Monday, March 05, 2007

Snip Its From My Recent World

5-Better to trip, stumble, even fall down while moving forward in life than to get knocked down & trampled upon because you did nothing.

Some of you, may or may not, know that I should be served at the local Waffle House. I am scattered, covered & smothered... like some of the best hashbrowns the house could serve.
Really, I think I am sanely sane. I find myself sleeping less. My mind is consumed. :) Just Give Me Peace.

About 5 weeks ago, I bought a website.
It was a knee-jerk reaction.
Then I opened a shop in that website.
Most recently, I have set up a rate & review forum in that site... which for some reason, has me most excited.

All of this, plus issues with being able to leave comments, helps to explain my recent inconsistant presence here.

I'm trying very hard to follow the words of wisom, quoted above, that I tout out to others.
As often is the case in life, I really do not know what I am doing.

Although I may get knocked down, I'm doing it. I'm learning. I change things daily because I really don't know what I am doing.

If any of you have any constructive criticsm to throw my way, please do.


photo blog girl said...

waffle house...
do you have 2 first names then?
Mary Joe for instance.
Every time I've been to a Waffle House my waitress has two names.
The food was great though, even though I lost 3 months off my life each time I ate there...

Pixie said...

Great job with the website!
HTML can be a nightmare cant it!

skinnylittleblonde said...

PBGirl~ LoL, here in the south even single syllable names can sound like two first names ;) My DH goes by Tee Yum, which is southern for Tim.

Pixie~ TY. LOL, I have like 50 scraap pieces of paper, envelopes & receipts covered with little notes. My concern is that it isn't clear and simple. I don't want it to be confusing.

Bardouble29 said...

wow, something to be really proud of! It looks great and I will be back to check it out again!

Fuzzylogic said...

I love what you have done with that site.You have every reason to be excited about it:)I'm glad you did something you really love Skinny.Don't worry about the inconsistent presence here,whenever you do come you always more than make up for the absence:)I will frequent that new site too now:)

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Hey, I'll have to come back again to read more!

You commented on my Granddog, Hugo, over at Gonzo's "found in the blogosphere" site. If you'd like to see more of him, his blog is at:

or at my site:

lotusblossoms51 said...

I really think yatta give it more time... chill out sweetie Rome wasn't built in a day. You have done an outstanding job... You have a big heart and a beautiful soul and a very talented sister! All the ingredience is there... Be patient. When people buy her art and get it home and see how amazing it is in person they will come back for more...I did~ and still am:) Love you sweetie hang in there...just breathe~ let the universe do the rest. Here's a big ((hug))

singleton said...

When we believe......


Matt said...

It certainly looks attractive. The hardest part is functionality. I learned how to build news sites in a grad. program I took but it's been a while.

Man, I need to get some business on the side. Something to do w/ the Net.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Bardouble~ TY...I stayed up late last trying to get the fonts to all match. I owe you one poem!

Fuzzy~ You are always so kind & thoughtful. I beleive in my sisters' artwork & want to do whatever I need to do to help move it. (Ummmm...her house is full, as evidenced on her post about critics, lol :)

Lotus~ LOL, am I feeding the disease? The OCD or mania? :) TY for you sweet words about her artwork, I beleive that you are right there. I just worry that I am not making the site 'user-friendly.'

Heather~ Well, TY for the invite. I'll have to come see more.

Singleton~ :) Oh, I beleive girl! I don't want you to worry your head about any of this stuff. I do worry that I might make things too complex, but hopefully I'll keep simplifying.

Matt~ LOL, I made it through college without even using a computer. 7 yrs ago, I got my first one... a hand-me-down dinosaur, so this has definitely been a learning experience for me.
Functionality is probably most important. My fear is that in trying to make it navigable, I have created a knotted ball of threads. Thanks for saying it looks good, I appreciate it.

If anyone has any constructive criticism, problems or inconsistencies they see... please point 'em out. I fixed the font inconsistencies (I think:) last night of the Peace Gallery

vicci said...

Hang in there Sweets...I'm with you always!!! The site is GOOD!

JustRun said...

Good luck with your new venture (and ADventure!).

Enemy of the Republic said... The post is the very last one of the April archives, but it should come up first.

That is cool about your website.

Mel said...

*muttering about the post Moofie ate*

Personally, as an illiterate in the computer world, I think you did a standup job of it all!

And it's great artwork!

Orhan Kahn said...

I honestly think the site is beautiful. And so is the art you're selling. Don't be suprise when I end up buying a piece. PayPal, ftw!

Slick said...

I'm literally an idiot when it comes to HTML stuff so anything I could add would be worthless.

I personally think you're doing great!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Ty Just Run

Enemy~ Ty I checked it out last night. Very profound.

Mel~ ;) bad moffie! TY

Orhan~ No post is complete without you ;) Your'e in with the boss, so if you want something... you email me;) I am 'customer service'

Slick~ I am so befundled, but find laymans term quite easy to understand. I welcome any criticisms

*someone was kind enough to email me that they were having a hard time with the pics loading. hopefully, I will get that figured out soon.

Angela Marie said...

Hey! I love it! I have my eye on two things right now!

Orhan Kahn said...

OMG, win! That just made my day. Thanks sweetheart. Much <3!

Thor said...

Nice site, I'd avoid the marquee tag, the one that scrolls stuff, it's hard on the eyes...most web developers won't touch it with a 10 foot pole (same with the blinking tag).

Here's a great resource for basics of HTML:

skinnylittleblonde said...

Angela Marie~ TY...Lol, I'm calling on you folks to critique the website, not purchase the product!

Orhan~ Anytime I can help make your day, is a good day to me!

Thor~ TY! I'll check out your link tonight after work & will pull that banner down. I have DSL so it loads quickly here, but I was afraid it may be adverse on others' computers. i didn't even think about the distraction factor. Great point!