Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No, I Didn't Really Meet Jesus at a Bar

The Caboose. A old, local landmark.
In my twenties it was a rock-n-roll club, and I beleive my sisters did the disco thing there ten years prior.
It's been a fine dining restruant & a gay night club & everything in between.
I'm not sure what it is now, but I'm sure it's still there.

While most folks my age were just getting into raves, I would love to go to the Caboose.
The Caboose was dark & murky inside.
It had a musty old smell and the carpet seemed to stick to your shoes as you walked around the bar.
Most of the folks there wore black, had long hair & tattoos.
But there was always live music & a welcoming dance floor.
There, on the dance floor you could escape the murky stench of stale beer and cigarette smoke & your shoes didn't stick to the flooring.

Wound up like a towel twisted for fly swatting, I gave it all I had.
I was there to dance.
When the band breaked so did I, running to the bar & restroom.

Apparently, I cut too close to the corner of the bar on one of my trips in between songs.
I felt my hip clip something as I rounded it.

Then I saw him... flat on his back...knocked from his stool like a fly.
With his breath knocked out of him, disoriented & dazed, he muttered something and reached up.
I took hold of his hands.
He was so calm & never bug-eyed me.
He said 'What happened?'
I began with a ramble & ended in a whisper...
'I can't beleive I just knocked you down, I am so sorry.
I was walking too fast & I didn't see you.
My hip, your knee...
I am so sorry, really, I didn't see you.
And now that I do, I think you look like Jesus'

We never know how we may meet someone.

Artwork compliments of my sweet soul sister:)


Anonymous said...

skinny, I found this blog you might like:

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was Jesus !!!!???? Love Ya!

Mel said...

Boy--the knocking someone from the barstool is a familiar is the dancin' til the bar closed.

Did you marry Jesus?

singleton said...

Oh I love you SLB! How so very very true. We never know where, we never know when, and often enough, for the longest time, we don't even know why....
But, its all good....
It always is....

Enemy of the Republic said...

Jesus drives a motor home. Jim White saw him and wrote a song about it. He likes to hit the all night diners and order scrambled eggs on toast.

justrun said...

How funny! Do you still know this person? (Or did I miss that?)

Anonymous said...

You knocked Jesus off his chair? That’s worse than anything I’ve ever done to him…except for maybe that time in Laredo when I mistook him for my connection. I think I could be forgiven for that though.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Thanks for the link & thoughtfulness. I'll have to bop over there in the wee hours when I have more time. TY.

LoL, maybe, maybe not. But he certainly had forgiveness & understanding.

Mel ~
It was the only time I ever knocked someone to the ground just by walking by. Lol, no I didn't marry Jesus. I married a cowboy...a hippie cowboy.

Singleton~ :)All good, indeed. Remember this fellow is the one who led to the best pick up line ever....'Excuse me are you Ricky man?' Lol, oh good times indeed!
Hey, Do you know what's up with the Caboose nowadays?

Enemy~ Maybe this fellow really was Jesus then! Before I knew it we were at a late night diner eating scrambled eggs & toast

No you didn't miss anything. Although we kept up for a spell, I really don't know this person anymore. But I wouldn't be surprised if I ran into him is funny like that.

Of course you would be forgiven! Although, I question that this was the worst thing I ever did to that poor guy...I used his name in vain & will probably have to devote an entire post to that.

Anonymous said...

So Jesus frequents Caboose?Lol,cute story and I love the way you put things into words.It has such a flow and connection.It's truly amazing how we meet people,and I have met my share of people by knocking them down.I knocked a guy down with my bike who later on became a good friend.He was casually standing at the side of the road waiting for the school bus and I came there with my little bike just having learnt to ride,lost my balance on the turn and hit him and knocked him into the ditch!Life is funny that way:)

singleton said...

"Excuse me, Are you Ricky Mann?" OMG! You know I just might have to drag that one back out of the suitcase! LOL! As far as I know, they have yet to be able to figure out how to haul that train off now that the tracks are gone, so I think she's still there, sticky carpet and all. I'm gonna put that on my "field trip" list and let you know! Love!

Anonymous said...

I love your stories - I would have loved to be watching this one!

Orhan Kahn said...

And I was just thinking, that painting sure looks like Jesus. So beautiful :)

I am certenly one of those folk whom loves music and a dance ;)

Slick said...

You still friends with the dude? I mean, after a concussion and all, it's the least you could do ;)

Anne said...

What a wonderful story. I learned long ago to always be nice to people... not only because it's the right thing to do, but because you never know who they may be. I pinched a guy's butt in a bar once, then a few months later he became my co-worker. Kind of embarrassing. Hee-hee! :)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Fuzzy~ LOL, that is funny! I'm guessing he didn't get hurt too bad.

Singleton~ Lol, funny...huh? :) This will be continued. ISLY

Orhan ~ You are the most perceptive one! LOl, I knew you would be one to love it.

Slick~ Not really, but I did for a spell.

Anne~ That is damn I bet when you first saw him that you hoped for a fleeting moment he wouldn't remember! LOl... much better than me. Once I ,ummmmm, honked at another vehicle only to get stuck behind it for miles until we both pulled up to my best friends house. Lol, it was one of her distant relatives.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Be careful...with all your going out you might meet someone 'accidently' yourself! ;)

Anonymous said...

This was a great story! I would have also liked to have seen this!

singleton said...

oh yeah, and I just accidently remembered...they later called it "Fern Park Station"....

skinnylittleblonde said...

Angela Marie~ LOL, it was very dark & smoky in there. I was quite surprised at how many people DID see it!

Singleton~YEP! And it was simply 'The Station' when I frequented there... I just accidently remembered that. LOL.