Monday, May 11, 2009

Soaring between Heaven and Earth

I stepped out onto the curb and looked up.
The sky was a hazy blue and the sun was tearing through any faint clouds that paraded between she and I.
I saw him coming from off in the distance.
Strong. Steady.
He came right towards me, took a sudden dip, did one large circle and sailed on...
I watched in awe, as it's been a while, I think since last June since I have seen a hawk swoop down over me.
His wings seemed as wide as I am tall.

"I just know this means something"

According to Native American cultures, the Hawk represents messages. Hawks have the ability to move between the seen and the unseen, the physical and the spiritual, the past and the future... they are excellent at catching the bigger picture.
They represent unification with the Great Spirit and a time for one to re-evaluate and re-align their spiritual goal and their physical behaviors.

I think that Hawk was a messenger moving between the seen and unseen, the physical and the spiritual, the past and the future.
I think he was sent to me, in hopes, wants and wishes that I would pick up on his message...

John knew what I know, but now he has gone away
but he's not gone far...the Heavens are closer than we know.
I think he called upon his Nana and mine, Courtney & Crunch and any other beings he could to send that Hawk to that I could work with him, on this end.

This moment is what holds our yesterday and tomorrow together...let us enjoy it.
Heaven and Earth are right here, right now coexisting and living together in more peace than most of the people on this planet. May our spirits and our bodies coexist in peace and love, as the Heavens do with the Earth...right here, right now.
Energy never dissipates, it merely changes form.
Just because one doesn't see it, does not mean it does not exist... may we all open our eyes a little bit more.

Life is for living...learning...loving.


Bardouble29 said...

What a sight to see the mighty wingspan and to see them soar.

I am so glad that you were able to see the message. Hold on tight to that strength.

Love ya!

Dee said...

Absolutely beautiful...message...

Mel said...

I got the message.


And just yesterday I had a red-tail floating above me--go figure.

skinnylittlesister said...

BarD...THey are magnificent to see and thank you, yes, I will hold onto that strength. :) I believe that strength is called faith...we just gotta believe.

Dee...I thought about Kaya all through the week-end. I know she, like John went in peace. May we all be so fortunate.

Mel...They are majestic aren't they? :) Oh and I do believe the heavens and earth have showed their unity to you recently in one of the most beautiful and powerful ways possible...sweet, pure baby-love.

Oceanshaman said...

Man, skinny . . . that's some good stuff . . . made my day a better place . . . thank you . . .

singleton said...

And from here...I raise my beer, and two fingers to the Indigo our friends...And believe....
there really is a rock and roll heaven....

My thoughts and Love are with you and Kathy....
And every stranger...who was ever kissed by the accidental wings of the butterfly effect.


The CEO said...

I have a pair living in the neighborhood and I have yet to be able to get a picture of either of them. Too fast for me. Beautiful image, oth the photo and the story.

skinnylittlesister said... have a determination about you. You make every day, a better day. I believe it is a choice you make each morning, a choice of faith. Much P&L, I bet John would love the thought of you raising a beer to him. I can hear him now...
My work has really just begun, but moment by moment, we'll see Caty thru breath at a time. Much Love Sister Peace!

CEO...They are magnificent and soooo big. I have egads of birds residing in my yard (and some even in my house hahahah)but no hawks. He was a real treat for my eyes, my mind and my spirit. To get a pic you would have to catch them where they land and zoom, baby, zoom. :)

she said...

skinny.. beautiful, beautiful. i believe. always open to potential messages

receiving; giving; asking..

and then, most important: seeing.

which you have done so perfectly here

love, peace, -messages- to you,

love, ~s.

skinnylittlesister said...

She... You are so soulful. I, like you, believe we are given messages, hints and innuendos all the time... but we are so trained in our ways, our routines we often over-see them. Likewise, if we live our lives with preset expectations, then we have put our lives into a guarded box. We miss big pictures & little snippets of things that seemingly don't matter, but as we listen to our gut and raise the box, we see everything does matter. We are as one. Much peace girl and much love.