Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mug Jugs, Butterflies & Cemetaries

Mug Jugs, Butterflies & Cemetaries

Lazy day in Georgia, this Sunday was. It began with an afternoon trip to the local arts festival, where I snapped thi
s artists' work.
Vendor was an outgoing, spirited soul & it shows through in his work
Unusual for most potters, this stuff w
as microwave, dishwasher & oven safe...all lead free.
While we were there, we got some of the best damn salsa I have ever had. It's called Black Eye Pea salsa & was made in Cave Springs, Georgia. Some things, you can only get in the South.

Since art show only had 30-50 vendors, we still had a full day of nice weather before us, so we stopped by the neighborhood cemetary. Here we found the namesake for the street I live on, the headstone to the boy who was killed last spring down the street in a drug deal gone bad & what I beleive to be the tombstone of the late Fred Flintstone.

Finally, I was able
to capture a pic of this crazy little butterfly that seemed to be following me from tombstone to tombstone. I always feel a special something when they let me take their picture. Their lives are so short & they seem to constantly much to do in such a small amount of time. I'd rather be a butterfly, than an ant anyday, even though the ant lives longer, is more social, has more strength & accomplishes more...


SAS said...

Oh, I don't know of any ant that could accomplish more than the butterflies we've encountered in this life......or any better...
And wow, they buried Fred in your part of the woods? How weird is that?

Maryellen said...

Fred Flintstones tombstone. Too funny. You crack me up. Glad you had a fun filled Sunday. The days one gets a butterfly picture is a day of gifting for sure.

vicci said...

Well! It really does look like Fred's cross!!! and Yes...butterflies ONLY let really...really...special people photograph them!!!
PS...I never knew that Fred was buried in Georgia!!! or that he even died !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that beautiful butterfly or double u fly as my grandbaby calls them! It represents so many things grace, independence,beauty, and the real world and ever changing life. It comes to us in one form and changes into a beauty!!!