a perfect place for some good quality alone time...having house guests for 7 weeks now, I think I could use some of that about now!