Tuesday, March 13, 2007

5 Little-Known Facts About The Skinny Little Blonde

I am a sentimentalist with ADD who lives in a 100 year old house with 5 dogs, a bunch of swings, bricks, marbles & I scatter my time and attention like salt sprinkled on a pot of stew. A lot of folks know that. I 've been tagged by Queene Anne to list 5 little known facts about myself, which is actually kind of hard because I only keep other people's secrets. Like my sister, I always rat myself out.
So, here are 5 little known facts about myself:

1-I am so skinny that anytime I go to a new doctor, they always insist on running bloodwork & checking my thyroid. Everything always comes back ok...no thyroid disease,vitamin deficiencies or eating disorders. In my twenties, I met once a week for 3 mos. with a doctor who was going to 'figure' it all out. His final opinion was that I have an allergy to cocoa (chocolate) causing me to hyper-metabolize. Avoid all products containing coccoa and I should gain weight. Hmmm...I'm still thinking about that one.

2-I once took pictures of feet(artistic pics) and sold them on discs as foot fetish art (nothing kinky or sexual) to get extra money to pay for some fat vet bills. They sold for 10-15 bucks each. I love my dogs, I'd sell my sole for them ;)

3-I signed myself out of school on my 16th birthday and then registered myself in alternative school. I ended up graduating early, just 3 mos after I turned 17. My dad didn't know until I was about 6 mos away from graduating.

4-As an adult, I have a growing fear of heights. I cannot do sky-buckets anymore and once got stuck for two and a half hours at the top of an 18' ladder, yet I went sky-diving & the height involved there didn't bug me.

5-I have terrible road-rage which luckily never killed me. I did quit my good-paying job because the commute often landed me in hysterics. Altercations of the strange kind no longer exist. Now, I average 27 mph and have a 6 minute commute...no more breaking down into tears, tyrades and/or temper-tantrums.

Hmmmm...now I am supposed to tag 5 people
Fuzzy Logic
Angela Marie
and number 5 I will leave blank for anyone who wants to!


Nithya N said...

15 bucks for feet! girl,you inspire me!

Orhan Kahn said...

A little know fact, you are beautiful. I'm not humouring you. Seriously, you are as gorgeus on the outside as you are on the inside. I've seen pictures of you before but I've only now come to the conclusion that you are indeed pretty. However (there is always a but) I hate feet. HATE. Don't know what it is, I just find them repulsive. Although, sole or soul, anything for your dogs. This is my dog. He is a miniture Shnauzer without clipped ears.

Matt said...

Skinny, I would so kick your ass in traffic!

Try and cut me off....

skinnylittleblonde said...

Nithya n~
Lol, it all began and ended innocently enough. I was able to charge more than some others because the pics were innocent and artistic. The more risque ones are a dime a dozen....so snap away!

Orhan~ Aw...TY but, I hope I didn't gross you out too bad, lol. Your dog is so cute that we laughed out loud. I like his ears the way they are!

Matt~ I would never cut you off in traffic. My road rage days are over & I rarely even encounter traffic. However if YOU were to run me off the road back in the day, I would have to tell you 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.' ;) Adrenaline & smarts pick up where size leaves off...

vicci said...

Love ya Skinny!!!!!! You forgot GENEROUS !!!!!!!

Blogarita said...

I used to be skinny little brunette. The thyroid tests were normal and normal and normal and then one time, out of the blue, they were off-the-charts abnormal. I'm not skinny little anything anymore, but that's fine with me. :)

kj said...

i got no further than your five dogs and i knew why i like you! then i learn you are a fun loving adventurer and an entepreneur. what's not to like alot?!

nice to know all this about you, slb.i am positive you'd be fun on vacation....

JR's Thumbprints said...

Five dogs! My hands are full with one pup. Interesting facts about yourself, especially signing up for Alt-Ed to finish school early.

Mel said...

People paid for photos of FEET?

*scratching head*

What a little enterpreneur you are!

I got tagged?!

Uh oh.........LOLOL

Angela Marie said...

You sold pictures of feet for $$!!!
You are a smart skinny blond!!
You Rock and inspire me! (((hug)))
Look at you in the mirror! Beautiful!!

Hey! Thanks for your comment you left for me! A good friend straightens out another friend! I needed to hear that! ((((another hug)))

Soooo, um..... I see I have been tagged! First time for everything. LOL!

If you see your sis tonight.. do me a favor! Sing her "Happy Birthday" and give that sweet lady a hug and kiss for me! Thanks!


I, like the view said...


I've never been tagged before. . . and, like you there is little that anyone who reads ILTV wouldn't know about me

however, much as I don't like heights either - I shall rise to this challenge!

I, like the view said...

(done - can I link you SLB?)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Vicci~ LOL, I thought about tagging you but thought that you probably get tagged more than some others, plus you have the wonderful list that exposes so much! You are wonderful Vicci.

Blogarita~ I'm sure some day something will come back out of whack... besides my mind. ;) I hope that everything is ok with you & your health.

kj~ wow, i've never considered myself an entrepaneur...ah, but I would love a vacation, a real vacation... the kind where you don't go visit people, you visit places.

JR~ Lol, I didn't rightly sign out to finish early, it's just what I did. I signed out because I hated the particular school I was in & because I could. Once in the new school, I discovered that I could finish early.

mel~ crazy, isn't it? A male co-worker had told me years ago that he had a thing for feet, not a sex thing, but like an artistic appreciation. He said that the problem was finding tasteful pics of feet. He said most of them were adulterated. Not only did people pay for them but for about 6 mos., I rec'd emails requesting more! LOL.

Angela Marie~ You are an angel! I will not see my sis tonight :( she lives about 9 hrs south of me. I imagine she will be celebrating though. This one is a milestone!

ILTV~ Yep! :) I tagged you! If you don't want to, of course you don't have to...but it would be interesting, I know! Link if you want...lol, you are so polite for asking! I never ask, I just do it! Is that rude? Lol, I have some links to people that I read, but don't comment on & some that I read & comment on who never comment back... I hope they don't mind!

Anne said...

That was fun! Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't worry about being skinny, most of us WISH we were skinny. Those doctors just have to have something to complain about. It's true, you are very beautiful on the inside and outside. And your dogs are sooo cute! :)

mindy said...

i have an extreme fear of heights too and it gets worse the older i get!

Fuzzylogic said...

LOL,I have been tagged,will do it after the weekend:)Your love for dogs I always knew,I can totally relate to that.The Sky diving one is awesome,have wanted to do that for a long time,yet to gather enough courage to try it:)You rock Skinny as always:)

Baron Ectar said...

Nice soles for an Soul like you! Rage on Road Woman!!!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Anne~ TY, I know I am biased with my dogs...lol, I think they are adorable...cold noses and all!

Mindy~ It's strange isn't it. It all started on a bucket ride for me.

Mel~ Thanks for playing the game! Sky-diving...one of those things I had to do at least once.

baron~lol, glad I didn't gross you out!