Sunday, May 10, 2009

'Do you have children?'
'No Ma'am.'
Smiles, 'Oh, well I was going to, uh, wish you a Happy Mothers Day.'
Smile reflected back,'You still can. I have a Mother who's wonderful.'

Mother. Mom. Momma.
Sometimes I call her Mommasita or MotherLove.
I hear one of my older sisters call her Mommy.

Before I began school, I sat at the kitchen table with my best friend and her mother.
My friend called her mother by her proper name and I froze, confused.
'What did you just call your mom?'
'That is her name'
'She is you Mom.'
'Yeah, but she has a name too.'

Later, I stomped into the kitchen and confronted my own mother.
'Who are you?'
Setting her potato and paring knife down ...'What?'
'I said, who are you?'
Rinsing her hands and looking over her shoulder at me, 'Well, I am your Mother for one thing. What is going on?'
'I know you are my mom. I want to know who you are to everyone else!'

Ah, since then I have learned that my Mother is more than she or I will ever know, more than any name or word could ever communicate. If I grow to be a fraction of what she is, I will be a very content woman.

Happy Mothers Day to my own Mother, to you, to your Mothers and to all the Mothers in the world.


Hammer said...

When I was little I would get upset when someone called my mother by her name..I always tried to correct them.

Bardouble29 said...

I remember once as a little girl being asked what my moms name is...and I answered mom. The adult asking me was not amused and asked me again. I grew teary eyed as I answered that her name was mom and thats it!

I didn't even realize at that point that my mother had a name other than just mom.

Orhan Kahn said...

That is a beautiful post. Profound too.

Oh wow, its Mothers Day over there. It is the day after over here.

I hope you're having a happy one!

Mel said...

Happy Mother's day to you and yours and them and theirs and everyones, everywhere!

What a beautiful message to bring to your mother.
*sigh* I miss having a 'mom' in my life. Hug yours really, really, really tight for me! (ya lucky things!)

Dee said...

I got a kick out of this story. Made me smile. Happy Mom's Day.
Love ya,

skinnylittlesister said...

Hammer...hahaha, that is funny! Kids have such a central perspective on things.

Bardouble...hahaha, that is basically what happened here. I was really ticked off at my mom, that she had this whole 'second identity' that I didn't know about. Hahahaha, how dare she not share such things with me & how could I possibly trust someone who lived a secret second life? hahaha

Orhan...the beauty of being half a world away.

((Mel)) Happy Mothers Day to you too, my dear. I know this one sees you especially blessed, even though you do not have your momma anymore...your love grows and grows, as evidenced by the latest bundle of love.

Dee! Love you too! And I cannot wait to see you again! xoxox

singleton said...

ILY! And Man, I love our Mommy:)