Thursday, October 09, 2008

Come Out & Play ... Let's Play In The Street Again

The house I lived the longest in as a child had the gift of time on it's side. Located just a few blocks from the downtown district of our community, our little street kept (and still keeps) a red brick road.
The nostalgia I have for growing up under expansive oak trees and on the ripple-ly, dipple-ly brick road led me to buying my little chateau under the oaks and paving my own driveway and walkways out of brick today.
But the street I live on now, long ago went from dirt to pavement....laying a path for new experiences for the child in me.
For thirty cents, I picked up the most entertaining twelve pack a girl could possibly scoop up. There were reds, blues, purples, yellows, greens, pinks and more.
Last weeks message, left at the four way stop was 'Stop In the Name of Love.'
This weeks words were 'Let the Love Light Shine On'

Oh....How much fun to play in the streets again!

(Pixies for Peace Artwork by my Hippie Love ... Singleton)


Orhan Kahn said...

Morning, bubs :)

Good to see the child inside will never die.

Much love. Always.

Wreggie said...

Beautiful work. Good memories.

singleton said...

Gawd I love you! Maybe if I start scribblin' here, we could meet half way.....!

Mel said...

A gal after my own heart....

Stop in the name of love....*snickering*

Picture a car filled of grownups in L.A. bursting into song whenever a stop sign was honoured--you're picturing giggling sisters at work.

Oh, you warmed my heart this morning!

((((((((((( SLB )))))))))))))))

skinnylittlesister said... was sooooo much fun! Might I suggest that you meet me in the streets at midnight? ;), I am truly reaping the benefits now of something I missed out on as a kid...

Singleton....I would love to! Meet you in the middle of the road nect week-end sister, no spray paint, just chalk ;)

Mel....Hahahha, of course I thought of you time and time again while doodling these! Now, I see why you enjoy them so much! Fun Stuff! The midnight passerbys were awesome...some stopping, some laughing, some shooting my the peace sign and one even yelled out the window 'smoke more dope!' and I just cracked up...of course, seeming high just comes naturally for some of us!

karma lennon said...

LOL, I like how we've both been scribbling on the sidewalks lately! :) You are a much better artist than myself, however. And I'm intrigued with the red brick road-how fun must that have been?? ~Love, peace~

Dee said...

you crazy lil' pixie, you ;)

The CEO said...

after today, this is just a big jug of mental health. thank you
{{{{{slb}}}}} [big Mel's influence, thankyouverymuch]

Shimmerrings said...

What a wonderful way to spread the word...

David Wilson said...

anyway ... i heard this newfie joke a long time ago, it was a newfie joke cuz i heard it from a newfie eh?

Q: where do you go to weigh a pie?

A: somewhere over the rainbow :-)

be well.

kj said...

chalk. sometimes that's all it takes, eh?



The magical inner child.
I'm glad she still comes out to play!

Justgivemepeace said...

Five days....
Paintin' the world....
one street at a time!

Oberon said...

....c'mon join the peace a member of our think me.

skinnylittlesister said... growing up on a red brick road, but apparently that led to the lack of learning how much fun sidewalk chalk can be!

Dee...hahaha, I know you would have been right out there with me!

(((theCEo)))) Mmmmhhummmm, love them hugs!

Shimmerings...hahaha, went back and bout a dollars worth of this stuff! It's harmless fun!

David...You can only be newbie once, but once a newfie always a newfie. ruff!ruff! ;)

skinnylittlesister said...

kj....Lol, it is like therapy. In the wee of the night, when I can't get to sleep and my mind is aching... playing in street is it! ;)

wilsons...have thought much about you lately....from the bangs to the paintings... you inspire me girl! ;)

justgivemepeace... I'll meet you in streets sometime after midnight, beer & oysters and we'll spread a little pixies for peace hippie art! Cannot Wait!

Oberon... having technical difficulties, tried to email you... but the train left me standing! P&L