Monday, January 22, 2007

Just Another Tricky Day...

In 2005, a psychologist named Cliff Arnall declared that he had devised a formula to calculate the worst day. That year, it was Monday, Jan. 24; last year, Monday, Jan. 23. So watch out, because today may well be 2007’s most miserable day.

Or maybe not.

Arnall’s so-called formula looks like this: [W + (D-d)] x TQM x NA.
All of the letters and symbols apparently represent a sort of mathematical code to track the following:
W: How bad the weather is at this time of year.
D: Amount of debt accumulated over the holidays minus how much is paid off.
T: The time since the holidays.
Q: Amount of time passed since New Year’s resolutions have gone south.
M: Our general motivation levels.
NA: The need to take action.

So, I woke up feeling pretty good this morning...the dogs were all barking, the phone was ringing, the dear hubby was snoring...all good signs to me. It meant that the dogs were alive & well, ready to go out & accidents inside hadn't yet happened. It meant the phone company hadn't yet shut me down for lack of payment & that dreaming was something still imbedded in this house.

Then, I read this & I thought, hmmm.... Maybe that was yesterday.

Yesterday when the rain never stopped. Yesterday when we had pancakes for breakfast & again for dinner because flour is cheap & we have it here at the house. Yesterday, when I finally got to see a picture of Baby Peyton Belle via the internet & found myself hating the fact that I live a state away from the bulk of my family. Yesterday, when I rec'd three emails from collectors asking me to call them. Yesterday, when I boasted to my neighbors that I hadn't broken any News Years Resol
utions because I hadn't made any. Yesterday, when the cold motivated me to lay down and take a nap on the sofa, but not motivated enough to crawl in the bed, so I woke up with a twisted neckache. Yesterday, when I got lost for hours researching the relationship between things such as HIV, Cancer, abortion, infertility & such. Yesterday, I wondered if I would ever have kids & if so, if I would live long enough to see them into adulthood.

Yesterday,I wondered if the broccolli & carrots would be prime for the picking after the rains. I wondered if the pansies would flourish in the soggy georgia clay. I wondered if I could master waffles from scratch for a Valentine's morning surprise breakfast in bed. I wondered if Baby Peyton Belle would sleep well on her first night at home from the hospital. I wondered how many 1000's of other folks rec'd the very same collection emails & if they, like me, were thankful that the tauntings came via the internet & not via the telephone, I wondered if I would go bike riding this week & if I would change jobs this year, I wondered if would get to make it to the beach in July to see by siblings & the latest addition to our family. I wondered if I would sleep good throughout the night.

...and I did sleep good, real good.
I still feel good.

Maybe ignorance is bliss.
I didn't know these were the worst days.

To me, it's just life...
we do what we gotta do...
rain or shine, debt is a constant & if I didn't have debt I probably wouldn't have any teeth, Christmas is on its way 364 days a year, resolutions don't come at New Years but when it is time to make a change, naps are a luxury even if induced by cold & rainy weather, diseases don't discriminate, someone else has always got it worse & love, still, grows.

Next rounds on me...even if I gotta charge it

complete article on formula above


mist1 said...

I love that cartoon. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

I just took the day off. Stayed home from work. Didn't want to do a thing today.

Mel said...

If yesterday was the worst day--I'm in for one HECK of an awesome rest of the year!

I wonder how many people bought into that formula.
Cuz I'm still of the belief that I choose my attitude regardless of the day's circumstances.

Silly me! LOL

Happy Tuesday, SLB!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - now I am glad I am a tall doggie in the snow - *grin*

Yesterday - was lazy lazy for me - I am so glad you are back - I missed you the few days you were gone!

But that was yesterday and today is better!

singleton said...

Gosh, yesterday I was "wondering" too...
Peace, love, and maybes....

We have your rain today....


skinnylittleblonde said...

Hi Guys & thanks for bopping in.

Mist1- That cartoon struck home with me as I have one dog that is like 11" tall, while the others are all pretty massive.

Matt- So did you enjoy your day off or was that formula modeled after your day? Sometimes I love lazy days!

Mel ~ I love it! Although my bones don't like the cold wetness, when I read this formula, I was like hmmm.... I didn't realize I should be depressed about .... life. LOL.

Baron ~ TY for dropping by & glad you can handle the snow.

Singleton ~ Cold, rainy days are good for that. Wondering & wandering, lol, sometimes even walloring. Yesterday, like today, have been very peaceful with the rain (the coldness bites)& I hope the rains are warm for you:)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was indeed kind of a gloomy and rainy day here in Toronto as well.And it's perhaps something to do with the rains which makes me feel lazy and do all my reminiscences and wonders:)I was wondering how good it would have been if I could turn back time and go back to where I was 10 years back to my cozy little home with my grandmother spinning around us adventurous tales and sipping some hot chocolate:)I don't however believe in this supposedly worst day,it's all in the attitude.As you rightly said we do what we gotta do.
Oh well,today is another day and it sure is brighter:)

Slick said...

You're was all gloomy, wet, and depressive here yesterday. Reminded me of my ex wife but still...

You're right about the debt thing, nowaddays it's hard to have anything unless you're in debt. Crazy

Orhan Kahn said...

Awesome article, great concept.

Anne said...

Sometimes you're thd dog, and sometimes you're the fire hydrant. Sorry to hear you've been having a tough time. It sounds like you have a good attitude though. Take care of yourself, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Been there! And cold rainy weather just exacerbates any type of bad mood doesn't it?

skinnylittleblonde said...

Fuzzy~ I think that this fellow was right at least on the weather thing...these days are typically the ickiest of the year weather-wise. Aw...I'd love to have sat & heard some of your grandma's stories.

Slick~ LOL about the best thing. I have had it so long, it's constant & much more predictable than the weather or my mood! Sorry to bring back memories of the ex.

Orhan~I thought it was intersting.

LOL ~ I love the analogy! LOL, these are not rough times for me. Just a cold rainy, reflective, day off followed up by a diagnostic formula for depression. LOL, this is just life & it's all good. I'm afraid my post came across darker & more depressive than I felt or intended. Lol, I am very introspective & retrospective person who doesn't always communicate sarcasm & wit well over the black & white world of blogging. TY

BBE ~ Cold rainy weather brings me a physical sense and more. I think it does most folks.

lotusblossoms51 said...

Hmmm...did anyone notice those hairy toes? LOL I barely did! I luv it! Painted and all~ Great whose the guy? (((*.~

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lotus! ROTFLMAO...that would be my dear hubby! He was drunk, we took advantage of him while he dozed off and painted his nails blue!
You are so perceptive! You always catch some of the little things I try to sneak in! LOL, I love it! I bet you got my latest 'secret message' as well!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you... we do what we gotta do.

Great cartoon! It was good to laugh!

Thank you

I, like the view said...

I remembered this day from last year - and the weird thing was because everyone was talking about it being such a crappy day, everyone was talking

and that made it a good day!