Tuesday, September 12, 2006

That's Once ...

Sunday...I promised someone (((Me, with a capital 'M' and a little 'e,' not just a promise to me:))) that I would blog about Sunday & it's just taking me a couple days to get true to my word.

Lemme begin with a joke, a tale, a story that I recently heard, read or dreamed up.

A little boy was at his grand-parents 50th wedding anniversary party. When things began to quiet down, the young boy said to his Grand-pa, "Fifty years sure is a long time Gramps! How'd you get to marrying Grandma & how'd yawl stayed married so long?"
So Gramps told him the story of his first date with his Grandma, how he'd picked her up in Model-T, how Model-t's had to be cranked, rain or shine, how he had to pull off the side of the road to crank the car in the pouring rain on the way to dinner, how another driver zoomed past them splattering Georgia-clay-turned-to-mud all over them, how he got back in the Model-T mad as a hornet & chased the other driver down, how the other driver swerved to a stop & how he almost T-boned him, how he got out to meet the other driver in the street & how they were exchanging words, man to man.
He told the young boy how Grandma appeared suddenly between the two men & pointed her finger in the other man's face & calmly said "That's once." Gramps & the stranger fell silent, perplexed.
As Gramma turned back to the vehicle, Gramps & the other fellow went at it again.
She spun on her heel & came right between them again. Again with her finger pointing at the stranger, she calmly said "I'm telling you...now that's twice & I'll not tell you again." She walked back to the Model-T. The two young men stood speechless for a few minutes. Watching her retreat to the car, Gramps & the stranger started sharing words again.
With the calmness of long fallen snow, Gramma returned to the two men who were busy fussin' & a hollerin' at each other & she pulled up a shotgun & blew the strangers head off.
Granpa told the young boy how he immediately started yellin' at his Gramma...'Woman why'd you do that? Why'd you kill him? We wuz justa exchanging words! Are you crazy?!"
Granpa told the boy how she looked him square in the eye & ever-so-peacefully said 'That's once" and that they'd been happily married ever since.

~The End

'That's once' happened a couple weeks ago.
'That's Twice & I'll not tell you again' was my Sunday.



singleton said...

Must be where that ole Three strikes biz came from, huh? May you, too, be married happily ever after. I love love love you

Maryellen said...

I guess I won't ask any questions of this family.

SAS said...

always, Maryellen, always ask. Questions are good for the spirit, answers good for the soul

skinnylittleblonde said...

And, sometimes only time will tell.
In the meantime, we just nuture our faith, our hope & our dreams while remembering to never deny reality.