Friday, October 31, 2008

Momma's First Date and the Music that Followed

"Sooooze-aye-en! Now, we have all heard this cock-eyed story of yours 100 times... now just stop."

"Well, I don't think everyone has heard it and it's not's true."

"Jeezy-mah-neezy... I don't believe a damn bit of it. You have worn it out. And how is it that after 50 years I have never met, nor heard of this man, except from you? A band named after your first date?!?"

After 54 years of marriage, my parents have heard each others tales, stories and recollections a thousand times over. Each, having to grin and bear it, or not, anytime anyone new gets into the mix while they each re-hash their own distinct recollections of yesteryear.

Flash back to the late 1940's.
A beautiful young woman on her first date ...
with an older boy, at that!
A big occassion.
Big enough for her grandmother to relinquish the window coverings to make a special dress, form fitted just for her.
Big enough for her to wear a coursage, freshly picked by her mother.
Big enough for everyone to forget that she might need shoes to go with that new dress.
Big enough for her mom to give her two special rings to wear on her toes, so that when she danced there would be a tippity-tap upon the hardwood floors.
Big enough for her father to look the other way as she trapsed out the door.
Big enough for her to never forget his name.

So, years later when her children started bring vinyl home with a name so similar home, she had to wonder...

Nearly fifty years after that date, Momma and Pops were perched on the fifty yard line of an FSU game... hooting, hollering, reveling and cheering.
A man three rows down looked over shoulder and Mother caught a glimpse of him as he turned back to the fields. He spun back around and bellowed out...
'Yes! Oh My! It has been years!!!'
'Yes...this is my husband, he has heard stories...'

And my Father never questioned Mother's story again...


Shimmerrings said...

oooohhh... this is such a beautiful story! I can't believe it, they actually saw each other again, and not only recognized one another, but called out to one another... sweet, so sweet.

Orhan Kahn said...

Beautiful song, beautiful story.

Missing you as always :)


Mel said...

54 years......holy moly.

Toss Lynyrd Skinner into that mix.....HOLY moly.....


Deja Vu,,,but for real,,,,awesome!

Emma said...

54 years of marriage - impressive stuff!

The CEO said...

Are you in your blues period?

I like the long marriage too. I'm at 38 and I can tell you it's not like people think. It's not just companionship.

skinnylittlesister said...

Shimmerings... Amazing, isn't it?! When I heard about the football game encounter, I rolled with laughter.

Orhan....missing you too. I'll have to shoot you an email.

Melsdream..54 years. Blessed indeed. hate to say it, but a lot of folks don't live long enough to experience 54 years of marriage.

Wilsons... Always gotta trust our Momma ;)

Emma... Lol, I can't imagine. My grandparents had 63 years under their belt & amazingly enough, love still danced in their eyes.

CEO... Lol, I LOVE the blues. Hahaha, not that Skynyrd falls completely into that category, but I can certainly enjoy the tunes! ;) It's not just companionship Amen. And it's not just love... P&L2U